Healthy Recipe For Skinny Vanilla Latte Protein Shake

If you know me, you know I LOVE COFFEE!

YES, if you didn’t know, now you do…..  I am totally ADDICTED.  

Anyhow, this passed weekend I was at the keys with my brother and sister-in laws……  So fun!  By the way, I got a membership at the local gym over there so that I can workout when we are over there. I love my Keys Workouts.  Most of the time I do one of my Workouts from My YouTube Channel because they are quick and super duper calorie burners which is what I need when I am there.

When I woke up on Sunday, my awesome brother-in-law had bought his wife (my sister-in-law) and I coffee, how great is that?

MMmmmmm, not just any coffee, it was a VANILLA LATTE from a little French Bakery.  It was so good, I didn’t want it to end.  I sipped it as slow as I could.  And when it was over, I wanted more.

So of course, I came home and all I could think of was that dang good coffee…..  Hmmmmm I wonder if I could replicate that into a healthy smoothie…….. and VOILA……..  Here it is!

I need not say anything else, you just have to give this a try.

By the way, before I give you the recipe, I just want to give you some tips that will help you with your weight loss and fitness goals.

Because it’s not just about cooking even though it’s a big part of it.

I have found that a lot of people are “STUCK” with their weight loss because they are eating some of the wrong foods.

So I have to make sure you arenot eating one or more of foods on this list.  Because if you are, it can be completely SABOTAGING your results.  Yes, it can totally be true that you can be working your butt off at the gym 6 days a week, eating super healthy (as you think), but if you are eating one or more of these foods, you will NOT BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT.  The reason is because these foods though some may think are healthy or not so bad, are actually very inflammatory.

Inflammation in the digestive track makes it incredibly hard if not impossible to burn fat. So in order to be able to burn fat so you can lose weight effectively, its crucial that you take these foods out of your diet.

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Skinny Vanilla Latte Protein Shake


1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use PROGRADE)

1/2 tsp espresso powder

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup almond milk


Place the mixture in a plastic container and freeze for about an hour.  Then take out and thaw out for a few minutes and then Blend.

This shake is so good, I also didn’t want it to end.  Isn’t it great to ENJOY BEING HEALTHY.  People, there is no reason to eat bland, boring and tasteless food if you want to get great results.  You can eat delicious food and still lose weight and get toned.  If you don’t believe me, check out some of the TESTIMONIALS on my website.  All these people got amazing results and never felt DEPRIVED and enjoyed all their meals.


What is your favorite way to enjoy coffee?  What would you put in a shake with coffee to make it yummy like this VANILLA LATE SHAKE?  Give me your ideas and we can come up with new and delicious shakes.

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