Dressings On Salads – What You Need To Know

Fork Dippers

If you dip your fork in your salad dressing in order to save calories, eat healthier and try to lose weight, this is for you!

Dear Girl That Dips Her Fork In Salad Dressing,


  UnknownFirst of all, I’m sorry if you get defensive. 

  My desire is not to offend you or criticize you, but to help you.

  Tell me…………  

  Why do you dip your fork in your dressing instead of just pouring some all over your salad?

  Is it to decrease the amount of calories you are consuming?

  Is it to eat a little healthier and cleaner?

  Is it because you are obsessive with calories and you count them all day long?

  Is it because you think pouring dressing over your salad is going to make you fat?  Going to make you gain 5 lbs?


Does that sound ridiculous or what?

  Listen,  I don’t blame you!

  There was a time in my life when I did the same thing.  Yep, I was a fork dipper.


Why I used to dip my fork in dressing to eat salads.


  I’ll tell you why I used to do this.

  I did it because I thought that things like that was what was preventing me from losing weight or was what was making me gain weight or what was NOT allowing

  me to get the toned look I so badly wanted.

caloi  I used to pour just a tiny little bit of milk in my coffee to not add “extra calories” to it so I didn’t even enjoy my coffee.

  I would barely eat fruit because it had “too much sugar”.

  I tried to cut carbs as much as possible, to eat “less calories”.

  I wouldn’t dare put sauce on a piece of chicken to not add “more calories”.


  Meanwhile, the weekends would come or the end of the day would come and I would eat a bag of cookies or chocolate, or chips or pasta like it was going out of style.

  It took me a long time to get out of these habits.

  It wasn’t until I got fed up with feeling deprived all the time that I looked for different ways.


I was tired of revolving my life around food and thinking about it so much.

I was tired of not enjoying what I ate.

I was tired of feeling obsessed with food and my body.

I was tired of feeling deprived all the time.


And this is what I learned………….


  Girlfriend, it isn’t the darn salad dressing that is preventing you from losing weight.

  It isn’t the few tablespoons of even “CREAMY” ITALIAN  that is making you gain weight.

  It isn’t the few sprinkles of cheese you add to your vegetables.

  Or the little bit of salt you add to your food when you cook.

  It’s all the other crap you are eating when no one is watching and which you choose to forget about.

  I’s all the BINGE EATING you are doing because you feel unhappy and unsatisfied with the foods you are eating on a regular basis.

  With the ‘HEALTHY FOODS” and “HEALTHY HABITS” you have adopted in an attempt to lose weight.


So let me get something straight.

You won’t add a few tablespoons of dressing to your salad but you will sit there and binge on a bag of chips or pretzels or cookies or cake or ice cream or WHATEVER.

And you think the problem is the salad dressing?


No, it isn’t, so STOP IT!


saladStop being so obsessive.

Stop lying to yourself.

Stop trying to convince yourself that you enjoy eating plain lettuce and plain chicken with salad and grilled fish with vegetables for every meal.

Stop counting calories and points and “macros”.


You can’t live that way.  At least not consistently.  And if you can’t do it consistently, it is going to be quite hard to get results (that last).



And you won’t get long term results that way.


Trust me, I tried it.  Not just on myself but on a GAZILLION clients.

It doesn’t work.


So just add the darn dressing to  your salad and enjoy your lettuce for goodness sake.

It’s bad enough that you THINK you need to eat salads all the time to be able to be skinny, or lose weight, or be healthy, or get fit.

So at least enjoy the salad with a little dressing.

I’m not saying add 2 cups of dressing to it but for goodness sake, you can add a few tablespoons of dressing to your salad and be ok.



enjoyAnd guess what?

Maybe you will actually start to enjoy your food more.

If and when you do, you will begin to feel more satisfied.

When you feel more satisfied, you won’t have such a huge desire to BINGE EAT.

You won’t crave foods and feel out of control sometimes.


I wouldn’t be telling  you to do this if I hadn’t lived through this.

It really doesn’t work.

Stop trying to be so black and white.


What you think it takes to get really good results is so off!

I used to feel that way too.


March16But then I started to invest time into meal planning.

But not meal planning like you see on Instagram and all over Facebook of lines and lines of Tupperware with a scoop of salad, a scoop of chicken and half a sweet potato.

I mean, a different meal every day.

A variety of foods and textures and tastes.

Healthy meals that are fat burning but taste good.

That yes, may have a few extra calories in it than the Instagram Meal Planning Meals but truthfully, in the long run, you will eat way less calories because you won’t be 

binge eating and eating uncontrollably when no one is looking.

You will get better results.


I do have a FREE 30 DAY CLEAN EATING MEAL PLAN that is perfect for busy moms.


If you want to snatch that, you can download it here:  FREE 30 DAY MEAL PLAN CALENDAR.

I only tell you this because I lived it and I’ve seen thousands of others too.


Now I just follow the meal plans inside of FIT MOM FOR LIFE, its how I learned to eat this way.

It’s how I learned that I didn’t have to eat salads and plain food and few calories and deprive myself in order to lose weight and get the results I wanted.

It’s how I learned to enjoy eating healthy.

It’s how I learned to be prepared and how integral that is to getting results.

It’s how I started to enjoy cooking.

It’s how I got my family to eat healthy.


So if you have felt like me at any point, maybe its in your best interest to try it as well and in finding a more realistic workout program too.



Here is a great little workout to try.

You can do it at home or at the gym.

It works your upper and lower body.





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