10 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

10 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy



I don’t know about you, but I know that both times I was pregnant one of the things I mostly focused on was eating the right foods.  I wanted to eat the best foods to support my pregnancy and make sure my baby was healthy.  Which is why, today, I want to share with you 10 of the best foods to eat during pregnancy.


It’s not just about not gaining weight.  


It’s about eating all the nutrients we need for our baby.


So much of what we do during pregnancy affects our baby.  Did you know that?



Pregnancy Exercise Benefits



I do understand that weight gain is a major concern for us women during pregnancy.


I was petrified to gain a ton of weight…


Well, I was more concerned with gaining too much weight that it would be so hard to lose the baby weight.


I was super scared that I wouldn’t be able to get back to my body again.


But to my surprise, I actually am in way better shape now, post 2 pregnancies.  🙂



Fit Mom Bikini Picture



I did work for it though.


I did my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts and I followed my Pregnancy Diet Plan.


I ended up gaining only 20 lbs during each.  And I was surprised with my second as I was on bed rest for about 4 months and was extremely inactive.  But I think what saved me was following the Pregnancy Diet Plan.  I never over-ate, the meals were yummy, comforting and just enough.


You can read MY PREGNANCY STORY HERE.  {Warning} You may cry and laugh all at once… LOL.


Hopefully you are just as concerned about your pregnancy nutrition as you should.


So here is a list of foods you should make sure you are eating.



Your Pregnancy Diet Plan


I know that its tough to have to keep up with everything during pregnancy so if its too much but you still want to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients and you don’t gain a ton of weight, you will probably really benefit from my Pregnancy Diet Plan.


One of the most important things to take into consideration during pregnancy, is your DIET.


If you eat the right way, you will not feel sick, you will actually have more energy, feel better and not feel as moody.


You will also, by default GAIN LESS WEIGHT which will not only help you enjoy your pregnancy more, but it will also help you LOSE YOUR BABY WEIGHT WAY FASTER.


I actually got in better shape than pre-pregnancy 3-4 months postpartum.



10 foods to eat during pregnancy




13445442_1618565285127611_7577412651143334884_nI really do credit doing my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts and following my diet plan.

It makes such a huge difference to have a plan to follow and keep you in control because during pregnancy you kinda feel totally out of control….. Right?

This was me when my daughter was about 5 months.

I’m no different than you.

You can totally do this.  You just need to exercise and follow a good pregnancy diet plan that is easy to follow and stick to.  

God knows its hard lol.


In any event, before I give you the 10 foods to eat during pregnancy, check out some women just like YOU.

I have worked with TENS OF THOUSANDS of pregnant women who have done my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program and have all gotten amazing results.







Make sure you include them in your pregnancy nutrition.

 10 Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Foods to eat during pregnancy

1.  Protein

proteinProtein is a macro nutrient (it means its essential in order to live).  And since so many women suffer from aversions and sickness, they tend to eat less of it.  

But please, try to get a little protein in every meal.

I have some really great tips for when you’re having PROTEIN AVERSIONS and a really great recipe that saved me on those months  I couldn’t stand another piece of chicken.

So make sure to click here to read up on it.  Seriously, this will help yo tons if you’re having protein aversions.

Here are some examples of protein

  • Chicken Breast
  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Fish (low in mercury) no more than once a week.
  • Lean Steak
  • Egg whites

Some foods that have some protein in them:

  • Cottage Cheese
  • Beans

2.  Beans

beanBeans are high in fiber which helps ton with constipation which we tend to suffer from during pregnancy.  

We also tend to not really want to eat many veggie so getting some fiber from beans really helps.

They are also high in Folate which is crucial for your baby’s brain development.  I have a great LENTIL RECIPE you can try.



3.  Broccoli

brocThis is amazing to eat during pregnancy.

It is high in calcium and folate which are both also crucial for your baby.

IT is also high in vitamin C which helps your body absorb iron. (you can imagine how important that is for your baby and you)

And you already know that its super high in antioxidants so this is one food you want to make sure to keep in your diet.

I know that broccoli isn’t too enticing to eat during pregnancy, but I have the most amazing BROCCOLI SOUP RECIPE that I was literally obsessed with in my last pregnancy.

It is so good and so easy to make.  You have to try it.

4.  Bananas

banBananas are rich in potassium and also are easy on the stomach for those times when we don’t feel so good.  And they fill you up and give you a boost of energy when you are feeling fatigued.

They are great to add to smoothies.  I have tons of smoothie recipes, just search for them right here on my site.  They are a great substitute for when you don’t feel like eating food but you’re hungry and could use something filling and refreshing.  Adding bananas to your smoothies is a great idea.



5.  Avocado

avAvocados are loaded with folate, potassium, vitamin C and B vitamins which are all crucial for you and the baby during pregnancy.

