How To Feel Better & Enjoy Pregnancy If You’re Feeling Yucky

I know how hard pregnancy can be.

  • The sleepless nights…
  • Feeling uncomfortable and achy all over…
  • No energy…
  • The changes in your body…
  • The worry about labor…

It is so hard that it is easy to get into a mindset that is going to make the next few months be even harder.

This is what I’m proposing.


All of it!

So, you know that your body is going to change… your hips are going to get wider, your belly is going to grow, you are going to gain weight, your nipples may change color….

You will wake up a million times to pee in the middle of the night.

You won’t sleep as comfortable as you normally do.

You will be anxious about labor.

We all go through that and its normal.

And also, TEMPORARY.

So, try not to focus on all the bad things.

Just tell yourself, “Ok, I’m going to experience all these things, but they will all go away. In a few months, things will go back to normal”.

Stop focusing on all the bad side effects of pregnancy. Let’s focus on what you can PROACTIVELY do to make your situation better.

Here’s a few things:

  1. Eat healthier: more vegetable, less sugar, less fat, plan your meals and snacks, less ordering out, more protein.
  2. Take Supplements: a lot of vitamins and supplements can help a lot of the side effects. Vitamin B is one of them. Helps tons with energy, nausea, etc. Check out this post to read more about the most important vitamins that you should be taking.
  3. Exercise: helps with weight gain and relieving aches and pains. Exercise also helps with getting better sleep.
  4. Affirmations: you can find tons online, search for labor affirmations, these can help you with the anxiety around labor and delivery.
  5. Sleep: If possible, try to get to bed earlier or taking a nap.
  6. Call a friend: which one of your friends is super positive and happy? Call her, tell her you feel in a funk, and you need to laugh and feel happy. Plan a girl’s day or night and relax and have fun with a friend.
  7. Journal: this helps tons with anxiety. Sometimes we just feel like we have so much to do before baby gets here. It can be overwhelming. Get your thoughts on paper will help to take out all the things that are in your head.
  8. Pray/Meditate: When you feel yucky…. pray or meditate. Thank God for all the blessings in your life. It’s crazy how intentionally thinking about all these things can change your mood.

Which one of these do you need to focus on?

Which one of these can are you not doing that you can commit to start doing or doing more of?

Pregnancy isn’t easy.

Give yourself some grace. It’s ok if you are not “feeling” this pregnancy.

I know that you can feel better about it if you do a few of the things above.

My desire is that amidst all the hardships of pregnancy, that you can also enjoy the beauty of it. I want you to be able to look back and feel like you did enjoy some or most of it.

Everything in life is a mindset.

Sometimes we resist things so much that we make it harder on ourselves.

This happened to me in my first pregnancy.

I was resisting how tired I was, how much my body was changing, how nervous I was about labor and how my life would change as a mom.

It wasn’t until I had a sit down with myself, lol.

And decided to embrace all these changes and just say it is what it is.

All these things are gonna happen and they are temporary. Let me try to do what I can to just enjoy it.

Crazy how much I began to appreciate and love my body when I stopped being mad that I was gaining weight.

It was crazy how much energy I got back when I stopped complaining and being mad at all the things, I could now not do because of pregnancy fatigue.

Really…. it changed everything for me.

The mind set shifts allowed me to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and I was able to even feel good about my pregnancy body. That is why I want to make sure that you see for yourself what is happening and if you too are going through these things, that you will also make these mind set shifts.

Love ya, mean it!

Michelle Marie

P.S. Having a healthier and more active and fit pregnancy isn’t as hard as you think. When you have a good plan and a community to support you and hold you accountable, it‘s MUCH EASIER. If you haven’t yet, join the FIT MOM TO BE PROGRAM and get your MMF Pregnancy Diet Plan and turn this pregnancy around. It’s never too late. I promise, you won’t regret it… Though, you may regret not being proactive. It would be an honor for me to help you make this pregnancy amazing all around.


Need motivation to start exercising, check out this video!

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