Deficiency In This Vitamin During Pregnancy Can Be Detrimental

Crazy, but I can almost guarantee that a lot of the symptoms you are struggling with this pregnancy are a result of VITAMIN DEFICIENCIES.

Actually, morning sickness, and fatigue are directly related to deficiency in B12.

This is why so many women are able to crush nausea by simply taking B12.

It’s a game changer.

When you are pregnant, you need more vitamins and nutrients because the development and growth of your baby’s organs, tissues, life… is reliant on them. LITERALLY… Actually, physiologically.

So, we deplete most of our vitamin and nutrient and mineral stores WAY faster than normal because as you eat, everything goes to creating life inside your body.

This is why most women feel tired, fatigued and depleted most of their pregnancy.

If they just ate healthier and took the right supplements, they would feel like a different human being.

Most women also don’t eat enough variety of foods and not enough of the right foods to even get the right nutrients to the baby, let alone for them.

Which is why supplementation is EXTRA IMPORTANT DURING PREGNANCY.

Believe it or not, there was a time in my life that I did not believe much in supplements.

I worked out, I ate healthy, and I thought that was enough.

What I learned is that even though I was eating healthy, my body was still deficient in many vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There’s actually a few vitamins and supplements that you should be taking besides B12, read about them here.

Now thing is… most of us are walking around with major vitamin deficiencies and we don’t feel good, and we think something is majorly wrong, or we just think we have to feel like this, but a simple vitamin could fix the issue.

Let me tell you something that will blow your mind, because it blew my mind also.

Even if you eat SUPER HEALTHY, you are still deficient in many vitamins, which is why it’s so important to supplement while pregnant, because most women with cravings and food aversions have a very hard time eating healthy.

While there are probably a ton of vitamins you are probably deficient in, there are some vitamins that our bodies use up more and that impact more body functions and affect our lifestyle while pregnant.

Those are the vitamins you really need to supplement with and one of those is Vitamin B12.

When you are stressed, or sick, or don’t sleep good or enough (hello pregnancy), your body uses up B vitamins at a greater and faster rate. The depletion of it can make you sick and also very, very fatigued.

The thing that is hard is eating ENOUGH FOODS HIGH IN A PARTICULAR VITAMIN in order to get the right amount your body needs.

A lot of these foods are not ones we eat or eat often so we don’t get enough in our diet even if we eat healthy.

Check out the top 10 foods high in B12, you will see these aren’t foods we often eat and to get the right amount we would have to eat a lot of it.

  1. Beef liver
  2. Sardines
  3. Atlantic mackerel
  4. Lamb
  5. Wild-caught salmon
  6. Nutritional yeast
  7. Feta cheese
  8. Grass-fed beef
  9.  Cottage Cheese 
  10. Eggs

This is why it’s important to supplement with a good quality Vitamin B12.

I hope you are seeing just how important taking a good quality B12 vitamin while pregnant is going to be for your overall health and even fitness.

If you want to support your immune system, boost your energy, increase your focus, better your mood, decrease depression… You shouldn’t go another day without BOOST.

As always, make sure to clear everything with your OB!

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Not only will B12 help you during pregnancy, but so will probiotics. Check out the video to see the benefits!

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