Exercises To Lift The Butt

Most women spend countless hours at the gym going from “machine” to “machine”, yet they never seem to get leaner, thinner, more defined legs and butt.

Is this you?

This is what most women are doing WRONG:

  • They don’t have an effective fat loss and muscle toning workout program.
  • They don’t have a specific plan.
  • They do too many “machines”.
  • They are choosing the “Wrong” exercises.
  • Their nutrition is not optimal.

STOP doing “machines” and try these 5 exercises that help lift the butt. They are FAT BLASTING, MUSCLE TONING exercises that will maximize fat loss and muscle sculpting.

The good news…..you can do these exercises from home!

The bad news………  if you don’t have the proper nutrition, these exercises won’t do much.

So here is what I’m going to do for you,  I’m going to give you some tips and info that will really make a difference.  Before you do any kind of “diet”,  I need to make sure that you know a few things.  Because if you are not eating the proper things and you are consuming foods that are very inflammatory, you will not get results no matter what you try to do.  

So let me share with you a list that I compiled of the 5 FOODS that you should absolutely get rid of in your diet if you would like to see any kind of results.  Because eating these foods cause so much inflammation in your digestive system that its close to impossible to lose weight.  I also have a list of 5 FOODS that are crucial for you to include in your diet if you want to be able to burn fat and build lean muscle.  I will give these PDF lists to you for FREE and a video with what I have found to be the 5 BEST ABS EXERCISES.  The ones that I have done to get ABS that I never had before (after 2 babies).  Go to this link to get all of this for FREE: PDF & ABS Video

If you take these foods out of your diet and make sure to consume the list of the 5 foods that are crucial on a daily basis, and then you do workouts including exercises like the ones here, you will for sure see some really great results.

If you want some really yummy and healthy recipes that include the “must-eat” foods and eliminate the “bad foods”, you will find tons of them on My Pinterest Board.  So go there now and hit “Follow All” so that you always have access to them.  You will find so many you will love.

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Michelle Marie’s Top 5 Butt & Thigh Exercises

  • Dead lifts
  • Deep Squats (lower than 90 degrees, without joint pain).
  • Stability Ball Hip Extensions
  • Supine Stability Ball Single Leg Hip Extensions
  • Reverse Lunges with Hip Flexion

These exercises are highly effective and will help you lift the butt!

You can find VIDEOS of how to do all of these exercises in My YouTube Channel.  I have hundreds and hundreds of workout and healthy recipe videos that you will love and will totally help you.

Here is a really great and short BUTT WORKOUT that you can do and all you need is a ball.

Make sure to complement this workout with 30 minutes of Interval Cardio with a 1:1 work: rest ratio. This type of cardio is more effective at burning fat than steady state cardio. Perform your cardio session immediately following these “lift your butt” exercises.

Most people fail to get RESULTS because they don’t know how to put a program together. There are reasons for doing a certain amount of sets, reps, etc. in order to get a certain result. You can’t just put a bunch of exercises together without reason and expect to get results.

It’s so important to always have a plan, I mean a written plan and follow it consistently!

It’s also incredibly important to change up your workouts every 4 weeks.  If you don’t your results will plateau, which is what happens to so many women.  They do the same workouts and exercises and reps over and over again.  This doesn’t work!

Here, I have 7 Tips To Help You Change Your Workouts to keep them fresh, fun, challenging and so that you don’t plateau.

The best kind of workouts you can do are RESISTANCE TRAINING (weights), it is the only kind of exercise that will get you lean and toned.  See here how you can Burn More Calories In Your Workouts.

I hope you click on all the links I’m giving you here in this post.  It’s just all extra tips and strategies to help you get better results.  Just tips to help you work smarter and not longer.

Listen, if after all these tips you feel like you still need some more detailed help because you are tired of investing the time into working out and you aren’t seeing the results you think you should.  Or maybe you just don’t really know where to begin and how to do workouts that are effective and how to change them.  Then I am happy to help you.  

I have 2 programs I think you may love and really benefit from.

If you just need WORKOUT help, my MMF Monthly Workouts will help you so much.  You will get my workouts every month.  I change them up for you and I make them super effective for weight loss and lean and toned muscle gain.

If you need WORKOUT and DIET help, you will absolutely love my BeFit Moms Program.  Its a Monthly Meal Plan and Workout program.  I send you a new meal plan every month.  Very detailed with tons of snack options and all the recipes and shopping lists to make your life easier.  These meal plans are made to speed fat loss so you can burn fat more effectively.  The meals are actually delicious so you won’t feel like you are dieting.  And the best part is you won’t have to cook different food for your family. They will love these meals too, I promise.  All my BeFit Moms’ family’s love the plan too.





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