How To Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Pregnancy


It is freakin’ Gods temple that he chose on purpose to grow your baby in.

Yet so many of us don’t take care of it and even shame it while we’re pregnant.

Listen, I know that pregnancy is no walk in the park and that it’s tough to feel so fatigued and tired all the time.

I know that it‘s so hard to see your body change so much and so fast.

But we are so hard on ourselves and tend to say ugly, yucky things about our body when pregnant.

I know it’s hard, but we need to start having a bit more grace and instead of just settling for how we feel….

Try to do something that will better how you are looking or feeling.

I have been working with pregnant women for over 10 years…

I won’t lie, a lot of them struggle, they hate the way they look and feel but they SELF-SABOTAGE.


Yes, that’s what it is.

Listen just a few months ago, I wasn’t feeling good about myself.

I put on about 7-8 lbs. or so… which for me is A LOT.

My clothes didn’t feel good, I just felt yucky.

I could have just embraced that I had put on a few pounds and just complained about it, continue to not feel good in my clothes and just live with it.

But I didn’t want to settle. I wanted to feel good about myself.

One day after putting on an outfit for date night and feeling so yuk, I decided to commit myself to being proactive about losing weight.

The next day, I cut out dairy completely, I cut my serving sizes by a little, I stopped completely from picking at my kid’s snacks, and I cut down on my much needed (lol) few glasses of wine here and there.

Just a few weeks later my clothes felt better, and I happened to go to the doctor and HAD to weigh myself (hate that).

I lost 5 lbs.

I was ecstatic and started FEELING how good it feels to see results.

My clothes started fitting better and that just motivated me more.

Few weeks more of eating extra clean and I was down another 3 lbs…. No major dieting, no extra workouts. Just a few changes.

Dang, I had forgotten how good it felt to feel good about myself.

I was hooked and still am.

Have you forgotten what it feels like to feel good?

Have you been feeling yucky this pregnancy?

  • Maybe you’ve gained more weight than you wanted already.
  • Maybe you don’t like the way your arms and legs look.
  • Maybe you feel flabby and yucky, the way I was feeling.

My friend…. you can do something about it, and that’s what I teach you to do inside my FIT MOM TO BE PROGRAM.

NOT doing something is SELF-SABOTAGE.

If you couldn’t do anything, then I understand.

But if you’re feeling bad about yourself or feeling fatigued and sick… there are things you can do.


A very special temple that God has given you.

Take care of it, especially now that you’re pregnant.

I always tell women… If you have never really taken care of yourself beforeMeaning you haven’t really ever gotten into exercise, never been able to eat healthy for a long period of timePREGNANCY IS THE BEST TIME TO DO SO.

Because now it’s not just about you… it’s about the baby also.

So, I just wanted to remind you today that its ok if you haven’t been feeling great about yourself.

WE ALL GO THROUGH IT. Sometimes, ladies struggle with body dysmorphia during pregnancy. If you’re trying to overcome body dysmorphia, check out this post.

But I also wanted to remind you that it’s NEVER TOO LATE if you want to feel better.

That you can give yourself GRACE, and then commit to yourself to do things to make yourself feel and look better.

Because if you do, not only will it be amazing for the baby because you’re caring for the temple in which he/she is growing in…

But because you, my dear friend, deserve to enjoy this pregnancy and feel good about yourself.

I want that for you!

Look, even I, after 20 years as a fitness and health coach have my struggles and ups and downs too.

But I recognize it, admit to it and then I’m proactive.

I tell you what… I feel so much better today than I felt a few weeks ago 8 lbs. heavier.


So, what is it today?

Do you need to commit yourself to maybe healthier eating or maybe to some exercise?

What are you not happy with this pregnancy?

-> I would love to be able to help you enjoy this pregnancy more.

-> I would love to help you make this pregnancy one that you are proud of.


I’d love to have you join the Fit Mom to Be Program and I promise you, without a doubt that just a few days in, you will feel so much better and that a few weeks in, you will look so much better.

You deserve that.

So, if you’re ready to commit, click here to join FIT MOM TO BE.

Check out this video, for more tips for a healthy pregnancy.

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