How To Eat Healthy Without Starving

How To Eat Healthy Without Starving




I want to talk about this because I know that you probably, at some point in your life have tried to “lose weight”, “diet”, “eat clean”, etc. and I am willing to bet that most of the times you tried those things you ended up having to stop because you just couldn’t take it anymore.  


You couldn’t wait to eat again, to enjoy yourself again.  And whatever weight you lost, you ended up gaining it back and then you felt even worse about yourself.  So today, I want to talk about how to eat healthy without starving.


How you can lose weight, be healthier, have more energy, get more toned without having to feel hungry, tired, and basically just terrible.


I want to show you that you can get results without having to do an intense diet where you barely eat and eat the same thing all the time.




How To Eat healthy without starving



 Why Eating So Little Doesn’t Work


Here is what happens when you try to cut back your calories so much.




1. Wake up and wait as long as you can to eat breakfast.


How To Eat Healthy Without Starving


 HUGE MISTAKE:  First of all that slows down metabolism and having a fast metabolism is what helps you BURN CALORIES even when you’re not exercising.


Then you eat breakfast but you only eat protein maybe a shake or some eggs because you don’t want to eat carbs.  But now you are basically starving because you haven’t eaten since dinner last night. So you finish breakfast and you are still hungry but you just deal with it and go about your day.



 2.  Drink a lot of water to fill you up between meals and wait as long as you can until lunch.


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingWater has no nutrients, it really does not fill you up for longer than 2 minutes.  So that doesn’t really work.

And now you have low blood sugar because you waited so long to eat that you are starved.  

So now you eat a salad with chicken, which doesn’t fill you up still because now you are playing catch up from breakfast where you didn’t eat enough then.  


So now you CRAVE CARBS because that is what happens when you have low blood sugar.  


But you drink some tea or a cup of coffee to make you feel like lunch is complete and to make  you feel like you had dessert.  


But you are still hungry and again you will just deal with it and try to forget it.  Maybe stick a piece of GUM in your mouth.


*** There are some foods you should stay away from because they are incredibly inflammatory and that will totally PREVENT YOU AND MAKE IT INSANELY HARD FOR YOU TO BURN FAT***

I put those foods in a cute little PDF that you can print out and have at home.  

You get it when you sign up for the FREE Meal Plan Calendar.

Those foods, you should take out of your diet, like NOW!


3. 3PM rolls around and you are starving but you don’t eat, you will just wait until dinner.


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingThis happens often.  You think that not eating here is better, so you try to fight the hunger and just wait until dinner time so you obsess over the clock until its time to eat.  

But what you fail to realize is that though you didn’t “sit down to eat”, you nibbled (behind closed doors) on CRAP.  Oh wait, but you don’t count that right?  You forget about that right?  

The thing is that by this time you have such low blood sugar that you wha you “NIBBLE ON” is sugar, processed food….. crap!  



Because when you have low blood sugar your body wants just that….. SUGAR and it incredibly hard to have will power by that time.  


So you end up eating way more calories (and bad ones) than if you would have just eaten a little healthy snacks.


 CLICK HERE to see a list of healthy snacks. 


And then you wonder why you can’t lose weight…


4.  Dinner time come and you don’t eat carbs and you eat as little as possible.


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingBy this time you are so calorie deprived and you have such low blood sugar that you eat your serving of dinner and you are still hungry……  Actually, hungry as double heck.  

But you figure you’ll just drink some water, brush your teeth and forget about it.

Except this is close to impossible so about an hour after dinner (while no one is looking)……  Mind you, not like anyone cares or suffers more than you………  You are back in the kitchen looking for CRAP again to help satisfy your hunger and cravings.  


Friend, you just end up eating more calories, and bad ones.  


You would have made better choices and eaten less calories anyways if you would have just eaten the right foods at the right time and enough.


So…..  How do you change this?


Because it obviously isn’t working so stop doing it.


Let me tell you what works…


How To Lose Weight Without Starving


1.  Eat Breakfast


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingEat a small breakfast AS SOON AS YOU GET UP.


