How To Accomplish More as A Busy Mom

I was at the gym this morning ready to do legs…. the hardest day of the week!

And as I was telling my workout partner what exercises we were doing for the first circuit…. in a matter of milliseconds, I thought… I don’t want to do those deep lunges, those are hard, maybe we will do something else instead.

And within a few more milliseconds I said to myself “screw that, I’m gonna do the hard shit”,

Do you ever go through a battle like that in your head?

I have to organize the kids closets they are a mess, but I will just sweep the kitchen first.

Why, cuz organizing the kids closets will take time and more effort and its more tedious and who wants more work?

For me sometimes its in my business.

I have to film a YouTube video but I will just answer the Instagram DM’s instead.


Because filming a YouTube video is way more time consuming, it’s HARDER.

I have to do makeup and hair, I have to set up lighting, I have to print out my notes, do 3 takes, get frustrated, do a few more takes, upload the video.. bla bla bla…

The shit is hard!

This week I was thinking about my hard sh**t.

I am working on a big affiliate program where I partner with obstetricians, doulas, and midwives to help them help their patients have healthier and more fit pregnancies and babies.

It’s a HUGE project that will take me months.

So all week, I procrastinated and did a million other things other than starting to hammer in to this project. I also wrote a post on the ONE reason you haven’t reached your goals. It aligns with what I am telling you about doing hard s**t. Read all about it here.

By the way… if you happen to have a good relationship with a doula, midwife or OB would you do me a huge favor and email me and do an intro?

I’m really excited and nervous about this project.

Yesterday as I showered I thought to myself.



It’s usually the hard stuff that we don’t want to do, but those are the things that will propel us forward more, that will help us prosper and grow more, that will give us the best results.

So, my question to you is…

What is your hard sh**t?

What have you been procrastinating on?

  • Working on your marriage?
  • Getting a gym membership?
  • Committing to exercise?
  • Starting that meal plan?
  • Doing a deep cleaning of your home?
  • Starting that business?
  • Reading that book?
  • Calling that friend?
  • Healing that relationship?
  • Starting that hobby?
  • Working on that part of your business?
  • Getting your kid tested for……?
  • Having a conversation with your kid about…
  • Telling your spouse how you really feel lately….

What is it?

Feel free to hit REPLY and put it out there.

Your hard sh**t is safe with me!

Will you commit today, to start doing the hard stuff first.

In everything you do on your day to day.

Start with the hard stuff first…. get it out of the way.

You will feel so good and it will make the other stuff so easy.

I hope this got you thinking.

I know I’m feeling pumped today about doing more hard things and I’m looking forward to my own growth.

I’m tired of procrastinating on the things that really matter!

I hope you are too!

Let’s do this!

Have a great weekend!


Michelle Marie

P.S. If any of your “hard stuff” has to do with your health and fitness, and you think having a plan, a coach and a community can help you, when you hit reply tell me about your goals so I can tell you what program I can help you with.

It would be an honor to help you CONQUER YOUR HARD SH**T this year! 🙂

By the way, whether you are pregnant, postpartum or just a busy mom, there IS hard sh**t you can work on that will help you grow and become better.

If you’re looking for some motivation to workout, check out this video.

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