Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy Safely?

can you lose weight during pregnancy

The most asked question… Can you lose weight during pregnancy safely? She totally did, April said at her 20-week checkup she had already gained 32 lbs...

She was so freaked out and not happy about her weight gain. She went home and immediately signed up for the Fit Mom To Be Program & Nutrition Meal Plan.

At her next appointment she was in DISBELIEF…. She had lost FIVE POUNDS.

So to answer the question “Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy”, yes you can!

Her doctor was happy and not concerned at all about the weight loss. The exercise and eating healthy was actually helping her get healthier.

That is the power of the RIGHT KIND OF EXERCISE and the PROPER NUTRITION for pregnancy.

can you lose weight during pregnancy

By no means do I want to encourage you to lose weight…. you are pregnant and need to gain a healthy amount of weight in order to have your baby.

But I know that a lot of women start pregnancy already feeling over weight.

And it is scary as heck to think … how much more weight will I gain?

It was hard enough before pregnancy to try to lose weight and try to get fit… I will never be able to lose it.

Some of the ladies that do my program haven’t worked out much before. However, they tend to initially lose a little weight but its fat not healthy weight. It’s just a sign of the body gaining lean muscle which helps burn excess fat.

Tips On How You Can Lose Weight During Pregnancy

I know that for some of you, you started your pregnancy not caring so much about eating healthy or exercising. Now you’re 20-30 weeks pregnant and you start feeling bad about how you look, now want to do something…

can you lose weight during pregnancy

So now you are wondering…. Is it possible to lose a few pounds safely? is it possible to tone up at this point? do I still have time to do something about it?

I totally get it.

And it’s ok!

Not worth looking back at this point.

can you lose weight during pregnancy 4

But what I do want you to know is that YOU CAN STILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You can still lose weight during pregnancy, body fat that is.

Even if you are 20-25-30 weeks pregnant, with a month of eating healthier and exercising can make a huge difference.

Can You Lose Weight During Pregnancy Like April Did?

Look at April, she lost 5 lbs. in one month…. at 24 weeks pregnant.

That is amazing, and she did that safely, so you can too.

I just don’t want you to focus on the scale cuz it can drive you crazy.

I know for me in my pregnancies it varied every month. Some months I would either gain 2 lbs, lose 2 lbs, or sometimes nothing changed, but what mattered is I was doing all the right things. Exercising, eating right and my baby was on track every month.

By the way, this type of workout is also really good to help you strengthen and prep your body for labor.

I talk about that more in detail here and what you can do: How You Can Prepare Your Body For A Faster & Easier Labor & Delivery

So, I just want to encourage you today!

If you are not feeling good about yourself. If you are feeling frustrated and down thinking you are too far in. Like you will never be able to lose this weight…


can you lose weight during pregnancy 2

There is still time! With the right kind of workouts, a support system, guidance and eating healthier, you can make huge gains! You can change your body composition while pregnant.

If you do resistance-based workouts, such as my Fit Mom To Be Workouts, you will gain MUSCLE. If you gain muscle, you will be able to BURN FAT more effectively. So, you can get leaner and lose some body fat, while doing so SAFELY!


There is hope for YOU!

A little reminder that whatever you do now while pregnant, will help you decrease your postpartum recovery time. You can still benefit from exercising even if you only do it for 4-8 weeks.

If you still have a few months left…. Well girlfriend, start NOW because you can see some serious changes… even muscle!!!! Check out this post and see how I burned fat in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.

If this is not your first pregnancy and you would like to make sure you don’t gain as much weight this time than you did in your prior pregnancies, you have to read this post. You will be inspired and motivated.

How about Shana down here….. seeing muscle definition… SHE IS PREGNANT.. did you think you could see muscle definition while prego?

can you lose weight during pregnancy 5

I hope this cheers you up today 🙂

I hope this brings you hope!

My hope is that this would encourage you and show you and help you believe that this could be you.

No matter where you are in your pregnancy. If you haven’t been feeling good, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can make changes.

If you want to make changes, and you are ready to COMMIT … Meaning at least 3 days of exercise every week. It would be an honor to coach you. Also, to help you reduce your overall weight gain and tone up this pregnancy. Click the following link to start the Fit Mom To Be Program.

How amazing would it be to be like Veronica? To be able to say you feel BETTER THAN EVER at the end of your pregnancy.

That is what’s possible when you do the right kind of workouts and have support and accountability.

can you lose weight during pregnancy 6

You have to checkout this post I wrote about a client who lost all her baby weight 2 weeks postpartum because she put in the work during pregnancy. Click here to read the post.

Now you know it’s safe to exercise during pregnancy, but what level of intensity is enough? Check out this video.

can you lose weight during pregnancy 7
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