This will jump start your metabolism so you can start burning calories.


It will also fuel you with energy and keep you sane and satisfied.

Click here for some Healthy Breakfast Ideas.



2.  Eat Carbs & Fat Sporadically Throughout The Day


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingCarbs and Healthy Fats act as a source of fuel.  They give you energy while also they help keep you SATIATED and FULL.

This will help you prevent CRAVINGS and you will end up eating less sugar if you just eat small serving of the healthy ones.

It’s not the healthy carbs that don’t allow you to lose weight or make you gain it.


It’s not the 1/2 cup of brown rice or quinoa…  Its the pretzels, cookies, crackers, bread, chocolate, etc you ate when no one was looking and you decided to ignore and forget that.  You know… the crap you ate in between meals because you were starving and you didn’t want to sit down and eat a plain ol’ healthy meal.  


Just eat for goodness sake.  Eat a healthy meal.  I have been doing this for over 20 years and I am yet to meet or work with a person who has gained weight from eating a little brown rice.


**I can show you what your meals should look like……  I have a MEAL PLAN CALENDAR that I give away for FREE, it shows you how to eat all day, every day for 30 days, if you want it, click here.**



Download Free Meal Plan Calendar



3.  Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingThe worse thing you can do is let yourself get hungry.

If you get hungry, you are already at a loss because that means you have low blood sugar which means its incredibly hard to fight those cravings and to have WILL POWER.

Plan on eating a SMALL MEAL every FEW HOURS.  You will be surprised how much food you can eat and still lose tons of weight.  I have worked with hundreds and thousands of women who have said they can’t believe how much more they are eating and how much weight they are losing.  


Its not the healthy foods that is causing you to gain weight, its the crap you don’t eat in an attempt to basically STARVE YOURSELF.




If you eat a small meal with protein, healthy carbs, veggies and a little healthy fat, and you eat that 4-5 times a day….. I promise you, you will LOSE WEIGHT.


In 20 years, I haven’t met a person that did this and didn’t see the results.


4.  Eat Foods You Enjoy


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingAnother thing that will help you stay on track is to eat foods you enjoy.


If you don’t feel satisfied and enjoy what you are eating, chances are you WILL BE back in the kitchen looking for something to stick in your mouth to make you feel satisfied.

Its not worth it.


If you would just take a few extra steps into making foods and meals you enjoy and are healthy, you will BINGE EAT much less and you will actually be able to lose weight because you will be making healthier choices more often and making poor choices much less.


5.  Have A Plan


How To Eat Healthy Without StarvingHaving a plan is half the battle.  

If you don’t, its really hard to eat every few hours and to make all those meals good choices.

You have to sit down and plan it out and prepare it and pack it and take it with you.

I’m telling you, its incredibly hard to do this if you don’t plan.

Its very simple and easy if you have a plan, it just takes a little work and effort.  But hey, what in life worth having comes without a little work?


So take the time every week to make a plan and I promise you will be at a huge advantage.


There you go!


Follow these steps and I promise you will be eating more than ever, more enjoyable food, never feeling hungry and you will get better results than ever before.


I tell you not only because I have lived through everything I mentioned above (the good and the bad), but also because I have worked with thousands of others who have experienced the same and have made the changes and seen the results.


Tell me the truth…


Of all the things I mentioned above of what you could be doing wrong…  Which one or ones are you doing or have you done in the past?


Tell me your story… I would love to know.


Also, tell me if NOW, you feel like making some changes… (I read all my comments and I always respond).


Need a Plan?


If you don’t know where to begin and you can’t see yourself having the time to plan out a meal plan every week, and you are just tired of trying to figure out what to eat and you would also love to be able to get your questions answered, have support from other moms, have tons and tons of different workouts available so you never get bored and so you keep your body in shock in order to continue to see results, you may really love FIT MOM FOR LIFE.


Most ladies lose 2-6 lbs a week with this one and they end up using it forever because you can just repeat it twice a year.  

It’s like the best “diet” cuz you lose weight but it feels way far from dieting.



How To Eat Healthy Without Starving


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