Healthy Recipes: Baked Quinoa Chicken

Healthy Recipes: Baked Quinoa Chicken 

I truly believe that one of the reasons why people have such a hard time losing weight, keeping the weight off and getting great results is because they are never CONSISTENT with their clean eating.

Most people have great intensions and start “dieting” for a few weeks, but after a few weeks of depriving yourself, counting calories, and eating meals that you don’t enjoy………  Its easy to fall off the wagon and start eating whatever you want.

I have found that if you take a few extra steps to making healthy taste good, then you can enjoy what you eat and if you enjoy what you eat, then you can stick to it for way longer which in turn gets you much better results.

Consistency is really the key.

Which means you have to be consistent with your healthy eating.  Which means you have to be consistent with your cooking and meal planning and prepping.

It’s really not hard, its just a matter of getting into a routine.

That is what I love and I think what others love about My BeFit Moms Program.  Having the meals plans ready and the shopping lists and how it tells you how to prep for other meals as you cook really helps me and people get into a really good routine.

I think that is why they get such great results.  Actually they lose 2-6 lbs per week when they start the BeFit Moms Meal Plan Program.  Pretty crazy huh?  Especially since they actually start enjoying and loving what they eat.  I follow it on a weekly basis 🙂

If you are struggling to lose weight or even those last 5 lbs you want to lose, think about creating a plan that you can be consistent with.  Plan your meals for the week, get all your groceries on one day.  Prep some snacks.  If you do, you will be more successful.

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You can also look through My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes E-Book.  With over 300 healthy recipes all organized by Proteins, Carbs, Veggies, Breakfast, Snacks…..  I’m sure it will be easy to find some recipes for your meal plan.

And if you are like most my clients who don’t have time, or don’t know how to put the best combinations of foods together to be able to lose weight, then you may really love the BeFit Moms Meal Plan Program while you learn how to meal plan, prep, shop, etc.

You may also not be able to lose weight because you may be “eating clean”, but you may be eating one or more of THE FOODS ON THIS LIST.  There are 5 foods that are super inflammatory.  Inflammation in your digestive track, doesn’t allow you to burn fat, no matter how little you are eating.  So this may be your problem as to why you keep “dieting” and “Exercising” but not seeing the scale move.

I put THIS LIST in a nice little PDF for you so that you can print it and put it in your kitchen and make sure to not eat them.  I also decided to add there the 5 Foods that you must eat on a daily basis to help you lose fat and gain muscle.  And there’s a bonus 1 minute video there for you too.  So click on THIS LINK and you can download the PDF and go through your kitchen an literally throw it all out.


Who doesn’t like a breaded chicken cutlet?

But the guilt just doesn’t let us truly enjoy it.  I have a solution to this and its using an ingredient that a lot of people don’t know about, but its awesome!

It’s Quinoa Flakes (I usually find them at Whole Foods) and I have made tons of delicious healthy recipes with them.  Not only are they high in protein, gluten-free and incredibly high in nutrients but they are DEELISH!

The great thing about this healthy recipe is that it takes minutes to make.  And my son and picky eater of a hubby loved it.  So I encourage you to try it and let your whole family try it.

If you are bored of eating the same baked or grilled plain chicken, you will love this recipe and here is another chicken recipe that I love, its insanely good and super healthy.  It almost tastes like Chicken Parmesan.  Click here for tis Healthy Spinach Dip Marinara Chicken Recipe.

Healthy Recipes:  Baked Quinoa Chicken

4 Servings


1 cup quinoa flakes

2 tsp each of paprika, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder

S&P to taste

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp Agave nectar

4 chicken cutlets

1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped


In a small bowl, mix together the mustard and agave.  In a shallow dish mix the quinoa flakes and herbs and S&P.  With a spoon pour the mustard mixture all over both sides of chicken and then place on the quinoa herb mixture and coat evenly on both sides.  Place on a lined baking dish and bake in the oven for ~20-25 minutes or until done.  Sprinkle fresh parsley on top and if you have left over mustard mixture or want to make a little extra, drizzle on top when you serve.  

I’ll tempt you again with another picture of this delicious chicken recipe.

This is a great dish to have with my Zucchini Cakes.  Have you made those yet?  Its one of my MOST REPINNED & SHARED recipe on Pinterest and My Website.  If you didn’t get that recipe, go to My Pinboards and repin it from there, or print it out.  It makes a great meal paired with this Baked Quinoa Chicken. 

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