How To Do Pregnancy with An Eating Disorder

It’s so hard to see our body’s change so much during pregnancy, right?

I know that for myself, it was hard….

I mean, it’s even hard when not pregnant to feel confident and good about ourselves. Pregnancy can really set us off and make us lose our confidence.

But I have seen way too many women make major life changes and transformations even while pregnant.

I have seen thousands of women start pregnancy off feeling bad about their body. Maybe they are gaining too much weight or have no energy. Then be able to turn it around even in the 2nd-3rd trimester.

It’s amazing what doing the RIGHT KIND OF WORKOUTS and being CONSISTENT can do.

Haley’s story is amazing…. she emailed this to me and I need you to read it because it’s beyond inspiring.

She struggled with a severe eating disorder. As you can imagine, most women that suffer from eating disorders end up getting way worse during pregnancy.

Did you know that 1 in every 3 women have some sort of an eating disorder… it’s crazy….

Which is why I am on a constant mission to help us women feel better about ourselves. Especially during as hard a time as is pregnancy. Are you self-sabotaging a healthy pregnancy journey? Check out this post, on what you can do to stop.

Now let me just stop here and let you in to Haley’s story… which brought me TO TEARS……


I am usually not one to do this sort of thing but after being in a battle with my own body for about 15 years I feel moved to encourage others out there who may be experiencing the doubt and struggle that I once was in.

Starting at a young age I developed an unhealthy expectation for my body and never felt beautiful enough.

I saw those around me who were effortlessly thin, and I hated how I had to try so hard. Soon, I developed a severe eating disorder and cycled my weight, the way I ate, how I worked out, etc. for many years.

I tried everything under the sun and my body kept lashing back at me, just wanting to be appreciated.

After a lot of prayer, self-discipline and belief that I could change this addiction and hatred toward myself, I reached a place where I wasn’t in a constant war but actually loved and appreciated my body and loved being active!

I am 25 years old, a mother to three stepsons, have an amazing husband, living in the Colorado Rockies and am pregnant with my first baby (a girl!).

I wanted to continue staying active and be as strong as I could be during this pregnancy while giving myself and the baby all the love and nurture we need.

Now I am now 37 weeks pregnant (took this picture today) and have possibly never felt better.

A HUGE part of that is due to the fact that I decided I wanted to challenge myself physically during this pregnancy and picked up more weight training by the method of your workouts.

Even with all of the busyness of my life, working a job 10 hours a day, prepping for my first baby and running the home with 3 children (one with special needs),

First of all, I do not feel burdened by these workouts but actually get the energy I need by doing them.

Second of all, I am so grateful I found a sense of accountability and community from your website and Facebook page.

I cannot wait to birth my baby girl at home, naturally, in confidence knowing that my body is more than able!

Also, I do not feel overtaken by the GIFT of pregnancy, birth and strengthening my body postpartum.

Lastly, I can’t wait to start the postpartum program once baby girl and I have our time of rest and bonding. It is my prayer that every woman would have the opportunity and drive to experience the gift of motherhood in the fullness God created it to be!

Isn’t Haley’s story amazing?

I just love how she was able to go from one extreme to another…. and it just makes me so happy because it confirms what I work so hard to INGRAIN in your head LOL … that exercise can really make a difference.

And that PREGNANCY is one of the best times to exercise and take care of your body and health.

I hope you are inspired by Haley.

That is always my goal with these amazing stories…

That one day, one of these ladies will inspire and motivate you to take action… to start… to join our community…

  • So that we can support you and guide you and take this journey with you.
  • So that you can see for yourself your own transformation.

No matter how far in your pregnancy you are….. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO START.

If I didn’t share these stories with you, I would be hurting you because I know that if you take action…… you will have your own story to tell and that a few months from now, I could be sharing your story to inspire another momma.

So, tell me…. are you ready to join the Fit Mom to Be Community?

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If you’re struggling this pregnancy, remember to give yourself grace.

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