Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

It’s so important to have a good pregnancy diet.  But for some reason the doctors don’t spend enough time educating pregnant women on what to eat and what not to eat.  So I want to spend a little time talking to you about what foods to avoid during pregnancy and what foods to include in your diet during the next 9 months or so.

It frustrates me so much and that is why I spend so much time blogging and writing about pregnancy diet and exercise.  Because I know from spending years working with thousands upon thousands of pregnant woman who do My Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts the impact that exercise and a good pregnancy diet can have on your pregnancy.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy 

Foods to avoid during pregnancy


Did you know that what you eat and your level of activity can affect your baby?  

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Now, the first thing I want to make clear is that you DON’T need to Eat for 2!

I know you may feel like FINALLY, you don’t have to worry about what to eat and how much, your belly is actually supposed to get big and you’re supposed to gain weight.  Yes, thats true.  But let me tell you that you will suffer if you gain excess weight.  

Not only during your pregnancy because the excess weight will give you more aches and pains, you will feel more uncomfortable and you will be self conscious.  But you will also have a harder time during delivery and then postpartum, it will increase your chances of postpartum depression as well as taking way longer to lose the “baby weight”.

It’s not worth it.

Don’t let pregnancy be the excuse to eat for 2.  Let it be the reason to eat extra healthy.  To create the best possible environment for your baby to grow and flourish in.

I was able to lose all my baby weight super fast and actually got in the best shape of my life after having 2 kids.  Not because I’m special, not because I’m a trainer but because I ate healthy and I exercised.  I actually also followed my own Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts.  I did them during both my pregnancies.  And I really credit those workouts for having such great pregnancies and gaining NO EXCESS WEIGHT.

Check out my pictures after my second baby was 15 months.

Are you in?

Are you willing to put forth some effort to create the best possible scenario for you and your baby during this pregnancy?

If so, I want to start off by giving you a few tips on your Pregnancy Diet, since the doctor probably didn’t.  And also, please make sure to read this short blog post on Eating For 2.

Pregnancy Diet Tips

So here is what I’m going to do for you.  I’m going to give you a NUTRITION GUIDE with exactly what to eat, all the RECIPES, good SNACK OPTIONS, etc.  So that you can get an idea of how you should be eating during your pregnancy so that you can be healthy, be creating the best possible environment for your baby, and so that you don’t gain EXCESS WEIGHT so that you are not super uncomfortable all during pregnancy and feeling huge and self conscious.  And so that you can lose all your baby weight fast postpartum.


Pregnancy Nutrition Guide  


I made this 2-Week Nutrition Guide to give away for FREE to all my pregos because I work with so many in my Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program that always have so many NUTRITION questions.  So, I figured I would make this in an easy to read, print and follow way to help you take the guesses out of how to eat optimally during your pregnancy.

If you follow it and you EXERCISE, you will not just have a great pregnancy but you will feel CONFIDENT, RADIENT, GLOWING.  You won’t be uncomfortable and have aches and pains because you’ve gained so much weight.  

You will have an easier labor and delivery.  You will sleep better, have more energy.  And you will seriously decrease your chances of falling into POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION.

I can’t wait for you to get this Nutrition Guide, the recipes are amazing, and there are so many different options for snacks. You are going to love it.  Download it here (It’s totally FREE):  PREGNANCY NUTRITION GUIDE.

I followed this Nutrition Guide during both my pregnancies and I was able to only gain 20 lbs during each and I felt amazing and lost all my baby weight in less than a month.  Its so worth it to invest a little time and effort into being healthy during pregnancy.

Check out my postpartum pictures….


Follow this Nutrition Guide and you won’t have to worry about foods to avoid.  I gave you 2 weeks worth of meal plans, recipes, snack options that you can feel good about and not have to worry about the foods to avoid cuz they are not in there.

But I do want to go over the foods you should avoid because I know sometimes you will be tempted to go “off” the Nutrition Guide. 

Here is a short and cute little CHECKLIST that you can download and print so you can have with you always as a reminder.

Download Checklist

I have tons of sample pregnancy workout and diet tips on My Pinterest Page, so make sure to go there now and hit Follow All so that you can have easy access to it all and its all nice and organized for you to find easily.