We definitely don’t tend to get enough healthy fats in and this is a good way to get them in.

I have a delicious recipe for a BAKED AVOCADO, this can be a really yummy and easy snack to have.



6.  Oatmeal

oatThis is a great complex carbohydrate that you can have for breakfast during pregnancy.  Its bland enough and filling and give you energy.  It also is great for helping lower cholesterol.

I have tons of recipes for little healthy cookies, muffins and pancakes using oatmeals so make sure to browse around.

I included all these foods in my Pregnancy Diet Plan if you would just rather have one guide, one place, one thing to follow where you know everything you need is included.


7.  Leafy Greens

leafyThese include the following:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Arugula
  • Watercress

Spinach is super high in folate and iron and kale is high in calcium so make sure to include these in your pregnancy nutrition as well.


8.  Nuts & Nut Butters

nutsThese are high in healthy fats which are crucial for your baby’s brain development.

It also helps you feel fuller longer, and is very satisfying.  Just don’t eat peanuts as they are a high allergy food and cause a ton of inflammation in your digestive track.

The following are all great nuts and seeds and butters to have.


  • Walnuts 
  • Almonds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Cashews
  • Chia Seeds 

9.  Carrots & Peppers

carrThey are both high in beta-carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A which is crucial for the development of your baby’s eyes, skin, bones and organs.

These are easy to chop up and add into a turkey chili, a lentil stew, a salad or any chicken dish.  Maybe even chopped up and mixed in with some quinoa.  

Maybe even dipped in some Greek Yogurt Dill dip (yum) for a snack.


10.  Yogurt

ygoGreek yogurt specifically.  It is a great source of calcium which the pregnant body absorbs double time during pregnancy.

If you don’t have enough calcium, since the baby is taking all of it, your body will start depleting it from your bones.

No good!

Plain Greek yogurt is great as a snack with some berries or blended into a smoothie or even as a substitute for any recipe that calls for mayo or sour cream.  I love to add it to my turkey chili as sour cream.  I also love to make dips with it like the Dill one I mentioned above.  



I hope you add all of these to your diet and remember that if you feel overwhelmed you can just follow my Pregnancy Diet Plan E-Book.  You can download it right now and start enjoying the super delicious, comforting, healthy and perfect nutrient filled recipes to ensure you and your baby are healthy and that you don’t gain any excess weight so that you can get your body back fast (maybe even better).

Look at my postpartum pictures thanks to eating healthy and exercising. (Check out my Fit Mom To Be Workouts here)

My PostPartum Pics


It’s not too late to SLOW DOWN & LESSEN your Pregnancy Weight Gain.

Pregnancy workout promo


If you exercise, you will see a huge change.  

Less weight gain, not as fast and you will feel tighter, more fit, more energetic and less fatigue.

If you don’t want to spend 6-24 months postpartum losing your “BABY WEIGHT”, invest a little time, energy and possibly resources into your health and fitness this pregnancy.  It will be so worth it when you are back at your pre-pregnancy weight in less than 3 months and feeling like yourself again.

If you need guidance, support and a safe exercise plan, you will love my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program (tested by TENS OF THOUSANDS of pregnant women). 

And you can do it for your entire pregnancy (its not just a 12 week program).Photo Mar 11, 9 26 02 PM

Here is what you can expect:

  • Less Weight Gain
  • Less Stretch Marks and Cellulite
  • Faster Labor & Delivery
  • Faster Postpartum Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Less Aches & Pains
  • Less Chances of Gestational Diabetes
  • Better Sleep


What You Get:

  • Monthly workouts that change every 4 weeks (which delivers the best results).
  • No gym is required (2 versions available: home and gym).
  • Exercise Videos & Pictures of every single exercise.
  • Can view, access and download on any smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Private Facebook Group for support, community and questions answered by Michelle Marie.
  • Monthly pregnancy nutrition tips to help you throughout your pregnancy.

**Don’t forget to send me your before and after pictures.  I would love to see your cute baby bump and it would be so awesome to see your postpartum progress after and how much your pregnancy workouts helped you.  Email them to michelle@michellemariefit.com**

To start your pregnancy workouts, click here:  Fit Mom-To-Be


Pregnancy Diet Plan

If you are struggling with what to eat and different options that are SAFE for the baby and won’t make you GAIN WEIGHT, you will totally enjoy and get great use of the MMF Pregnancy Diet Plan.

  1. Full Meal Plan for entire pregnancy (know exactly what nutrients you and baby need).
  2. Increase energy & decrease fatigue with the best food combinations.
  3. Easy Kid-Friendly Recipes that will save you time in the kitchen.
  4. Helps reduce cravings so you eat healthier and gain less weight.
  5. Yummy and comforting meals so you can still enjoy eating.


10 foods to eat during pregnancy



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