Eat To Be Fit Cooking Class


“EAT TO BE FIT” Cooking Program

I LOVED the program! I learned SO MUCH! Not only did we get to watch you prepare the meals but we learned what to substitute in other recipes to make them healthy. It has totally changed the way my husband and I eat! Thank you!
Pamela Van Dam

It was very informative. Taught me to think about cooking differently and I finally learned to make a turkey burger that I liked!
Erika Royal Burnes

It has changed my eating life style forever! I now enjoy cooking and in the past 4 weeks feel much better and I have truly enjoyed this cooking class.
Martha Friedman

Excellent program! I have cooked for many years the Bon Appetit way, but this class shows you how to still be an outstanding creative cook without all the calories and fat, but tons of awesome flavor. Michelle, you rock Thanks!
Valerie Paikin

Fun, and informative cooking experience. Great exposure to healthy and low fat food preparation in a fun and friendly atmosphere. I have been cooking and eating healthier these last weeks than I had in a while.
Mark Vacker

For the first time in my life I found myself cooking in the kitchen. My husband can’t believe his eyes. I was a cooking machine! Michelle has shown me how to eat right for life!
Debbie Pravato

Excellent!!!! I loved all the recipes!! The program gave me a whole new way to look at food and eating healthy. It’s more realistic than “traditional dieting”.
Dawn Auspitz

I absolutely loved the recipes! I thought I couldn’t cook, especially not healthy, now I think I can really do it!
Bernice Ocasio

I loved the class, great recipes that are easy to make!
Meenu Sethi

Awesome recipes, LOVED IT! Very appropriate in terms of details given and ease of recipes.
Ellenit Serrano

Very informative, GREAT IDEAS for EATING BETTER!
Joe Skidmore

Great program! I learned a lot about food and how to make great healthy recipes!
Cheryl Swenson

I loved the program! I learned not only new recipes but also general healthy cooking tips to apply to my existing recipes to make them healthier. The recipes were all easy to make and VERY TASTY! I loved learning new recipes!
Melissa Pflum

It was a great program! I got tons of healthy cooking pointers as well as the recipes and how to make them.
Pat Pratt

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