Healthy Recipe For Coconut-Mango Protein Shake

The hot summer here in South Florida makes me feel like drinking a cold fruity protein shake almost every day.  I guess that’s why I have come up with so many delicious and healthy protein smoothies in the last few months.


 Have you tried them?  They are all on My Pinterest Boards. There is actually an entire board just dedicated to Protein Shakes and Smoothies.  Click here to check it out:  Protein Shakes/Smoothies on Pinterest.


Today’s protein shake is so yummy, its made with mango which I don’t normally eat but I saw it at the grocery store and my mouth started watering…….lol, this happens to me a lot when I see food.


By the way check out some of the health benefits of mango’s.

Health Benefits of Mango:

  • Contains elements that aid and ease DIGESTION.
  • Contains Vitamin E which helps increase Sex Drive (ladies especially mommies, you know you need this, lol).
  • Contains Glutamine Acid which helps boos memory
  • High level of fiber and Vitamin C helps reduce “bad” cholesterol


Oh my gosh, I just thought about a recipe that would be amazing with a little mango……….  My Chunky Salsa from My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book.  Yum, adding a little chopped up mango to it would be divine to add on top of a piece of chicken or fish.  I think thats what I am going to have for dinner tonight!  I’m so excited!


Remember, the best time to have a fruity and yummy protein shake like this is after a great workout.  Maybe one like the crazy good ABS & CARDIO Workout that I posted this week.  If you didn’t try it, you are NUTS.  You have to try this one.  Its one of the best ABS Workout I have posted.  Get it on My YouTube Channel and make sure you are SUBSCRIBED so that you don’t miss any more workouts.


I love being able to enjoy eating healthy.  Because if you can’t enjoy what you are eating, its really hard to stay on track and if you aren’t consistent with eating healthy its incredibly hard to see real changes.


I know that the meal planning, and cooking is the hardest for you and that if you just had more time to do it, you would.  I know that its hard to figure out how to pair the best foods to make meals that will actually help you burn fat.  Cuz that is what everyone always tells me.


So guess what?


I finally made you a meal plan for the whole month and I can send you a new one every month.  Yep, and you don’t even have to pay for it.  Yep, how much do you love me?  I worked really hard on it and I’m super excited because I know its going to help you so much.  No more not knowing what to make for dinner last minute.  No more having to order in or take out.   You will have a meal plan for every day and every month.  Oh yeah!


Here if your CALENDAR MEAL PLAN for the month.


Download it here and you will get a new one every month with 5 meals per day/everyday and all the recipes.  You are going to freakin’ die when you see it.  I know how much its going to help you.

Coconut-Mango Protein Shake

Coconut-Mango Protein Shake


1 cup coconut milk plus water to desired texture

1/4 cup frozen mango

1/4 frozen banana

1/2 tbsp shredded coconut

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Prograde)


Blend all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

There are a few things you can add to your protein smoothies to make them healthier and more fat burning.

1.  Greens (helps reduce inflammation so that you can burn fat more effectively)

2.  Glutamine (helps reduce inflammation also so aids in burning fat more effectively, good for immune function and muscle recovery).

You can find both of those on Amazon super cheap.  Here is where on Amazon:  Glutamine & Greens.

Ok, now go do the ABS&CARDIO Workout and then make yourself this divine shake and sit down and actually enjoy being healthy! Because that’s what its all about my dear friend.


Thanks for all your posts and feedback on My Facebook Page.  I’m glad that you are enjoying all my posts and thanks for sharing.  keep them coming.




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