How To Get Rid Of Cellulite {Natural & Real Ways}

If you have cellulite, you are not alone, 9 out of 10 women have it.

I know it can make you feel self-conscious.

But the good news is that while most people say “you can’t do anything about it, it’s genetic”.

That isn’t true. And I am about to PROVE THAT WRONG.

You can totally improve the appearance of cellulite and once I tell you what causes cellulite, you will see that there are indeed things we can do.

WARNING: this is a longer than normal information, but the info you are getting right here, right now, I am willing to bet you have never heard before and knowing this will 100% help you lessen cellulite.

I think you will be jaw dropped, in shock and excited at the possibilities after you read this email in its ENTIRETY.

I won’t promise you can completely get rid of it, but it will improve.

So, bare with me as I am going to go in pretty big detail about cellulite but it will help you tons.

Cellulite is a deposit of fat underneath the skin.

And while, yes, it is partly genetic, there are a lot of other causes for cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite

  1. Excess fat
  2. Toxins
  3. Poor Circulation
  4. Skin Collagen
  5. Dehydration & Water Retention
  6. Estrogen


Let’s begin by talking about one of the main culprits and that is ESTROGEN.

It is a wonderful hormone because it is what allows us women to have children and breastfeed them.

But estrogen in excess or when too low is a big culprit of cellulite.

During pregnancy, one of estrogens main function is to stimulate the breakdown of collagen in the uterus so that we can deliver the baby. IT.HAS.TO.HAPPEN.

During CHILD BEARING AGE ~25-35, the fibers that surround fat cells negatively affects the structures that support healthy skin.


Hormones cause a debilitation of the skin, causing LESS CIRCULATION (which inhibits the production of collagen.)

Why does circulation matter?

1. Good circulation increases fat burning

2. It helps reduce water retention.

3. Helps keep the fibers in collagen STRONG.

The fibers of the skin matter when it comes to cellulite. As they weaken, the skin loses elasticity and that creates cellulite.

Which is why a good collagen supplement and resistance based workouts are really great for women because it helps all the things that cause cellulite.

Excess Fat

It is like a VICIOUS CYCLE.

As cellulite forms, you lose more collagen and as you lose collagen, the fat cells escape because of the elasticity in the fibers and they move toward the skin and they SPREAD.

If that isn’t enough…. the fat cells still have to reach their full size and when they do reach their full size, THEY REPRODUCE. Ouch!

Fat cells reproduce, which means…


As we approach menopause and our hormones change, we begin to be in a deficit of estrogen, which also is not good.

When we have little estrogen, we lose circulation, and then we lose muscle, which loosens the fibers of the skin, we lose collagen and voila…. CELLULITE.

Pretty cool understanding all of this, isn’t it?

Cool thing is there are various things we can do to control and combat the hormone to help us with cellulite.

Have you ever thought to yourself…

Why don’t men have cellulite?

The reason is partly because they don’t have nearly as much estrogen than we do.

And also because of these things called ALPHA RECEPTORS.

You can call these the bad guys….

We have beta receptors (the good guys) and alpha receptors (the bad guys).

Alpha receptors INHIBIT FAT BURNING.

And lucky for us, we have more alpha receptors than men and most of them are located in the legs.

But as I said…. theres a way to combat everything.

How do we stop the bad guys?


The less sugar you consume, the insulin you will secrete, the less alpha receptors you will have.

Doesn’t knowing that make you immediately want to eat less sugar?

That is why I always say…. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Understanding these things are gonna make it WAY easier for you to follow through on the things you need to do because now you know the effect continuing to do these things will have on your body.

I want to dive in to what we can do now, since I just spoke about insulin, sugar and its effect on fat-cellulite. And that is something we can for sure do something about.


But I want to mention really quick a few more things.

Since we are talking about sugar.

Sugar is a sure way to INCREASE TOXINS in your body.

Processed foods, high fat and high sugar foods, and sodium are huge causes of toxins in the body.

Guess where toxins live?

In fat cells.



DEHYDRATION is also something to take into consideration when thinking about cellulite.

When you are dehydrated, a protective mechanism is activated that makes you retain liquid or water. This is your body’s way to PROTECT you.

Water retention is a huge CAUSE for cellulite.

Are you seeing how important all these little things are like… sugar and drinking water?

Aside from water preventing you from getting dehydrated, it also helps to strengthen the skins natural collagen.

