How To Take Before & After Pictures

I know that you are probably not excited about taking “before” pictures.

After almost 20 years working with women, I know that you actually hate it. LOL

But there hasn’t been one woman that I have worked with that took pictures and then wasn’t overly happy when they took their “after” pictures and were able to compare.


Trust me, you will be so happy in a a few months when you compare these “Before” pictures to your “After” pictures.

So let me tell you how to best take these.


1.Wear swimwear or a sports bra and short.  Do not wear loose fitting clothes because then we can’t see the difference in a few months.


2.  Have someone else take the pictures.   Do not take a selfie.


3.  Take the before and after pictures wearing the same outfit and in the same place.

4.  Make sure you get the whole body, including head and feet. Do not take a 3/4 picture please.  Not like this…..

High-Support Plus-Size Sports Bras - Black

5.  Take pictures where there is good lighting and it isn’t dark.

6.  Try using a plain background like a plain wall.

7.  Take a picture from the front, side and back.








After you take the pictures, email them to with your full name and what program you have been doing.

I can’t wait to see your results.

I’m proud of you for taking this step.


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