How To Lose the Belly Postpartum (even if c-section)

I have found that one of the biggest questions when pregnant is…“Will I be able to lose my belly after having the baby?”

I want to answer that honestly for you…


Mine actually looks better now after 2 babies than before getting pregnant.

After working with over 200,000 pregnant women. I can tell you that what you do DURING PREGNANCY makes all the difference.

This is why, I’m always on a mission to convince and encourage you to do something, because its literally never too late.

There is something we can do to feel better, look better, and have a better and faster labor and recovery.

I want to share a few REAL ladies who made it through pregnancy feeling happy, proud and overall feeling great. Even when they previous pregnancies that were a b****h.

Meet Erica!

I love that she says she had “some good days and some bad days,” but she pushed through, did all the right things and ended up doing amazing.

I mean… dang… look at her just 2 months postpartum.

I don’t know about you, but I see ABS.

And she only exercised half her pregnancy.

It still continues to blow my mind, how just 3-4 workouts a week and being mindful of what you eat while pregnant can make such a positive impact.

It’s SO worth it.

I think that’s why she says in her post “Keep goin’ ladies”.

I’m sure there were plenty days she was tired, didn’t feel good, didn’t feel like it.

But seeing yourself like that at 2 months postpartum sure makes it worth it.

Can you imagine that was you?

Wouldn’t it be worth it to you?

I hope you find hope and get a little fire in you today.

I don’t care if you have 4 weeks left… It is never too late.

Every little bit helps.

There are even exercises that will help you prevent mommy pooch and reduce the belly postpartum. Read about it here.

Now, meet Margaret.

She had a C-section after 46 hours in labor. Can you believe that she said that recovery was a breeze after that?!

That is insane! It is also one of the many reasons why I am so adamant about doing STRENGTH OR RESITANCE based training.

It really gives you endurance and strength and preps your body like no other kind of workout.

What’s crazy is the fact that three strength-based workouts of 30 minutes are way more beneficial than six days cardio for 45 minutes.


Don’t you want to be able to say…. “Recovery was a breeze”?

And I know you keep hearing the ladies say they can’t wait ’til BBAPP which is my Postpartum program.

So, the other really amazing thing that I love and am so happy about my programs, is that I’m with you for the long haul.

I got you during pregnancy with FMTB and I got you during those really hard postpartum programs with BBAPP and I even have your back after that to help you then get in the best shape of your life with FMFL.

So, you don’t ever have to find another community or coach or program.

I got you… as you see, pretty much all the ladies do BBAPP after they do the Fit Mom To Be Program.

Meet Christina!

Can you imagine being THREE days postpartum and saying you are amazed at how your body bounced right back.… 3 days….

That is what happens when you work out during pregnancy.

When you do strength training workouts during pregnancy.

Three freakin’ days… Seriously… this is why I am so passionate and maybe even pushy lol about trying to get you to do these workouts.

They work!

What’s amazing, is that most of the ladies that do FMTB and BBAPP, then go on to be in the best shape of their life. Most say better than pre-pregnancy!

That is my hope for you.

But I need you to know… that it literally is never too late.

So, if you are sitting here like… dang I wish I wouldaaaaaa


Start now. It will help. I promise.

Even if you work out for 4 weeks, it will help you adopt the routine of exercise. Getting into a routine will help you SOOOOO much during the postpartum phase. Especially when it will be crucial to work out in order to lose your baby weight.

Plus, exercising postpartum will also help give you energy, stamina, better your mood and decrease your chances of Postpartum Depression.

Also, because you worked out for a little during pregnancy, it won’t feel so hard when you start exercising again after baby is here.

I know you can do this.

The question is… DO YOU?

Believe in yourself.

Commit to yourself.

All of this is going to benefit your baby, your marriage, your energy, your mood, your self-esteem, your labor, your recovery… I could keep going lol.

Listen, I went through this twice and I know the difference.

If you haven’t heard my story yet, I had one pregnancy that was brutal… Everything happened to me including bed rest for 5 months.

I know what it feels like to not exercise during pregnancy, and I know what it feels like to exercise.

And it is soooo worth it and so much better when you are active and strengthening and toning the body.

Will you join me?

Will you practice some self-care the rest of your pregnancy?

Whether you are doing one of my challenges now or never got around to them… My hope is that you will do the Fit Mom to Be Program, because I know that is where you will see and feel the greatest results… Just like Margaret, Erica and Christina.

I want you to be one of my stories.

If you are ready, click here to join FMTB!

I can’t wait to see you in there!

Want to know more about the BBAPP program? Check out this video.

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