How To Gain Less Weight Than in Your Prior Pregnancies

Weight gain, aches, pains, low energy and recovering postpartum are some of the struggles, we deal with during pregnancy.

However, I have a message I want to share with you today. We may experience a lot of these symptoms and that can make pregnancy harder than it already is. However, WE ARE NOT VICTIMS of those symptoms.

And I have a few ladies here to prove that.

If you are struggling with weight gain or feel super uncomfortable all the time, because of the aches and pains. THIS IS YOUR HOPE.

Struggling with low energy? Check out this post about combatting low energy levels and getting into shape as your pregnancy progresses.

These ladies, who are just like you, with similar struggles, changed the course of their pregnancy by being proactive.

I would love to know which one of these ladies do you relate to more…

What are the symptoms that are making pregnancy hard this time around.

Imagine you are more fit and “smaller” than prior pregnancies…

I love Katie’s post here, because I get a lot of ladies like her who message me concerned about the same thing…

Maybe you were in a situation like Katie. You were finally getting into a good routine, you were working out, eating clean, losing weight and getting into shape. Then, BAM! You go pregnant.

And now you are worried about losing all that time and hard work.

I feel Ya, I actually felt like this myself in my 1st pregnancy.

But you see, she chose to workout, she started the Fit Mom to Be and she only gained 3 lbs. in 11 weeks, which is amazing. I gained 11 lbs. by week 10 lol.

Katie also shares that this is her FOURTH pregnancy. She also, shares that she does not have aches and pains like she did in her prior pregnancies.

Not only that, but she is also “smaller” and more fit than prior pregnancies.

I mean just to be able to say “smaller” while pregnant is a win lol.

Imagine feeling strong, motivated and proud while pregnant…

That is a huge win as well.

I know a lot of us struggle with weight gain, but some of us worry about labor and recovery. Being strong is more than half that battle.

Most pregnant women think they can’t do much and don’t realize that they can safely strengthen and tone.

Strength that will help during labor and recovery. That strength will also balance your body, so you don’t feel achy and uncomfortable.

It’s possible, my friend.

If Caitlin here can do it with her SIXTH baby, you can do it too.

I mean, the girl has 5 children at home, BUT she has found a way to get 3 weight workouts in a week. Keep reading to see what a huge pay off this has been for her.

Even her husband is proud….

I am proud.

I know that if you invest the time, just 3 times a week, you too will be proud of yourself.

Imagine losing half your baby weight in just one week and moving around the day after delivery as if nothing….

Yup, that’s what Molly got to experience because she put in a little work.

So, you see, my friend, you don’t have to be a victim of taking a year to lose your baby weight or struggling for months to recover after birthing your baby.

If you are being proactive like Molly was during her pregnancy, you will see the pay off. It will pay off in dividends that far exceed the 3 hours a week you put into your workout.

Is that worth it for you?

Dedicating just 3 hours a week and investing a LITTLE $$ in yourself. Would it be worth it for you to gain less than 30 lbs. and losing half in a week?

Where are my 2nd time moms and beyond???

If that’s you, this one may hit home, and I get mamas like this all the time.

It’s not your first rodeo and you want to do things differently.

You are learning from the mistakes you made in prior pregnancies.

That’s where Alden is at.

She gained 65 lbs. with her first baby, and she doesn’t want to do that again.


Well, 65 lbs. make it harder on labor and gives you more aches and pains. Excessive weight gain also makes recovery longer and takes longer to lose the weight postpartum.

Most ladies that message me like this, end up gaining HALF the amount they did in prior pregnancies. I feel pretty confident, Alden here will also share the same experience.

What about you?

What lesson did you learn from your prior pregnancies that you want to make sure to do better this time?

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, if there is something you are struggling with…. don’t think you have to just “deal” with it, be miserable and count the days until your due date.

Even if you feel like it’s too late for you too start. I wrote a post on how I burned fat during the 2nd-3rd trimester. It may help motivate you, check it out here.

It’s really freaking crazy and unbelievable! Just how much the right kind of exercise and a good nutrition can do for your pregnancy, labor and recovery.

As you can see, all these ladies are so grateful they put in the time and investment in themselves.

Are you ready?

Ready to put in a little time and invest in yourself so you can look back at this pregnancy and feel like you enjoyed it and not just struggled through it?

Are you willing you put some work in to feel healthy, fit, confident and energized?

If you are willing, I want to invite you to join these ladies and their amazing results. Start your journey by joining Fit Mom to Be today.

Don’t think about it, don’t wait.

Make an emotional decision right now. Although, I don’t like to make emotional decisions. This one is one that is going to be WAY WORTH IT.

Not only will you join a workout program, but a community of pregnant women like you. A community that will provide support, accountability, inspiration and motivation. Before you know it, you too will be posting your success story.


Click here to start your pregnancy fit journey!

Wondering if it’s too late to start? Check out this video for more info on what you can do during your pregnancy journey.

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