Healthy Spinach Dip Marinara Chicken Recipe

 Healthy Spinach Dip Marinara Chicken Recipe

I hate eating the same thing all the time.

It makes me feel like I’m on a “diet”.

So I do my best to test out recipes on a weekly basis to come up with some really yummy and easy recipes.

I pretty much follow my MMF Healthy Meal Plans on a weekly basis.  It really keeps me in check and prepared and always with a plan.  But I do sub some of the recipes for new ones I’m testing.

Now a days, I find myself making more like 15 minute meals instead of 30 minute meals.  

With just one kid its easy to make 30 minute meals but now with 2 kids, baseball 3 times a week, the business and everything else, I find myself in search of those super quick and easy ones.  But I still make sure they are yummy ones so that I enjoy eating them.  Because if I don’t that’s when I feel like I’m dieting and that’s when I fall off the wagon and end up picking at food from the fridge or pantry shortly after dinner.

But I find that when I really enjoy my dinner, I feel totally satisfied and don’t need anything else.  So i really make an effort to make food I enjoy.

One of the things I hate to eat plain and bland is CHICKEN. Which is why you will find so many CHICKEN RECIPES on My Pinterest Boards.  So make sure you go there now and click FOLLOW ALL that way you have access to all my recipes and they are all organized for you so you can easily find them.  Just bookmark my Pinterest Pageand you will never be left without a ton of options to make for dinner.

I mean, how many times a week can you at plain chicken without feeling like you are going to go crazy LOL.

I made this chicken recipe the other day and everyone loved it……  Danny (my hubby), Nico (my 5 year old son) and Anabelle (my 18 month old daughter).  It tasted like a mixture between spinach dip and chicken parmesan.  I don’t know, but it is freakin’ insanely delicious and what’s even better is that it took about 10 minutes to prep.  

Now that’s a winner!

Remember, that it’s consistency of eating clean that will get you the results you want.  

You can try to eat plain and bland and weigh your food and deprive yourself and end up losing 10 lbs in 2 weeks, but in a few weeks you will end up gaining it all back and most of the time even more.  So take the time to make your food enjoyable so that you can eat this way consistently.

A Meal Plan Calendar For You 

I know that having a plan really helps me.

Actually, its definitely what has helped me take control of my eating and be able to finally see my abs and be in the best shape of my life (and maintain it).

So, I’m going to hook you up and give you a Meal Plan for the month.

Click here to download it (for free), you will have a cool calendar with clickable links for every meal (5) for every day.  And you will then get one every month. I know, super awesome.

I just know that this is the key to controlling your eating, so I want to help you.  You are going to love the recipes and meals and don’t worry, they are all super easy to make. 

Download Free Meal Plan Calendar

Not Eating These Foods Will Help You 

Now, before I give you the recipe, I want to make sure we got some basics covered.  Because if you are trying to LOSE SOME WEIGHT or trying to FEEL BETTER, or get MORE TONED, and you are eating some of “THESE FOODS”, it will be close to impossible no matter what else you are eating or how much EXERCISE you are doing.

There are some foods that I try to always stay away from because they are super INFLAMMATORY and inflammation is not only the root of most DISEASES, but it also doesn’t allow you to BURN FAT effectively.  So even if you exercise 7 times a week and eat 800 calories a day……  If you eat some of the foods on “THIS LIST”, you may possibly not be able to burn ONE OUNCE of fat.

So before I give you this crazy, to die for, yummy recipe, I want to give you this list of foods so that you can get them out of your diet and be able to see much better results.

I also put together a list of the foods I always have and the foods that are CRUCIAL to include in everyones nutrition in order to not only be healthy but to also be able to lose weight and be able to gain LEAN AND TONED muscle.

This is a lot of information and I wanted to put it together in a way that you can see it, print it and put it somewhere in your kitchen as a reminder.  So you can download it here in THIS LINK.  I also went ahead and gave you a 30 seconds video with some of the BEST ABS EXERCISES that I feel have gotten me the best results ever.  I mean ABS that I have never had (after 2 kids).  Again, here is the link:  Forbidden & Must Eat Foods

Ok, here it goes!  Make sure to hit the FACEBOOK and PINTEREST button above the page so you can share this yummy recipe with your friends and so that you can make sure you have it on your own Pinterest Board.

Healthy Spinach Dip Marinara Chicken Recipe (8 Servings)



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Healthy Spinach Dip Chicken Marinara

  • Author: Michelle Marie


  • 8 chicken breasts
  • Italian Seasoning and S&P to taste
  • 1 jar low sodium Marinara Sauce
  • 1 cup low fat cottage cheese
  • 1 10-ounce bag of thawed and drained frozen chopped spinach
  • garlic powder to taste
  • Parmesan cheese to taste


  1. Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In a casserole dish, pour a little marinara sauce and spread throughout.
  3. Place the chicken breast on top and sprinkle each one with S&P and Italian Seasoning to taste.
  4. In a medium bowl add the cottage cheese, spinach and garlic powder and Parmesan cheese to taste.
  5. Mix well and spoon over each chicken breast as to cover most of the breast with the mixture.  Pour ~ 1 tbsp of marinara sauce over each topping of each breast and bake for ~25 minutes or until cooked.


Seriously, this is insanely good.  Like mouth watering good.  Like when you are done, you wish you could start all over again.

Does that happen to you?

It happens to me all the time.  I eat something that is so good that when its done I wish I could start all over again.

That is what is great about following my MMF Healthy Meal Plans E-Book, which I follow myself.  The meals don’t feel like DIET food.  And its so enjoyable that you feel like you could eat this way forever.  And the best part, you actually LOSE WEIGHT.  It’s crazy!

Enjoy this recipe and feel free to take a picture and post it on MY FACEBOOK PAGE.  I love that and would love to see what yours looks like or if you made any awesome modifications that you could share with us.

Check in with my daily on my Facebook page as I post recipes, workouts and tons of stuff all the time.

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