How To Use Dropbox To Save Your MMF Programs


So I just wanted to share with you real quick how I use dropbox to basically store my entire life (lol).

In it I store family pictures, important documents, workout videos, family videos, E-book I purchase, etc.

What is great about dropbox is that once you save something to it, you can access it from anywhere, it’s amazing.

You can also download the Dropbox App to your phone and you will be able to access anything you save on it at any time.

My advice to you is that when you purchase any of my E-Books or Programs, that you save them as soon as you get them to your dropbox.  

This way, if it’s an E-book with recipes, you can use it as your cookbook right from your phone.  I mean, you can also print the recipes but if you want to just see it from your phone or iPad, you can.

If its a workout and you are exercising at a gym or outside, you can easily view the workouts from your phone.


It’s super easy to get started with dropbox and its free, until you reach a certain download capacity and then you can pay to add more space.  

Just go to and open an account and then in your app store, search for Dropbox and download it.  It will automatically guide you through linking your account.

Here is a quick video on how to open a free dropbox account.


If you are sharing a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL with me, here is what you do:

Connect your phone to your computer and save the video to your desktop or you can save it directly to your DROPBOX.

If you save it to your desktop first, then you will have to open up dropbox and click on the video on your desktop and drag it into dropbox.

It will take a few seconds to upload.

Once its saved in your dropbox, this is how you send it to me.


Here is how:

1.Open Dropbox and find the video file that you already saved.






2.  Hover over the video file to the right under “Share with” and click on SHARE.






3.  You will get to this screen.







4.  Type in my email,











5.  Click share.











That is it!

I hope this helps!



Michelle Marie

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