Feeling Guilty About Worrying About Your Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Feeling Guilty For Worrying About Pregnancy Weight Gain_

I know that it is so hard to see your body change so much during pregnancy.

I also know, that you may be feeling a little guilty for being so concerned and wrapped up in worrying about the pregnancy weight gain.

But hear me out……


Don’t feel bad about it.

Most women are concerned and worried about it.


We are all on this journey to feeling confident and comfortable in our own skin and its hard even when NOT PREGNANT to get to a point where you feel good about yourself.


If anyone.. friend, family member, stranger… HATER… is making you feel bad about how concerned you are about your pregnancy weight gain, I want you to ignore them.

And I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

And that though some may not admit to it…. most women fear the pregnancy weight gain and fear not being able to get their body back.


By the way… I did a video on this so if you rather just hear it or watch it instead of read…  I go way more into it there.. the video is below!feeling guilty about pregnancy weight gain


I mean, I know some ladies who got pregnant and just recently had finally lost a ton of weight and just started to feel good about themselves…

It’s totally understandable why they are worried.




The fact that you are concerned with it means you will probably do things that will benefit you and the baby to have a healthier and more fit pregnancy.

There is nothing to feel bad about……


Let all that concern be AMMUNITION to workout more and to eat healthier.

Both will positively affect your baby, your pregnancy, your labor and how quick you recover postpartum.


I’m happy you are concerned with it because those that don’t and don’t take care of themselves can end up with a whole mess of problems.


Exercise during pregnancy is so incredibly beneficial.


Benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

  1. Faster and easier labor.
  2. Faster recovery postpartum.
  3. Less aches and pains.
  4. More energy.
  5. Less weight gain.
  6. Less chances of pregnancy induced diseases.


So you know what…. if worrying about “your body” or “the weight gain” is giving you motivation to workout and eat healthier then GOOD FOR YOU.

Keep it up.. it will be worth it.


I get to see thousands of women on a daily basis who do my Fit Mom To Be Program who feel confident, energized and proud of their prego body.  I get to see women love their body and see muscle tone while pregnant. I get to see women who gain half the amount of previous pregnancies… I get to see women lose all their baby weight within a few weeks postpartum…..All because it started with a concern about weight gain.


So girlfriend, you keep being concerned, as long is it leads you to do something good and healthy.


If you don’t have a safe pregnancy workout to follow, I do have an amazing program that has helped over 100,000 women have a healthier, more fit, toned, pregnancy and a faster recovery postpartum.  You get to join a community of thousands of women just like you on the same mission and its so very helpful to have that kind of accountability and support during pregnancy.


Heres the video…..


feeling guilty about pregnancy weight gain

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