Is CELLULITE Preventing You From Wearing Shorts?

Is CELLULITE Preventing You From Wearing Shorts?



Why is it so tough to be a woman and be beautiful … better yet … to accept and love yourself?


I believe that with today’s media, it is almost impossible for us women to accept ourselves as the imperfect human beings that we are!  Why?  Simply because we look at all these magazines, catalog, movies, TV shows; and see flawless women.  Not knowing that though these models/actresses do have beautiful bodies, they are by no means perfect, but the Photoshop is!



Is CELLULITE Preventing You From Wearing Shorts?


I also believe that we have unrealistic expectations!  Yes, you read it right; you as well as myself have unrealistic expectations.  Your goal is to look PERFECT!  So you will not wear the mini skirt, or the shorts, or the bathing suit because you have a little cellulite, or because your belly isn’t completely flat.  So you will go on for the rest of your life, working out, eating nutritiously, and never reaping the benefits of it.


My take is …… WE will NEVER be PERFECT!  But we can always make a positive change.  But ladies, if you are busting your butt working out, and eating right, it is time that you start accepting yourself for who you are and the positive changes you have already made and be proud of yourself.  I think it is great to always have a goal, something to strive for, just work towards it without striving for perfection, then we will never be disappointed.


Before I tell you what to do, I want to help you jumpstart seeing some weight loss and results.  Because I know it can be frustrating.  But I think most of the time, people are eating the wrong things and at the wrong times.  Not eating enough of the good things and that is why the results don’t follow.  So I want to give you a very important PDF as a gift.  This PDF has a list of 5 Foods that are in most peoples diets but if you don’t take them out, it is close to impossible to see results.  In this PDF, you will also get the 5 Foods that you must have in your diet to be able to lose fat.  When I take these foods out of my clients diets, they lose weight super fast.  Its crazy.  I myself got in the best shape of my life after 2 kids when I totally took out these foods.


I have that and a ton of tips for you, so click here to get them:  WHAT TO TAKE OUT OF YOUR DIET TO BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT.


So what do you do?


First of all, all women go through different stages in life which we must take into consideration. 


  1. A woman getting ready for her wedding.
  2. A woman adjusting to married life.
  3. A woman getting ready to have a baby.
  4. A pregnant woman.
  5. A working woman with children to take care of.
  6. A woman going through pre-menopause.
  7. A woman going through menopause.


Within each one of these, many things vary.  The amount of time you have available, the amount of rest you are getting, the hormonal changes, the impact of a husband, or a baby, etc. 


Which one of these fits you?


Depending on which one fits you, certain modifications are made.  But here are the constants.  You must:


  1. Eat nutritiously.
  2. Perform resistance training.
  3. Perform some aerobic exercise.
  4. Always maintain BALANCE.


Sounds easy and simple, but it obviously isn’t, so continue reading…


It all starts with a mind set …… actually everything in life starts with a mind set.  Before you commit to achieving your goals what is your mind set?  Are you positive and pumped up about reaching your personal best?  Are you 100% sure you can do this?  Do you have the time and dedication?  Are you willing to put forth the effort?  Are you ready to stop making excuses and make yourself accountable?  Are you going to enjoy this? Are you going to do this?  If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you have the RIGHT MIND SET!


You see my friend it all starts with a mind set.  I have a client that I have been working with for about a year.  At the beginning she saw great results and then she just kind fell into the much hated plateau. Why?


Her mind set changed.  She started making excuses for herself as to why she couldn’t cook, why she didn’t have time to exercise, why she was never going to attain her goal.  A cloud of pessimism came upon her …… her mind set changed.


After a 45 minute chat with my client she finally realized that she had the wrong mind set.  I got her to visualize herself in the best shape ever.  I got her to realize she could make time to cook, she scheduled her workout times in her planner, she also scheduled grocery shopping time, and time for cooking meals for the week.  She got pumped up about seeing positive changes in her body.  She was excited, motivated …… and guess what happened a couple of months later?  YEP, YOU GOT IT!!!   She went from size 10 to size PETIT 4, which you know my friend, is like a size 2! She lost approximately 4 inches around her waist.  She hasn’t looked like that in over 20 years.  And it all started with a POSITIVE MIND SET!  


