Eating Out Without Gaining Weight -Tips To Doing It The Right Way

Eating Out Without Gaining Weight-Tips To Doing It The Right Way 


The weekends can really mess you up when it comes to your weight loss and fitness goals.

The reason is understandable……


We are off from work, spending time with family, taking some time off from cooking, eating out, etc.

Last week I wrote a great post on “How The Weekends Prevent You From Losing Weight”.  

If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do.


Anyhow, it is really frustrating when you work hard all week going to the gym and eating clean and then in just a few days you mess it up so bad that you end up even gaining weight.


This happens to my clients all the time.

I see them all through the week and they tell me what they eat and for the most part its pretty darn good……..

Enough to potentially lose a pound…….

And then BAM!  The weekend comes.  Friday night roles around and they go out to dinner with friends, family, etc.


Which means, a cocktail before dinner, a few bites of bread, a few bites of an appetizer, a dinner full of sodium while enjoying another cocktail and then having dessert.


Ok, you know me, I hate talking about CALORIES.

It is NO WAY to live……  

Counting calories and obsessing over every morsel of food you put in your mouth.  

But let me talk to you about calories real quick just so that you can understand why you are not losing weight and why eating out the way you are doing it could be preventing you from doing so.


1 pound = 3,500 calories

In order to lose weight you have to expend/burn more calories than you consume.

So say that by Friday, you have been eating good meals, perfect serving sizes, you haven’t eaten anything “Bad”, and you have been exercising every day.  


So now you are at about 3,300 calories in deficit.  You are doing good, about to lose 1 POUND, wooohoooooo


Then Friday night roles around and that dinner I just explained with a total of over 1,500 calories and so now you’re only in about 1,500 calorie deficit and you still have Saturday and Sunday to go.

I don’t know about you, but it is incredibly hard to eat PERFECTLY all weekend.  With kids, events, parties, going out, etc. 


And most people don’t exercise on the weekends so then you don’t EXPEND/BURN more calories.

So now you have all weekend left, you’re not burning extra calories and your meals aren’t going to be as clean because you are eating out, etc.


It will be pretty darn hard to be in another 1,500 calorie deficit in just 2 days eating out, etc.

So most of the time you will end up breaking even or even gaining weight.


How frustrating!


Before I talk to you about your frustration, I first want to give you some information that can make such a huge impact on your results….  on your weight loss.  And this is something that FRUSTRATES ME!


Because so many people exercise so much and try to eat so little and so healthy in an attempt to lose weight but they are eating the wrong foods.  And this is the number ONE thing that needs to be addressed.

There are some foods that need to be eliminated from your diet and no matter what you do if you keep them in your diet, you will not be able to lose weight.


The reason is simple………….

These are foods that are incredibly INFLAMMATORY.

Inflammation in your body will make it incredibly difficult for you to burn fat (so you won’t be able to lose weight).

Inside Fit Mom For Life I help you get rid of all those inflammatory foods so that you can position your body in a better place and more effective place to lose weight.

Your Frustration 

If you don’t want to be in a vicious cycle all week long and working hard during the weeks only to gain it all back on the weekend, then you have to clean it up a little.


You have to learn moderation.


I get why it can be hard to have moderation on the weekends.

I have been in this industry for 2 decades and I see the same patterns over and over and over again.


Most people will eat so perfectly and SO LITTLE during the week in an attempt to eat healthy and lose weight that they are dying for the weekend and “cheat day” to come.  So since they have been depriving themselves all week long, it is really hard to not lose control and want to eat everything in front of you (which is what happens).


So How Do You Fix This?



    • Learn to be more moderate during the week.
    • Make sure you eat enough.
    • Make sure you enjoy the healthy foods you are eating.
    • Don’t eat bland and boring foods.


If you can learn to be more moderate during the week, you won’t feel such a necessity to binge eat or over eat during the weekends.

How To Eat Out Without “Messing Up”

You can’t have it all.

That’s right, you can’t have cocktails, bread, appetizer, a not so optimal meal, and dessert.


Well, you can, but then don’t expect to lose weight.  


Especially if you are doing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  And the thing is that it’s not just dinners because from experience, people tend to do lunches and even breakfasts out on the weekends.  So it becomes even more difficult to make the right choices, right amounts and right foods.


So what do you do?

You pick and choose.


For example:

Say I’m going out to dinner with my family and it’s Friday night and I really want a glass of wine.  

So I will have a glass of wine but then I won’t have any bread.  

I’m ordering a healthy dinner of fish and vegetables so that is good.  

But then there is that yummy appetizer that hubby is having and that delicious warm brownie with vanilla ice cream dessert that the kids like to order.


Do I have both?



Maybe I will choose to have a little dessert and not the appetizer.  

Or if you are really good and you can really control yourself, then you can have a bite of the appetizer and a bite of the dessert.

The thing is that most people HAVE NO CONTROL.


Check out this post on EMOTIONAL EATING. (This will help you tons.)

They can’t just eat one bite, so one bite of appetizer ends up being half the appetizer and a few bites of dessert ends up being half the dessert.



A Habit To Get Into

Plan/Commit Before

Here is another tip that I always tell my clients.

You pretty much know what your plans are for the whole weekend, so plan on when you are going to “have a little fun”.


Plan on when you are going to have your indulgences or your “cheats”.

And stick to it.


If you do this, you will end up doing so much better because when you look at the weekend and plan when you will have your indulgences, you will know exactly when and you can be moderate about it.


When people don’t do this then they end up eating poorly all weekend and don’t even realize it.


It’s so easy to have 2 drinks on friday night, some appetizer, a not so optimal meal and dessert.  And then Saturday comes along and you have a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and then you go out with the family for lunch and have some chips and dip and some dessert again and then you go out for dinner or order in on Saturday, have another drink and you have some bread again or dessert….  you get the point. 


When you are doing it, it just seems like a little here and there but when you add all those little bits at the end of the weekend, it amounts to almost a pound in calories which is why you end up not losing weight or even gaining weight.



Here is what I do and what I tell my clients to do.


I say ok, what night are we going out and where are we going?

Friday night, ok I would like to indulge then because I love that restaurant and I also know I would like to enjoy a glass of wine with my hubby and I know I want to splurge on some dessert.  So since I am going to be a little off that night, I commit to eating a healthy breakfast and a good lunch and that night I will indulge in maybe a few bites of an appetizer but thats it.  I will have a clean meal and no dessert.  What am I doing Sunday?


Ok, so I can have a healthy breakfast again and we can eat left overs from the week for lunch and a healthy dinner.

I plan before hand.  I think of what we are doing over the weekend and I pick and choose when I will be “off” and make sure it’s moderate.  And I commit to when I will be “good”.


Doing this before the fact will help you do tons better.  Because when you don’t, you end up doing a little here and there but it ends up being all weekend and ends up being too much.


Do this and I promise you will take control of your weekends and you will start NOT sabotaging your results in only 2 days.


So what do you think?

You think you can do this?

You think you can start sort of mapping out when you are going to indulge on the weekends and when you will eat clean?


If you do, I promise you will see much better results and your hard work during the week will not be in vain.  You will no longer be messing up 5 days of work in just 2.


Sounds pretty crazy right?


These are the things that really make a difference.

All these tips and strategies I give you…. little by little all put together help you get really great results.. lose the weight, and actually keep it off.  Tone up and actually look like you workout… its life changing.

It’s why I created Fit Mom For Life… to be able to teach all the things that nobody else is teaching but that are the day to day things that will make a huge impact.