How To Get In Better Shape As Pregnancy Progresses Even If You Have No Energy

Do you feel like you go back and forth in feeling like you want to workout, eat healthy and have a fit pregnancy….. AND, exhausted, can’t move and just want to rest and figure it out postpartum?

If you are feeling like this, its normal.

And its also most likely because you are exhausted and the thought of exercise sounds like way too much work, too hard and just not realistic for how little energy you have.

I know.

I have heard that from thousands of ladies.

I have also heard from ladies like the ones I want to share with you today who felt that TUG OF WAR between exercising and not and also felt fatigued, tired and little to no energy.

And there has not been one time yet in the last 10 years and over 250,000 ladies that I have heard one say she put in the time to exercise and didn’t to some degree feel better.

For some…

  • It gives them MORE ENERGY.
  • It made their labor and delivery faster.
  • It slowed down their weight gain.
  • They lost their baby weight faster.
  • It made them toned.

It’s insane.

You would never think that exercise will give you more energy, but THIS KIND OF EXERCISE will.

Cardio may sometimes deplete your energy, but weight training… it energizes you.

It’s crazy.

So, as per usual, I want to share some stories of women just like you who went all in and committed to practicing some self-care during pregnancy.

Women don’t get encouraged enough to practice self care while pregnant but we need to support each other more on this.

But because I know that the lack of energy is a REAL THING, I want to share some tips with you that will help you feel better if you have been nauseous or just feeling icky, if you have no energy and feel fatigued all the time.

If I can help you feel more energy, and less sick, it will be way easier for you to commit to this exercise thing.

So, I made a short little YouTube Videtalking about some ways you can increase your energy, get rid of that feeling of fatigue and also reduce or get rid of nausea.

My hope is that you will apply these tips and feel good enough to START working out.

I just need you to start, or to be MORE CONSISTENT.

As you workout, you will feel better, you will start to see results and then you on your own will want to workout more because it will be SO WORTH IT.

Not sure when to start working out? Checkout this post that tells you when is the best time to workout and how often you should workout workout.

So, whether it’s right now, or when you are in the car driving, or doing your hair and make up or cooking, CLICK HERE and listen or watch (whatever is easier) to this video so you can get those tips and get started.

Today, I was cooking breakfast and I got a notification from a Podcast I listen to.

It was about a 15 minute podcast.

I turned it on and listened to it while I made breakfast.

It took me a bit longer to finish than breakfast but just a little, so I sat down and finished it while I ate.

I love using my time productively.

So, find the time, make the time, to listen to the video.

I have learned and grown so much from watching, reading and listening.

Now check out all these ladies, they all had a different result but everyone is so happy and says its so worth it.

So if you feel encouraged after this, don’t wait, and join us.

YES, I Want To Be A Fit, Strong & Healthy Mom, I Want To Join Fit Mom To Be

Jill here, got in better shape as her pregnancy progressed which she said is the opposite of what happened in her prior pregnancies when she did not exercise.

Suz, here says she actually CRAVES exercise now because she feels so good and is seeing all the benefits and she’s enjoying her pregnancy so much more because she feels good.

That is my goal and my wish for you…

That you will be able to enjoy this pregnancy way more, and I know without a doubt that exercise and the support you will get from FMTB will help you.

Kate is amazing, she said her labor was easy… who says that lol

She only pushed for 5 minutes.

And I get emails and messages and posts every single day from ladies telling me how much shorter their labor were in comparison to prior ones when they didn’t do weight training.

Sheree here…. I mean WOWWWWZERRSSS.

Look at what is possible when you workout and eat clean during pregnancy.

Each one of these pictures are incredible.

And the funny thing is that you may be sitting there going… that is not possible, but I see posts like this in our private FB group for FMTB

So mama, it is possible.

But it does take some effort and some commitment.

But its way worth it.

Ok, girlfriend, make sure you watch the video to help you gain some energy back and feel better.


And don’t wait until later….. join the FMTB now while you are excited and hopeful!




Michelle Marie

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