Balance Your Hormones If You Want To Lose Weight

Hormones affect every process in your body….

Sometimes people struggle so much to lose weight even though they are exercising 6 times a week and eating very little, and its because their hormones are out of balance and it’s literally like fighting a WALL.

Nothing will happen until you balance your hormones.

So today, I want to discuss some hormones and things you can do to balance them so that you can burn fat more effectively and position yourself in a WAY EASIER place to lose weight and STOP RESISTING your attempts.

I am willing to bet that if you apply a lot of the things I am about to mention, you will see the scale move, even if it hasn’t budged in months even though you have been trying.

Tips To Balance Your Hormones

Tip #1 is Do More Weight Training

What does weight training have to do with hormones?


It affects insulin, estrogen, testosterone and endorphins.

Weight training helps you build muscle.

Muscle increases insulin receptors which helps insulin sensitivity so that when you do eat food high in sugar, your body doesn’t have such a negative effect.

When you eat sugar, insulin spikes up in order to take the sugar out of the blood.

When that happens, another hormone called glucagon, is suppressed.

That hormone is in charge of RELEASING FAT CELLS.

If you don’t release fat cells, you cant burn them.

So yes…… insulin, glucagon, sugar…. it all matters.

The more muscle you have, the greater your ability to burn fat because muscle is the actual location (physiologically).

The kicker with hormones here is that FAT PRODUCES ESTROGEN.

If we can have more muscle, then we can burn more fat and have less estrogen in the body which makes us accumulate more cellulite and makes it harder to lose fat and gain muscle.

Isn’t it crazy how balancing all these hormones can have such a big effect.

Another plus from weight training workouts is that endorphins are released which help battle depression and make our mood so much better.

As you see, I keep talking about weight training and not cardio.

While cardio is good and I do a little of it, too much cardio can and will produce an increase in the hormone CORTISOL, which is the stress hormone.

Cortisol will cause you to gain abdomen fat and also makes you BURN MUSCLE. If your looking to get rid of stomach flab, check out this post.

Tip #2 is Eat Often

Eating often speeds your metabolism and also resets all your hormones.

Eating often affects many hormones.

  • Lowers insulin so you don’t suppress glucagon and can release fat cells.
  • Controls the hunger hormone ghrelin so you can control cravings.
  • Balances the starvation hormone, leptin, which helps you use stored fat as energy.

Leptin is a huge contributor to weight gain and eating often helps leptin communicate with your brain to tell it it has enough food and doesn’t make you feel starved and then helps you use stored fat as fuel.

Are you seeing just how important balancing all these hormones can be?

Tip #3 is Eat Less Sugar

Sugar increases cortisol levels and also increases appetite which as you can see will negatively affect ghrelin and leptin.

Sugar is one thing you should constantly be trying to eat less.

This is also a battle that you SHOULD fight with your kids.

Eating sugar often can make you insulin resistant which not only makes you gain weight, but it also:

  1. Increases chances of diabetes.
  2. Increases inflammation in the body, which is the catalyst of diseases.

Tip #4 is Eat More Protein & Fat


Protein helps balance insulin and control appetite.

You should be eating protein in every meal and if you eat something high in sugar, it is always a good idea to eat some protein with it.

Don’t laugh, but there have been times I splurged and had ice cream or something and then chugged a protein shake after lol.

It works! 🙂 (pro tip)

If you haven’t tried mPower, girl, you are missing out.

It is legit the best tasting protein and it is doctor formulated, medical grade and has a multivitamin in it.

Check it out here.


Hormones are made up of fat.… bet you didn’t know that 🤯

Without healthy fats in your body, hormone production would suffer which could create a whole mess of problems aside from weight issues.

Fats also help with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K.0

So if you don’t consume enough of them, you could end up with a vitamin deficiency... even if you are taking these vitamins.

Which is another reason why I encourage you ladies to supplement with fish oil always.

I take my Mega Fish Oil on a daily basis even though I have a diet that is pretty rich in healthy fats.

Your diet should consist of 20-30% healthy fats.

You should be getting fat from avocado and nuts and seeds and fish but also make sure to consume enough MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACIDS like ghee and coconut oil.

These have amazing health properties but also oxidize fast and your body can use them as energy because they don’t have to go through the liver to metabolize.

So they help increase metabolism.

Isn’t the body so amazing?

Now on to the last tip.

Tip #5 is Supplement with Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc

Vitamin D

I’ve told you this before when I talk about my Delight – Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps control and stabilize testosterone in your body so that your don’t convert it into estrogen which is another cause for having a hard time losing weight.


Zinc helps with thyroid metabolism which is also a huge factor with losing and gaining weight.


Magnesium (thats my fave on amazon) is one of the best supplements you can take and I hope we can add it to the MMF Shop soon.

Magnesium helps with:

  • Thyroid function
  • Reduces cortisol (it helps you calm down)
  • Insulin sensitivity: it helps lower blood sugar and reduces cravings
  • Helps you sleep better which helps production of growth hormone and DGEA which are produces while you sleep.
  • Increases serotonin levels which produces melatonin which is important to help you sleep.


This is an adaptogen and its amazing at helping you reduce stress and the negative effects of stress on your body.

I take it at night with the magnesium.

It will also help counter the effects of cortisol from lack of sleep and stress so that you can burn fat and lose weight easier.

Whew… that was a mouthful.

I know that was a bit long, but as you can see… hormones affect sooooo much and now that you know this, you can work on making better choices.

Those choices will lead to a better quality of life, better sleep, more energy, healthier, less health issues, better body fat composition.

As always, I hope this helps.

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​Besides balancing your hormones, check out this video for 3 tips you can do for weight loss. (NOT EXERCISE OR DIET RELATED.)

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