How To Get ABS After Baby


How To Get ABS after babies fb


Is it actually possible to have ABS after pregnancies and babies?


Yes, it really is.


But you need to have patience and you need to work.


Half the work will be in the KITCHEN.

The other half in your WORKOUTS.


The first few (1-5) months postpartum are really hard.


  • You are not sleeping.
  • It’s hard to find the time to cook healthy meals so that you can eat good.
  • You have no energy.
  • You have no time or want to exercise.
  • You are hormonal.
  • You are healing.


First of all, lets get one thing clear.


<< I am not saying that you need to have ABS or that you should have ABS after a certain point or that you even care to have ABS.>>


All I want you to know is that IT IS POSSIBLE.

That if you would love to have a flat belly after having your babies, you can.


Is it easy?

Well, no, nothing in life worth having comes easy, but it’s totally do-able and worth it.

And quite simple too, you just have to put in the work.


How To Get ABS after babies I actually never had defined ABS until after having both my kids.


I did have a flat belly, but ABS…….. never.


But after having my kids I had new motivation.

I knew I needed to work harder and be more consistent.

And I learned a different way of working my core.


It worked.


After 2 kids, I finally have ABS.


Again, I’m not saying you should care to have ABS.

But if you have always wanted to have them and now you are having babies and are feeling down about it or feeling like it’s impossible…


I want to give you hope today.

I have helped hundreds of women lose all their baby weight, flatten their stomach and get defined ABS.


So if you want them, you can have them 🙂


My Postpartum Workout Routine


I was able to lose all my baby weight by my 6-week OB checkup.


Here is what I did to do that.


1. I did what I call PREPARATORY WORKOUTS which are safe exercises you can do before getting medical clearance to exercise.


These work on the pelvic floor and strengthening the core and getting things back to where they used to be.

These were super helpful which is why I included a whole section (module) in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program {BBAPP} to preparatory workouts.

They helped so much.


I alternated these workouts with long walks with my baby.

It was a great way to stay active, burn calories and prepare the body for when I got the full clearance to exercise.


2. I ate super healthy.

One day a week I would have my husband help me with the kids and I would take an hour and prep some healthy snacks for the week.

These were especially helpful after nursing.

I would get famished after nursing so these were great yummy and healthy snacks to have then, instead of eating something “bad”.


I would also make a meal plan for the whole week.

You can find tons of recipes here on my site under “Recipes” to help you make yours.


Like…… write it down kinda meal plan and shopping list.

I would then either ask my husband to go get the groceries or he would give me an hour to go do it on my own and he would handle the babies.


If you want my carb manipulation meal plan for postpartum, it is included in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program {BBAPP}. 


This really helped to have everything readily available.

When you don’t have options available, it’s a lot easier to make bad choices.





Then I would literally schedule myself 30 minutes at some point in the day to cook.


Just 30 minutes.

I committed to that and because of it, we always had healthy meals and it was so much easier to eat healthy.


Here is what I ate in almost every meal:

  • Protein:  egg whites, chicken, ground turkey, fish, lean steak
  • Healthy Carbs:  oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, jasmine rice, sweet potatoes, squash
  • Veggies:  broccoli, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, brussles sprouts, etc.
  • Healthy Fat:  avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, flax meal, chia seeds, nut butters, etc.


I know this seems a bit overwhelming, especially when you are exhausted, hormonal and have no energy and cannot even think and you feel so out of control and disorganized.


And that is the exact reason why I created the Better Body After Pregnancy Program {BBAPP}.


I knew that if I felt that way, others did too.

So I was very strategic about what I did with my eating and exercise and more than anything what I did to ORGANIZE MY NEW MOM LIFE in such a way to MAKE TIME for all these things.

It’s not easy, but its way easier when you have a plan, which is why I made the BBAPP into that exact plan.


3.  My Workout Routine.


Once I got clearance at about 9 weeks for me…….  I started resistance based workouts and cardio.


Resistance Based Workouts

These are the absolute best types of workouts.

They tighten and tone your body by building lean, long, beautiful muscles.

All the cardio in the world can’t do this.


I did 3 resistance based workouts per week.

Each took about 30-45 minutes.


I started with full body workouts for the first few weeks and then every 3-4 weeks I changed my workouts and progressed to doing separate body parts and more specifically working on each body part.


Here is a Resistance Based Workout that focuses on the arms.


Here is a Resistance Based Workout that focuses on the legs.



While nursing, I didn’t do much cardio.

But once I stopped nursing I would do 2-3 20-minute INTERVAL CARDIO WORKOUTS per week.


Normally this would be putting one or both kids on the jogging stroller and going outside for a run/walk.

I did my intervals that way.

I would run as hard as I could to a certain point, and then I would walk a few seconds and alternated that for the whole workout.

It was great and didn’t take any time away from the kids.



This I hit HARD.

I would work my core 3 times a week during my resistance based workouts.


At the beginning I did bodyweight exercises that focused more on the TRANSVERSE ABDOMINIS, which is the deepest lying muscles of the core and the ones that are in charge of supporting your internal organs.  They act as a brace or corset.  And this is deeply affected during pregnancy.


The important part is the progression of core exercises.

As the weeks went by I progressed the core exercises to more intense ones and even with resistance and that makes a hue difference.


Here is a workout to try:



Work on the transverse abdominis.

And you do this by doing movements that are BRACING & HOLLOWING.



Bracing is not sucking in.  Think of bracing as what happens in your belly when you cough or what you would do if I was about to punch you in the gut LOL.



Hollowing is more like sucking in and pressing your belly down towards your spine, its more of a compression movement.


Here are 2 exercises for the TVA





You have to be patient with yourself when you’re postpartum.

You’re body has gone through a lot.


You will get there.

You will get your body back and maybe even better than before.


If you are frustrated and you want help getting organized, finding and making time for cooking, working out and you want to know what supplements can help you, I am happy to help you get in better shape than before babies through my BBAPP.


I literally tell you every single little thing and secret and strategy that you need to do.

I will walk you through it step by step.

You are not alone.

I know its hard and frustrating to see your body after babies, but know that it WILL CHANGE.





How To Get ABS after babies


How To Get ABS after babies


How To Get ABS after babies



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