It also helps your body get rid of toxins and increases elasticity in your skin which helps prevent cellulite.

So many benefits to WATER when it comes to fat and cellulite.

Whew…. are you still with me? I know this is a lot but I hope you understanding this will help you make choices that will help you.

Let’s talk about what you can start doing right now to combat all these things and lessen the fat and cellulite you have.



Exercise has many benefits:

  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases water retention
  • Increases fat burning

Basically it helps with all the culprits of cellulite.

Resistance based workouts or weight training is especially good because it:

  • Strengthens muscle and connective tissue.
  • Accelerates metabolism for increased fat burning.
  • Hormonally, it lowers estrogen.
  • Helps stretch the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Looking for motivation? Here’s a Full Body Fat Burning workout that you can do without equipment.

Eliminate Sugar

Try to do this as much as possible.


And if you are really trying to focus on getting rid of cellulite, I would cut back on complex carbs a bit and eat more fibrous carbs.

I did not say, to NOT eat carbs, I set cut back.

Remember, sugar stimulates insulin which is the main promoter of the “bad guys”- alpha receptors that basically shut down fat burning.

And just note:

If we lower carbs, we lower insulin and less insulin means more fat burning.

Eat Clean

I gave sugar its own section but this is all about nutrition.

I want to give you a few tips here on WHAT TO DO.

Eat more PROTEIN.

Protein helps control insulin which you now know makes it impossible to burn fat.

It also helps metabolize estrogen (another huge culprit of cellulite).

This is why I love having mPower Protein Powder. 

Its so hard to get enough protein in… cuz who wants to eat more eggs and chicken, so a good quality protein powder IS A MUST.

Take a Collagen Supplement

Collagen is the base of your connective tissue. It supports your skin’s structure.

As we age and our hormones change, the hormones that break down collagen increase in our body.

As collagen weakens and decreases, more cellulite forms.

Collagen is always reproducing in our body but after the age of 35, the production naturally decreases and so does the quality of protein.

Which is why you probably see or hear of everyone and their mother taking collagen.

Now you know how much the loss of collagen affects cellulite, so using a good collagen supplement is almost a MUST.


Unfortunately I have done so much research and found those collagen powders that mix easily into your coffee, etc, ARE NOT GOOD QUALITY and are barely doing anything as the fibers in the collagen are weak which is why it mixes so easily.

Hello, I’ve been using Thrive and Vital for a while… with no results.

So I am now working with my doctor (who created mPower) to come up with a really good quality one.

IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THIS, REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND LET ME KNOW, its its something I should spend my time on, if you think you would like it, want it, use it.

Here are some foods that naturally increase collagen in your body.

  • Bone broth
  • Cabbage
  • Red fruits or veggies
  • Turkey (the real kind, not deli meat)
  • Beans
  • Omega 3 rich foods
  • Foods high in Vitamin C

Eat more Fiber

Gut health is incredibly important.

Fiber can help inhibit or prevent the excretion of EXCESS ESTROGEN.

Aside from that, it also reduces inflammation which helps you burn fat more effectively.

So eat your veggies in as many meals as you can.

And if you don’t love veggies, I would suggest taking a good greens supplement.

Eat more Healthy Fats

Omega 3’s help metabolize estrogen better and also helps control insulin, which are two huge factors in creating cellulite.

Cut Back on Alcohol

This one is simple.

Alcohol increases estrogen and reduces testosterone which is the hormone that helps you gain muscle and burn fat.

BAM! You see its not just about calories and sugar when it comes to a cocktail 😉


Cellulite happens when the fibers in the collagen of your skin, dry up and tighten in your skin, which pushes fat out and makes cellulite more visible.

Water keeps the cells in your skin healthy and hydrated so that doesn’t occur.

Whew, I am exhausted after writing this lol

If you want more information on how to reduce the appearance of cellulite check out this post!

  • I hope it was worth it to you.
  • I hope it opened your eyes to a lot of things.
  • I hope it helped dispel a lot of myths.
  • And I hope it got you excited about all the opportunities you have to improve and decrease your cellulite and fat.

Remember, that its things like this and so much more that is important that is inside my Fit Mom For Life

Knowing these little or big intricacies can really make or break your results.

So if you are ready to LEVEL UP your results, learn more than most personal trainers and see really amazing results that you can actually maintain forever

Then I cant wait to see you inside Fit Mom For Life.



Michelle Marie

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