How To Get Your Body Back With These Easy Steps


How To Get Your Body Back After Baby



It’s hard to see your body after baby, right?


I know…


After 9 months of pregnancy and feeling huge and the crazy changes your body goes through during pregnancy with the hips, butt, boobs and belly…


You just can’t wait to get your body back.


But will it happen?


After so much change in your body, will it be possible?


It feels so hard and so far away……..


Will I ever really be able to get my body back?


Is that how you’re feeling?


Let me relieve your concerns by saying yes you can!How To Get Your Body Back After Baby

You 100% can.


But you have to be proactive and start doing something about it NOW!


Whether you:

  • Are having your baby soon.
  • Are 1-6 weeks postpartum.
  • Are 3-12 months postpartum.


There are some steps you can be aware about that will help you tremendously.


I don’t know where you are in the mommy process…..  pregnant, about to go into labor or postpartum.

But the main thing is TO BE PREPARED.




If you are still pregnant, what you need to do is have a plan in place.

The first 3 months postpartum are really hard and to have to think about what to do and research what to do and find the time and energy, is extremely hard.

That is why I created my Better Body After Pregnancy Program.

Because I kept hearing all the ladies in my Pregnancy Program talk about how stressed and worried they were about getting their body back.

They talk about it so much in our Private Facebook Group.


There are so many things you can do while still pregnant to prepare for getting your body back:

  1. Find out what exercises you can do during the 6-week postpartum wait.
  2. Buy the few supplements that will help you be able to lose your baby weight faster.
  3. Buy a belly band/girdle.
  4. Get prepared by buying the foods that will help you lose your baby weight postpartum.
  5. Prep some healthy meals ahead of time and freeze them.


If you want to be prepared and have a plan you can feel safe about, you may want to check out the BBAPP and have a plan waiting for you after you have the baby.

It will give you so much peace of mind.



How To Get Your Body Back With These Easy Steps





  1. You can start doing exercises that will help you tighten your core, flatten your belly and strengthen your AB muscles. (a few are safe at this point)
  2. Start doing exercises that will help strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce aches and pains, kegels are a great one, do you know how to do them properly?
  3. There are natural supplements you can start taking that will help you lose your baby weight easier, Vitamin B complex is one of them.  mPower is a protein powder specifically formulated for pregnancy and postpartum/breastfeeding.  It counts as your multivitamin, has all the B vitamins (which helps with energy and fat loss in the belly area because of cortisol), it has probiotics and digestive enzymes to help improve gut health (Because that matters for losing weight), and its DELICIOUS and can replace a meal or snack.  Click HERE to see all the other benefits and what moms have to say about the taste.
  4. Wear a postpartum girdle.
  5. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water.
  6. Do affirmations, they will help reduce stress (stress makes you hold on to belly fat) so you can lose weight faster.
  7. You can eat foods that are fat burning but still help you increase milk supply if you’re nursing. (I include this diet, recipes, meal plan in the Better Body After Pregnancy Program)   (protein, healthy carbs, veggies and healthy fats are a great combo for every meal).



I know that eating healthy can be hard during the postpartum months when you are exhausted and barely have time for yourself. 

That is why its always have a safe and yummy PROTEIN POWDER available that will help you quickly, easily and yummily replace a meal.

If you haven’t checked out mPower (Which was formulated for this time in your life), click here to see how amazing it is and what moms are saying about it.


How To Get Your Body Back After Baby



If you don’t have the time, energy or know-how to find out all these things, you may just want to try the BBAPP as it will guide you safely and effectively through all these steps and so much more.

It’s what I used to lose my baby weight in 6 weeks and then get into the best shape of my life 4 months postpartum.

And it’s what the thousands of the ladies from my Fit Mom To Be Pregnancy Workout Program use to get their body back.







  • You can start doing Resistance Based Workouts which are the best for tightening the body, burning the most calories and flattening the belly.
  • You can apply certain lotions and scrubs to help tighten and smooth the skin around the belly.
  • You can start following a stricter diet without restricting calories and that still help you increase milk supply if nursing (all included in the BBAPP).
  • You can take a few more natural supplements that will help ease and speed fat burning.  mPower Protein Powder has a lot of these.
  • You can do more advanced, very specific CORE EXERCISES that are very specific to postpartum women and help flatten the post-baby pooch.



If you have been trying different things to lose your baby weight but you are frustrated because the scale has barely budged and you feel stuck and too tired to figure out what to do, then I want to encourage you to try the BBAPP.

I created it because I know how hard it really is to lose the baby weight and I know exactly what you are going through.

And I put it together in a way that no matter how tired you are and how much weight you have to lose, you will be able to make big changes.



If you don’t feel ready to make an investment in getting your body back just yet, I understand.

I know that everyone has a time when they are ready.


If that is you, I want to still encourage you to try my FREE 2-Week POSTPARTUM CHALLENGE.



Here is what you can expect from it:


  • Short Daily Workouts that will help you burn calories, lose fat and get toned.
  • Diet tips that will help you make changes in your nutrition to help you lose the baby weight easier.
  • Motivation and inspiration and tricks from me.
  • Feel more energy.
  • Be in a better mood.
  • Feel more productive and focused.
  • Look and feel less bloated.
  • Ignite the baby fat loss with these very specific type of workouts for getting your body back.



How To Get Your Body Back After Baby

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