How To Strengthen Your Marriage During Your Pregnancy


How To Strengthen Your MarriageDuring Pregnancy

So many couples struggle through those hard months of pregnancy….

Pregnancy is a gift… Its a blessing….. It should build up your marriage, not tear it apart.


So after going through 2 pregnancies myself and having huge success with actually strengthening my marriage, I wanted to share some tips with you…

Some things that I was very intentional about to help me with my marriage during my pregnancy.


I did a video on this because I really wanted to get my message across to you and help you with this so if you can, just watch it.  You can play it while you cook, drive, do your makeup.. whatever


3 Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage During PregnancyHow to strengthen Your marriage during pregnancy

  1.  Communicate When You Need Affirmations.
  2.  Communicate How He Can Help you.
  3.  Be Open & Honest About How You’re Feeling Emotionally, Physically, Hormonally (he will better understand you)


Communicate When You Need Affirmations

This was huge for me because I wasn’t feeling so good the first trimester.. I felt like I looked fat and gross… I just didn’t feel like myself.  So I told Danny (my hubby) how I was feeling and I told him I didn’t want him to not find me attractive as I got bigger (talk about vulnerability).

I told him that affirmations from him would make me feel better.

I told him I wanted to know that he still loved me, that he still found me attractive…. that I looked good and not like a cow which was how I felt.


Soooooo…. that is exactly what he did.

He would compliment me all the time… He would tell me I looked good, he loved my butt.. LOL..

The works….

But it helped me so much… I was confident, I felt loved and appreciated…. It helped so much.

Had I not communicated with him, I probably would have felt like he looked at me like I was seeing myself…. a cow.


Communicate How He Can Help You

Pregnancy is no joke, its so hard.

Especially that first trimester when you feel so tired and sick.

The regular day to day things are hard.


What  I see happening a lot is that women expect men to know how they feel and what they need so when they don’t do it, they get resentful.


They are a different animal…. they don’t think the way we do so don’t expect them to read your mind.

They are not gonna just offer for you to take a nap and they handle the other kid, they may not offer to fold laundry… or unload the dishwasher…

But I’m sure if you ask him, he will be happy to help.


So I told my husband…  I did not like (actually really bothered me) to unload the dishwasher and bathe my son.

It just bothered my big ol’ belly… my back… it was just uncomfortable.

So he would do it for me.  

I asked him.  He did it.

That simple.

So don’t expect him to read your mind and offer up all kinds of help.  

He has no effin idea how you are feeling.  So tell him how he can help you.  It will save you so much anger, frustration, resentment…..


how to strengthen your marriage during pregnancy Be Open & Hones About How You’re Feeling

So during pregnancy we are emotional, hormonal, we are undergoing so many physical changes… its insane.

It changes us, right?

I had to sit down and explain to Danny how I felt when I was hungry.

It was painful, it made me feel sick, it made me cranky and mean lol

I had to explain it to him so he wouldn’t use it against me.


One time we went out to dinner to the place HE wanted.

The wait was ONE HOUR.

Are you kidding me…. I’m starving I can’t wait.

Well, we waited.



I felt so sick and got so cranky, I began to be so mean to him.

I totally said things I didn’t mean.


So the next day I told him how I felt when I was hungry.

I told him next time, you either have to give me a HALL PASS and forgive me and pretend you didn’t hear what I said cuz you know I didn’t mean it or make sure you get me food right away.

I told him I was sorry before hand for being cranky but I really couldn’t control it.

He was so much more understanding.

And from that moment on…. we never argued about food, restaurants, etc.



I hope this helps you strengthen your marriage during your pregnancy.

Be intentional about working on your marriage during your pregnancy.

It can be a strain on your marriage if you don’t.

My hope is that you will come out of this pregnancy with a ROCK SOLID MARRIAGE….. ready to take on parenthood 🙂



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