How MMF Was Born

Hi!  My name is Michelle Marie and this is my story…

I studied in the Business School at Florida International University and got a degree in Marketing.

When I started my college career, I decided to get a Personal Trainer.

My parents couldn’t pay for it so I got a job as a waitress at an Italian Restaurant and worked 6 days a week at 18 years old to pay my 50$ per session Personal Trainer, every single penny I made went to him.

I was so eager to learn, change my body, and dispel myths that I soon found myself interested in the fitness field.

I subscribed to every fitness and health magazine and started buying fitness books and literally devouring them by the days.

I was a college student so I had plenty of free time which I spent most of at the gym.

I soon found myself helping others, answering questions and just loving health and fitness.  So I decided to become a personal trainer myself.  I got certified and immediately got a job at a gym near my college campus.  I was still 18!

I worked at 2 gyms all through my college years.  

I continued to devour books, attend conferences, take courses, and learn from anyone I met anything I could to help people get healthier and more fit.

After I graduated the next thing ahead was an MBA and getting a job in Corporate America!

I had always been a really good student but for some reason I could not pass the exam to get into the MBA program (it was God’s plan that way).

I remember talking to a client that I had only been training for about 3 weeks.  She said to me one day “Michelle, why are you going to get an MBA?  This is your PASSION. This is what you are good at.  Follow your heart and you will always succeed”.

That day, I went home afraid of my parents’ disappointment and told them that I was not going to get a Masters in Business and I was not going to be Miss Corporate America.  I was going to be a trainer.

The devastation and disbelief settled in my parents but I was adamant.  I was going to immerse and devout myself to the health and fitness field.

I didn’t want to do what my friends were doing.  Getting jobs in corporate America, working 8-5pm, getting home exhausted, not happy, hated what they were doing.

And here I was:

  • Setting my own hours.
  • Starting work early to be home early.
  • Had the entire day to myself.
  • Loving what I did every day.
  • Helping people.
  • Making more money than my friends and in less time.

I worked at 3 gyms at one time for a while and I loved every minute of it.

I became obsessed with learning.  

I traveled to go to conferences, enrolled in a Fitness Institute and spent every minute I could learning, getting certifications, and getting answers to all the questions I had.

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT)
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS)
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The CISSN is the premier certification in the field of sports nutrition and supplements.
  • Muscle Activation Specialist
  • Took RTS 6-Month Course (Resistance Training Specialist)
  • AFAA Personal Trainer Certification
  • Fitness Institute Exercise Science Certification
  • Fitness Institute Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification
  • Johnny G Spinning Certification
  • Funkicks Kickboxing Certification
  • DSW Fitness Pregnancy & Strength Training

How Michelle Marie Fit was born

After about 8 years working as a trainer and helping hundreds and hundreds of people completely change their body and lives, I started wanting to help more and more people.

My clients always had a friend or family member they wanted me to help, but they didn’t live locally.  

I remember making programs, and sample nutrition plans to email to these people who so desperately needed help.

Then I got married…..


As a newly married young woman, I realized what a change it was and the struggle that it was adapting my life…… my fitness, my nutrition to someone else.

I couldn’t just up and go to the gym when I wanted.

I couldn’t just steam some broccoli and bake some chicken and eat it, come on, my hubby is Cuban, that man needed FOOD.

A Cuban who as close as he got to eating vegetables was corn.

At this point I started to realize that being a woman isn’t so easy.

I had already been working with women for 8 years and seen the struggle of adapting to marriage, pregnancy, being a mother, menopause…….

I had seen it all.

And I could relate so much, and I wanted to help!

The moment I realized my God-Given Gift

As the years went by and I worked with more and more people, and I helped more and more women, I realized the ability to influence that God had given me.

I was able to relate with women in a truly amazing way and it was crazy the things I was able to help some of these women achieve.  Sometimes I thought I was more of a therapist than a trainer.

And through time, I have realized that was the key to my success.  Well, to our success!

Your results, your body, your diet, your workouts are all incredibly affected by your emotions and when you learn to control and funnel your emotions properly, the results are astounding.

And this is the gift that God gave me.

The ability to connect, empathize, sympathize and understand women at such a deep level, that the results that came from them were truly amazing.

When I realized that I had the ability to impact people at this level, I decided that I needed to work with more people than I could physically reach. 

There were only a certain amount of hours a day I could see clients but I knew the incredible need that women had.

As years went by I met and worked with many clients, colleagues and friends who were to say the least “OBSESSED”.

It almost felt like daily, I was getting more and more clients that had eating disorders, exercise compulsions, obsessions with their body and much more.

Being in the “fitness industry”, I was surrounded by friends and colleagues that did bikini and bodybuilding competitions.  Amazing and hard working women who weighed their food, counted every calorie that went in their mouth, water depleted, took tons of supplements, over-exercised to the point of not wanting to exercise anymore, and the list goes on.

Then my clients would compare themselves to these women and in turn want to calorie deprive themselves and do massive amounts of cardio and group classes in an attempt to reach this so called “body they wanted”.

Everyday, I realized more and more how messed up everyone was.

Nobody “really” liked to exercise.

Nobody “really “ enjoyed eating healthy.

Most people were miserable, cranky and hungry all the time in an attempt to “DIET”.

So I began to explore ways to making healthy food taste good so that I could really show people that it can be enjoyable.   I ended up with a huge love for cooking and I wrote my first book Eat To Be Fit with over 300 healthy and delicious recipes.

I also created programs that were effective but fun.

I created meal plans, workouts, and my online coaching program.

This is when Michelle Marie Fit Online was born, and now I was able to help not just the people I could see and touch but the WORLD WIDE WEB……….  I could help anyone!

Since then I have helped hundreds of thousands of women from every stage of life (brides, pregnant women, busy moms, menopausal women and all in between) take control of their emotions, body and life.

Its crazy what you can do with your body when you learn to feed it the foods you love and make it do the workouts you enjoy!

So my mission now is to show women that they can achieve whatever picture they have in their head of what they want to look and feel like.  And they don’t have to starve, they don’t have to eat bland and boring food, they don’t have to deal with emotional eating and bingeing.  They can love to exercise in a non-obsessive way and they can be truly happy and fit.

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