What To Eat After A Pregnancy Workout

The Best Pregnancy Post-Workout Meal

What you eat after a workout is very important.

Especially during pregnancy.


The main reason it’s important is for ENERGY purposes and REFUELING.

When you workout, particularly RESISTANCE BASED WORKOUTS/WEIGHT TRAINING, you use carbs/sugar for fuel.

So you basically deplete that while exercising so it’s important to replenish right after so that you have energy and don’t get sick and also so that you don’t burn muscle.

If you don’t replenish properly you will burn muscle and muscle is what helps you be able to BURN MORE CALORIES as well as to look toned 🙂


You work too hard to build muscle to then go burn it because you didn’t refuel right.

So make sure to be prepared for the right POST-WORKOUT MEAL.


The Right Post-Workout MealThe Best Pregnancy Post-Workout Meal

What you need post-workout is a fast digesting protein which the best would be EGG WHITES.

and a high glycemic (sugar) carb, like a fruit.


When I was pregnant with both my kids my post-workout meal was always hard boiled egg whites and pineapple or strawberries or watermelon or berries.

I would hard boil 12-18 eggs a week and would just pack 4 up with me in a tupperware and take them with me to the gym.  I would also pack the fruit.


Then one day, I made these pancakes, they are so good and so easy to make and they basically have the protein and fruit in them.

Sometimes those were easy to transport to the gym.

But you can do both.


Timing of Post-Workout Meal

What is super important is when you have the post-workout meal and that should be IMMEDIATELY.

Immediately as in within 5 minutes of you finishing your workout.

That is why when I worked out at the gym, I always packed my post-workout meal.


I talk about protein powders in the video below.

I explain the whole post-workout meal a lot better in there so check it out so you can make sure you get the best results from your workouts and that you feel energized after them and not spent, weak and tired.



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Pregnancy Diet Plan

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The Best Pregnancy Post-Workout Meal


The Best Pregnancy Post-Workout Meal 

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