Tons of great healthy recipes too that will help you with your pregnancy diet.  Don’t forget to download your Nutrition Guide, it will help you tons.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Raw or Uncooked Animal Origined Foods: 

Sushi, rare meat, oyseters, clams, ceviche, unpasteurized eggs, etc.  These foods may contain bacteria, viruses and parasites and can be very harmful to the fetus.

Deli Meats & Unpasteurized Dairy:

Meats from the deli like salami, turkey, roast beef, ham, etc  as well as hot dogs contain a bacteria called Listeria which may cause serious health problems as well as miscarriage and still birth.

Also be careful with uncooked and “smoked” fish and dips which are also not safe during pregnancy. Things such as nova, lox, and fish spreads are not safe.

Be careful with cheeses like feta, goat and brie, if they are unpasteurized they are not safe.  If they are pasteurized I would limit them.

Some Fish:

Some fish are higher in mercury than others and should be limited.  Mostly large fish such as swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel.  Some fish or seafood are lower in mercury and are ok, including salmon (preferrably wild), shrimp, canned light tuna, pollock, sardines, tilapia, and catfish but the FDA says no more than 12 ounces per week for pregnant and nursing women.

Artificial Sweeteners:

These are not safe during pregnancy nor nursing.  Sweeteners such as Splenda, Equal, Sweet & Low.  Stevia is not necessarily artificial but it is not as of this date approved by the FDA as safe to consume during pregnancy.  There is not enough research out there so instead use things such as agave nectar, honey, coconut sugar and brown sugar to sweeten your food and drinks.

Please be careful with any drinks or foods that say “SUGAR FREE”.  Those foods and drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners.  Avoid those at all costs.


The obvious Alcohol since it robs developing cells of oxygen and nutrients.  The doctors say one glass of wine once in a while is ok, but I would really limit that.

Caffeine, the March of Dimes recommends no more than 200mg a day.  I have to say this was the hardest for me.  Actually, the only hard one.  With my son (first pregnancy), I didn’t have any, just decaf, but with my daughter I did have one cup a day……  And she is perfectly healthy 🙂  I just love my coffee.

Ok, now print out this list and keep it in your kitchen.  I also hope you saved the Nutrition Guide or even printed it out and start following it.  I’m telling you, its so worth it.

And listen, if you are not feeling well, don’t worry, it will pass, do the best you can.  Just don’t use your pregnancy as an excuse to OVER EAT.  

Here ares some tips that I give my clients on the Fit Mom-To-Be Workout Program when they have Morning Sickness.  Most of them take this tips and totally get rid of morning sickness.  See the tips for Getting Rid Of Morning Sickness.

I also hope that you invest a little bit of time into exercising.  It will make all the difference in the world for your pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  Seriously, its the best investment you can make during pregnancy, a little time for exercise.  Just 3 hours per week can make or break your pregnancy. No joke.

I work with thousands of pregnant women on a daily basis who do my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts and I talk to hundreds of them who are on their 2nd or 3rd pregnancies and talk about the difference between prior pregnancies when they didn’t exercise.  The results are unbelievable!



I hope you are inspired to eat healthy and exercise during your pregnancy.  It will really make all the difference in the world and you will feel great and be able to enjoy the beauty of pregnancy.  It really is an amazing gift from God.

If you are unsure of what is safe and what to do and how to change your workouts every few weeks for continued safe results, Im happy to send you my Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts.  I would be honored to be your Pregnancy Coach.

If you do start, I will chat with you soon, I have tons more tips for you to help you your entire pregnancy.

Stay connected with me during your pregnancy regardless of if you do the Fit Mom-To-Be Program or not, I post sample workouts, recipes, diet tips and much more on My Pregnancy Facebook Page.  I will talk to you soon!


Check out this short video, I think it will really encourage and help you!



If you start my pregnancy workout program, I will see you inside the program.  

I have lots of tips for you and I can’t wait for you to see all the videos of the exercises.

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If you are struggling with what to eat and different options that are SAFE for the baby and won’t make you GAIN WEIGHT, you will totally enjoy and get great use of the MMF Pregnancy Diet Plan.

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