So what do you do?  How do you pull this off while maintaining balance, meaning still enjoying life, being able to be social with friends, husband, children, etc? 


 It really is easier than you think! 


It’s all about THE PLAN.


I follow my BeFit Moms Meal Plan every single day of my life.  I don’t just tell my clients and coaching clients to follow it. I live by it.  And that is how I have learned to enjoy what I eat, never feel deprived and also get the best results and get in the best shape I have ever been even after 2 kids.


  • All you have to do is have a shopping list.  Make sure that when you do your groceries you solely buy what is on it. There is a shopping list ready with all the ingredients you need from my BeFit Moms Meal Plan


  • Then choose two days that will be consistent for cooking.  For example:  I cook on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.  Since I eat approximately 5 meals a day, I have to make sure that I have enough food for at least 3 days. When you don’t have the food ready and available is when you will grab whatever is in front of you. And you don’t even have to think with the BeFit Moms Meal Plan, because not only do I tell you what to eat, but I give you a bunch of different options in case you feel like something else.  Ahhh, this makes it so much easier.


  • There is a trick to this though …… You can not cook bland and boring food.  Because if you do, you will feel deprived and soon you will be binging.  But if you cook healthy and savory meals, you will enjoy eating and you will not feel as if you are DIETING!  I love getting emails from my coaching clients and those who follow my BeFit Moms Plan, I love hearing how they are eating more than ever and how not only they but also their kids are loving the meals. Priceless!  I have been eating this way for about 11 years CONSISTENTLY, and the only reason I have been able to do so is because I enjoy what I eat. I eat something different everyday for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between meals.  So I NEVER feel deprived!  I don’t even need a cheat day at this point because I have learned moderation.  And that my friend is what you need to learn in order to attain a beautiful, toned, and healthy body …… MODERATION


  •  Plan your workouts in your planner.  Yes, actually schedule it as if it was a doctor’s appointment.  Just think, there are 168 hours in a week, what is 5 hours to dedicate to yourself and your body? Once you schedule it, it will become routine and habit.  And before you know it, your body will look so amazing that you will no longer feel forced to workout because the benefit is enormous.  It will then be worth it, and you will NEVER EVER want to go back to your inactive life.


 I saw a client go from saying she just did not have time for her workouts to never missing a workout again.  All she did was schedule it.  She organized her schedule and made her health and working out a priority.  She now works out approximately 5 times per week …… and she will never miss a workout.  The other day she said to me …… “Michelle, the worst part is that it is easy …… I don’t know how I didn’t do this before …… I definitely have the time …… I was just fighting myself”. 


 I know that this thing “LIFE” that we do every day is not easy.  But if you approach it from a different angle, it really becomes simple and viable.  So friend, change your attitude, and then just sit back and watch your body and life transform!


Don’t forget to get your PDF with all the foods you have to take out of your diet so you can start debloating and being able to actually burn fat and lose weight.



Click Here to Get It


  I know we are all in different stages of our lives, and these stages impact our time availability, our anxiety …… which usually leads to …… food consumption, and our willingness.  Just know that there is a plan and solution for you no matter what stage of life you are in!  I would be writing for days if I were to break it all down right now.  And I’m afraid I might bore you!!!!! So before I do that, I will stop myself and ask that you seek professional help if you have a strong goal, and a burning desire and willingness to achieve your physical best.  Don’t let frustration and misinformation flutter your head with a negative mind set.  All you need is someone to guide you, coupled with a positive mind set and of course …… A BURNING DESIRE AND WILLINGNESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL BEST!  


Good luck!


Is CELLULITE Preventing You From Wearing Shorts?

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