How To Gain Half The Weight From Your Last Pregnancy

Do you feel like Cinderella this pregnancy?

Just typing that makes me giggle.

There is nothing about pregnancy that is Cinderella-ish lol

Except when you are proactive with your self care and are working out, eating right and feel or look like a Cinderella.​

I had to share this post bellow from Tamar, who is 35 weeks pregnant and is being confused with a Cinderella…. she must look and feel dang good.​

And it made me think about you.

I know most women feel far from Cinderella while pregnant, but this is an example of how good you can really look and feel while pregnant.

Does it take a little work?

Yes, but it is dang worth it, and I need you to know that exercise is the best thing you can do for you and your baby during pregnancy.

And not just for “vain” purposes, but because it’s beneficial in so many other ways.

Like labor and delivery.

Weight training is sooooo good for labor. It has helped thousands of moms have way faster labors than previous ones.​

I mean, Melissa here had her baby in 2 big pushes.

You know…. there are women that push for hours….

One of the biggest benefits I hear from moms that do the Fit Mom To Be Program is that they have way faster labors than previous pregnancies.​

It works!

Can you imagine if you can cut your labor time in half by just doing three workouts a week?

If you don’t think that’s worth it, you cray cray girlfriend! lol​

One of the main reasons I love helping pregnant women, is that I know how hard pregnancy is.

I get emails and dm’s on a daily basis hearing all the struggles and so many of them have to do with the weight gain, the lack of energy, the changing body and just not feeling great.

Wondering if you can lose weight while pregnant? Check out this post, where I explain everything in detail about what YOU can do to minimize excess weight gain.

And I know for myself and from working with over 250,000 moms, that it is possible to enjoy pregnancy and feel confident and amazing.

Like Caity here, who says and I quote…..

“I’ve never felt this flawless and healthy before”.

I mean, I feel like most pregnant women would never use flawless and pregnancy in the same sentence.

Yet here is a mom, just like you, feeling that great.

So great, that she had as she says “the courage” to take these insanely gorgeous maternity photos”.

This just warms my heart. To see such confidence while pregnant.

And that is what I want for you too.

To feel that amazing.

Like Jaimie here who feels proud of herself.

I share these inspiring stories because I know it’s not the norm, and I know you deserve to feel this way this pregnancy.

And because I hear stories like these on a daily basis, so I know what you are capable if you have the right program, support and accountability.

And in case you are already getting disappointed because you think you are too far in….

It is never too late.

Like Kristen says here at 23 weeks, it’s not too late.

I’ve had ladies start at 30 + weeks and still get great results.

If this is not your first pregnancy, you will not believe what a difference working out with resistance or weight training can do for you.​

Like Whitney who is on her 3rd pregnancy and gained HALF the weight from her previous 2 pregnancies.

If you are on your first pregnancy, don’t wait to have to go through pregnancies not feeling your best, be proactive and you will see how great you look and feel this pregnancy.​​

Another huge benefit from this kind of workout is how fast you recover and lose the baby weight.

Look at the pictures below to see how great Perla looks just 6 weeks postpartum.

It’s almost unbelievable, but most of the ladies that do Fit Mom To Be get similar results. Most of them are back at pre-pregnancy weight or less within a few weeks.

It’s crazy… I know… but it’s real and its worth it.

And I know how much easier your postpartum journey will be if you can get to feeling like yourself as soon as possible.

The chances of you ending up with postpartum depression diminish a TON!

For all these reasons, I continue to encourage you to invest in yourself and your self-care this pregnancy.

For all these reasons, I continue to encourage you to spend a few hours a week into working out.

Because it is sooooo worth it.

If you are ready to make some of these stories your own, I’d love for you join us in the Fit Mom To Be Program.


We have a monthly option and a lifetime access option.

  1. If you have 3 months or less left of pregnancy, I would do the monthly.
  2. If you have more than that or plan on having any more pregnancies, I encourage you to take the lifetime access because you get all the phases right away and get access for the rest of your life so you can use it with all your pregnancies (Its’ more affordable that way).

I can’t wait for you to join us and soon be sharing your success story to motivate other mama’s like you.

Yes, I Want To Be A Fit Mom, I’ll Join Fit Mom To Be!

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