Healthy Food Swaps

These are all healthier and better substitutes for foods you are already having.

Every little thing you do to move in a healthier direction, will add up and make a difference.

Here’s a few swap this for that ingredients.


Every time a recipe calls for soy sauce, I use either Balsamic Vinegar or Coconut Amino’s.

There is WAY less sodium in both.

The balsamic gives it the same kind of flavor with a hint of sweetness.

The coconut amino’s have a way more nutritious profile than soy sauce.

So next time you are making an asian dish, try this sway.

Sodium can be detrimental to your health, so it is important to limit your sodium intake.

Check out this YouTube video on Sodium and how it can affect your weight loss.


If any recipe uses milk, especially for baked goods, I like to use almond milk or oat milk. But definitely a dairy-free option.

Most recipes, you won’t even taste the difference.

When using milk for coffee…. I like to also use almond milk or oat milk and there’s also a few almond/coconut/oat based creamers that are super good and much better for you.

Please for the love of God, stay away from any creamers that aren’t oat and almond based, they usually or loaded with sugar and TRANS FATS.

Nut Pods is my new favorite healthy creamer. Give it a try!


I love this one…

When sautéing any foods, instead of using oil, I use low sodium chicken or vegetable stock. It gives it a little more flavor and fat-free cooking.

I also like this better than sprays.


Most of these are terrible for you and NOT fat-free.

Read the labels… it says its fat-free if its 1/3 of a second of a spray… which is like…. IMPOSSIBLE.

Especially, don’t use any sprays that are canola, sunflower or safflower based oils and make sure they are EXPELLER PRESSED.

I like avocado oil sprays. My favorite brand is CHOSEN FOODS.


Its actually possible to “bread” chicken the healthy way.

Instead of using eggs and flour, I like to use Dijon mustard and almond flour.

Dijon mustard is great for basting and also gives the food a little tang.

As far as the almond flour, it really can crisp up. Especially if you broil at the end or put it in the air fryer.

I season the almond flour with a little Italian seasoning, garlic powder, s&p and sometimes for more crispiness, I add freshly grated Parmesan cheese.


I try not to eat a lot of cheese because it’s an inflammatory food.

But when I do, I go for freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

I get a big one at a great price at COSTCO.

Because of the aging process, the lactose is stripped away.

And a lot goes a long way.

Also, be sure to use less salt when using Parm!


Any recipe that uses sour cream, I use plain Greek yogurt instead.

It does the trick.

It gives it creaminess or moistness without any taste.

I also like to use it as a topping on my Tex-Mex meals instead of sour cream. It’s delicious. Give it a try and dollup a spoonful on top of your next Mexican meal.


I love rice, and its a healthy carbohydrate, but if you are wanting to cut back on them, cauliflower rice is a great choice and most grocery stores have it in the frozen area.

I don’t love it plain by itself, but if I saute some veggies into it or add some herbs and nuts, it’s so good.

I also like QUINOA better than rice.

Your body has to work harder to break it down so you burn more calories in the process.

Its nutrient profile is also way better than rice.

Quinoa is actually a complete protein even though its a carb, because it has all 9 essential amino acids.

Check out this post on different types of carbs and how they affect your weight loss.

I’ve got tons of recipes on my blog using quinoa so if you need some ideas, head over to and in the search, put quinoa and you will see tons of yummy recipes.

Ok, hope that helps!

Nutrition is everything, and not just for weight loss, but for your health.

Food can make you sick and it can also heal you.

It’s so hard to get all the vitamins and nutrients we need through our diet, which is why supplementing is so important.

Protein is one nutrient that we need more of and we have a hard time eating more of because who wants another piece of chicken???

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