Is Weightlifting Safe for Pregnancy – Most Common Questions

I want to make sure you are not missing out on enjoying your pregnancy so much more.

I also want to make sure you take advantage of using the rest of your pregnancy to position your body to be able to lose your baby weight quickly postpartum so you can feel like yourself again.

One of the biggest struggles I see moms go through postpartum which leads to increased levels of postpartum depression, is that they don’t feel like themselves.

So many women feel pregnant for months after having the baby which leads them to feel more fatigued, less able to move around and keep up with the baby and home needs and just feel self-conscious about their postpartum body, which leads them to not want to go out and be social…. and this EXACERBATES the postpartum depression.

And I just can’t sit here and watch that happen when I know with all my heart and mind just how much of all that can be prevented with a little weight training.​ Curious if you can work out during pregnancy? Check out this post.

You probably have questions and concerns about weightlifting for pregnancy, as most women do and it’s the reason, they never take a leap of faith into it.​

So, I filmed a video going through all the questions and concerns I get all the time about weight training and pregnancy.​

Click on the following link to watch it… or hear it.

You can just hit play while you cook, drive, shower, do your makeup and hair, workout… and listen. (thats what I do, I always listen to audio books, podcasts and courses I buy while I do all those things).

I hope you take the time to listen.

Every day when I get messages like the few, I’m going to post here.... I feel more and more strongly and passionately about educating you and every other woman I can empower to exercise during pregnancy. Particularly, weightlifting for pregnancy.​

After working with over 250K women and also hearing the struggles of thousands and thousands who never did remain active while pregnant, I see the difference and I would be doing you a HUGE DISGRACE by not challenging you and encouraging you to get active (weightlifting).

So, I hope you read the stories of these next 3 ladies and get excited about getting active for the rest of your pregnancy.. I don’t care if its 3 weeks or 3 months… any little bit helps and makes a difference.

If you are encouraged and want to get started, here is the link to get started today for only $17.

Yes, I deserve to be a healthy and fit prego and feel confident after baby is here!


I hope you watch the video. It may just be what you need to give you that little push and motivation to get started.

I know thats the hardest part…. getting started.

Because once a few weeks pass and you see the difference in how you look and feel… YOU.WILL.BE.HOOKED 🙂

P.S. If you are no longer pregnant, but need help, support, accountability and a plan to get your body back, feel like yourself again, get a better more organized schedule with baby, you may really benefit from the BETTER BODY AFTER PREGNANCY PROGRAM, click here to check that out.

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