How To Get Stronger & More Toned DURING Pregnancy Than Before

To be able to say that you were calm and focused during labor is just something out of this world.

The fact that her labor nurses said it was due to her working out, is even more amazing.

The fact that she told them about the Fit Mom To Be Program and they said that was why it is even more, more, more amazing.

Can you imagine that was you?

Emailing me a few weeks or months from now telling me how much easier than you thought labor and recovery was….

It totally can be.

And you don’t even need to do much.

Just commit to 3 workouts per week…. how can you not commit to that to get such humungous benefits (is that a word?)

Read more about how pregnancy exercises can help with labor and pushing here.

FYI… I have a really good Postpartum “Mom Hack” for you that helped me tons, it’s at the bottom of the email, make sure to read it.

I remember how nerve wrecking the thought of labor was, even my 2nd one.

So, I can imagine how you are feeling right now.

And the fact that I can help you by giving you tools like this is why I do what I do.

I would love for you to message me like Angela did to tell me how amazing your labor was too, how confident and “in shape” you felt.

This is what Angela experienced from doing the FMTB Program.

She also said that she felt STRONGER & MORE TONED than ever.... than EVER…. can you believe that?

The reason is simple… its science, its physiology…… its exercise science which I’ve studied for 20 years!!

Resistance Based Workouts are by far the best kind of workout for strengthening the body and toning.

And the mental strength and commitment to the workouts and program helps so much with the focus and confidence you need for labor.

I remember being told how huge I was gonna get, and how I wouldn’t be able to control it and how others gained a million pounds and how it ruins your body….. How do you not freak? I did!

But YOU don’t have to, because you have me!

You can be confident that you WILL gain less weight, you will get LEANER, you will feel stronger during labor and postpartum, and you absolutely will be able to recover way faster than if you didn’t do anything and then if you did cardio, yoga, Pilates or any other kind of workout.

I’m 100% sure of that 🙂

When I see the picture of Angela that she posted in the Fit Mom to Be Community, it makes me smile so big and it makes me soooo happy.

Because SHE looks soooo happy.

  • She looks confident.
  • She looks proud.
  • Just 12 hours after delivery.

That is what I want from you.

That is what I know you are capable of, if you commit.

If you sacrifice a little time, a little energy, and a little money.

Invest in yourself.

It’s the best and most important time to do so.

Splurge on yourself and your baby.

I’m just so confident that I can help you via my program and community that I won’t stop until you do so LOL.

What is $27 a month…. think of it….

You spend that on knick knacks…

Click Here to join the Fit Mom To Be Program & Community

You got this momma!

You can do this.

It may be a sacrifice, I understand that… maybe a HUGE sacrifice, but I promise it will be worth it.


Listen, I have some tips that will help you for post labor.

They helped me tons. Click on link below

3 Things To Do 2 Weeks Before Due Date

It’s never too late to start working out, check out this video for third trimester exercises!

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