Healthy Recipe For Healthy Raw Brownies

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Ok, so by now, you know that I love anything chocolate.  So I am ridiculously excited when I find amazing healthy recipes like this one from Lauren Murphy on Fit Sugar.  


Yeah, I get ridiculously excited about food and recipes, that’s why there’s endless recipes and pre-made meal plans inside Fit Mom For Life.


I normally have to make tons of modifications on recipes in order to make them healthy and tasty but this one the only one I made was use Stevia instead of Honey.  And WOW are they amazing.  


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This is a really great recipe to make for the weekend.  You know those days when you feel like having a treat but instead of having a regular brownie with 2000 calories in a bite, you can feel good about having this one.  


And you have one small bite and its enough.  

You have to try this one, its amazing.


I hope that you are investing the time into making some of the recipes I post, because eating healthy and enjoying what you eat helps you get MORE CONSISTENT RESULTS.  


It really is the KEY!  C

heck out what one of my fans on My Facebook Page wrote:



By the way, before I give you the recipe, I just want to give you some tips that will help you if you are trying to lose weight, get leaner, get more definition, feel more energy, get healthier, and more toned.


Because it’s not just about cooking even though it’s a big part of it.


I have found that a lot of people are “STUCK” with their weight loss because they are eating some of the wrong foods.


The food you eat affects your digestion.


Inflammation in the digestive track makes it incredibly hard if not impossible to burn fat. So in order to be able to burn fat so you can lose weight effectively, its important to be careful about what foods you eat.


There are so many inflammatory foods like corn, gluten, dairy….


These are the type of things I discuss inside Fit Mom For Life, because they matter and they affect your ability to burn fat.


You probably know what to do, what foods to and not eat, you just haven’t been able to apply a strategy and be consistent with it.  


Or maybe the plan isn’t good so you haven’t been able to stick to it.   Or you haven’t found the right strategy to incorporate this into your life.  


But once you do, your life will change forever.  

You will live in a “HAPPY PLACE”.  

You will finally achieve your goals, and you will be able to LIVE THERE, forever……. no more yo-yoing!


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There is another great healthy recipe for Shrimp on My Pinterest Boards, its a delicious and super refreshing Fruity Quinoa Salad with veggies and shrimp.  You have to try it.  


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Ok now before I give you this delicious recipe that you can make in minutes, I want you to check out this weeks Fat Burning Workout.  


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Ok, here is the delicious recipe.

Raw Healthy Brownies

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Healthy Recipe For Healthy Raw Brownies

  • Author: Michelle Marie


  • 1 cup pitted medjool dates
  • 1/2 cup walnuts & 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened organic cocoa
  • 4 tbsp raw almond butter
  • 4 packets Stevia


  1. Mix together all bottom ingredients in a food processor until well blended.
  2. Spread bottom ingredients in a large glass baking pan until evenly distributed.
  3. Then mix together top ingredients in a food processor until well blended, and spread it over the bottom layer.
  4. Place in freezer for 30 minutes before serving.

What is your favorite “naughty” snack to have on the weekends?  Do you have a sweet tooth?  For what?  You know mine is chocolate, but what is yours?

Don’t forget to get this weeks Meatless Mondays’ Recipe.  The Hearts Of Palm salad is to die for!


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I always say that PLANNING is the key to FITNESS SUCCESS.

But I know that it’s time consuming.

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I know that its hard to eat healthy CONSISTENTLY when you don’t enjoy the food because it’s bland and boring.

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