How To Reduce Cellulite Naturally

My client lost about 15 lbs and felt confident wearing shorts again.

She asked me if she shouldn’t because of her cellulite. I said, “you wear those shorts and wear them proudly.”

She looked so good and had made significant changes. Anyone who looked at her was going to see how much leaner she looked and not criticize her cellulite.

Those that would criticize that and overlook the weight loss, would criticize regardless.

So, I convinced her to strut around the gym in her tight short shorts proudly.

We all have cellulite anyways, so us women, we understand and shouldn’t judge harshly.

I wear shorts and dresses and I don’t care that I have cellulite.

If you are gonna focus on my cellulite and not appreciate how hard I work to be healthy and fit. Then I don’t care about your judgement anyway.

So, while I am going to share my secret to reducing cellulite by A LOT. I also want to encourage you to wear what you want to wear, and embrace that cellulite is something most of us have.

Don’t worry about what others have to say. They would find something to criticize you about even if you didn’t have any.

I’ve always had cellulite… Not tons, but I definitely have always had some in the back of my thighs.

While it doesn’t stop me from wearing shorts, skirts or dresses. I’ve just embraced that most of us aren’t perfect and do have cellulite… I do put pressure on myself.

Maybe it’s because I’m a “fitness and health” influencer and because of it we get judged a bit more harshly.

While I embrace it, it still bothers me so I’m always trying to find ways to make it better.

So, today I am going to share things I have used to help reduce cellulite.

The main culprit of cellulite is ESTROGEN.

Hormonal balance is more important than you think.

Our hormones control everything in our body. If you want to be at your optimal health and look good, you need to also work on hormonal balance.

A lot of women get more cellulite during pregnancy because during pregnancy. Our bodies produce more estrogen in order to sustain the pregnancy.

If you are struggling to lose weight, check out this post on how hormones affect your weight loss.

Research shows that excess estrogen is one of the main causes of celluliteas well as excess fat.

Luckily there are a few things we can do to balance our estrogen levels.

Weight Training: 

This increases testosterone and growth hormone in the body which help combat the effects of estrogen. Not only that but building lean muscle in your legs will completely change the way estrogen look. Your muscles fill in and kind of “stretch” the skin so that it looks tighter and less porous.

Eating Cruciferous Vegetables: 

This helps metabolize estrogen and break it down. Here are some examples of cruciferous veggies

  • Broccoli
  • Bok choy
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower


Drinking at least half your body weight in pounds in ounces of water is crucial. Dehydration makes your skin less supple, which makes cellulite more noticeable. It also confuses your brain and makes it think you are hungry. Which causes you to overeat or get cravings which can lead to weight gain.

Eat Healthy:

 Excess fat is another main culprit of cellulite. Make sure you are eating a lean protein, healthy carbs (limited and at the right times), lots of veggies and healthy fats in 4-5 meals per day will help. And eliminate gluten, dairy, processed foods, sodium, sugar and saturated fats.

The Right Supplements:

There are several vitamins and antioxidants that can help you balance your estrogen-progesterone levels and in turn will help you combat cellulite.

There are several, but I will discuss here the ones I take which also have other health benefits.

  • Vitamin B6 & Magnesium: both help your liver detoxify so that excess estrogen is eliminated from your body.
  • Probiotics: promote gut health by restoring a healthy balance of “good” bacteria, which helps break down excess estrogen. So that it can be excreted from your body.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: stimulate collagen production and reduces inflammation which are both said to aid in reduction of cellulite.
  • Vitamin D: has been shown to reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone.

You are probably taking a lot of these. I take all of the supplements listed above for several reasons, but also because they have a huge impact on cellulite.

I wanted a more significant difference in the cellulite in my thighs. Therefore, I have been working with the doctor from MMF Labs to help me formulate something that would show a real change in the appearance of cellulite.

I’m doing all the things to help me balance my hormones to fight estrogen. Now I wanted something to help its appearance.

Aaaaannnnddddd the Cellulite Cleanse was born.


I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made in my thighs, it’s almost unreal. I actually think it’s almost gone. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

What’s super amazing about the MMF Cellulite Cleanse is that it is all natural.

MMF Cellulite Cleanse uses a combination of pure, natural herbs that work together as a mild herbal diuretic to soften and break down cellulite and help stimulate and strengthen the waste elimination system.

Basically, it helps remove waste from your connective tissue which is where cellulite resides.

Some of the ingredients in there also help to reduce sub-dermal tissue inflammation (where cellulite lives). This gives the skin in problem areas a smoother appearance.


If you exercise, eat healthy and take 1-3 of the supplements listed above, you can help balance your estrogen hormones. Add in my magic in a pill and you are gonna see crazy changes in your cellulite.


Your nutrition is very important when combatting cellulite. Check out this video for more tips.

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