Daily Plan For Losing The Baby Weight



It’s not easy to see your body postpartum… I know.

I know that after 9 months of seeing my body grow and change, when that baby was out, I was SOOOOO ready to see my body change.

The thing that makes it so hard is that those first few months postpartum we are exhausted, hormonal, soooo tired, don’t have time or energy for much and that makes it really hard for losing the baby weight.

But I was able to lose all my baby weight both pregnancies in less than 6 weeks, so I want to share with you MY DAILY PLAN FOR LOSING THE BABY WEIGHT.

If you have a good plan and you are consistent with it, you will see results and fast.

This is what I teach in my Better Body After Pregnancy Program, I show postpartum moms how to get organized with their time, be more efficient and effective with a structured plan so they can get more done in less time and be able to have the time to do what it takes to lose the baby weight and even get in better shape than PRE-KIDS 🙂



  1.  Eat breakfast:  This is what jumpstarts your metabolism so its really important to start your day with a good healthy breakfast.  Here are some ideas for healthy breakfast:  Healthy Breakfasts.
  2. After breakfast, plan out the rest of your meals for the day.  Try to go to the grocery store once a week to plan what you will eat all week for main meals and snacks.  But once a day, map out your day’s meals and if you leave the house, make sure to take however meals you need to eat every few hours while you are gone.
  3. Plan out 1-2 times a day to be active with the baby (they love it).  I would take the baby for a stroll in the morning and then in the late afternoon I would put the kids in the stroller (I have a jogger), and I would go for a jog.
  4. Plan a 30 minute weight workout 3 times a week.  Weight training or resistance based workouts are the best for losing weight and toning the body… They are especially good for the CORE and losing the POOCH.
  5. Vitamins:  During this time in which your body is going crazy hormonally and you are not sleeping enough, it’s important to take some good vitamins that will not only help you have more energy, but will also balance out your hormones so you can burn fat more effectively.  A good liquid Vitamin B is great, and so is a good fish oil.  Pick a meal out of the day to take them with and make sure you get in the habit of taking them daily with the same meal.


Tips For Sticking With The “Daily Plan”



Do you know what that word means?

It means doing things at the same time, day, etc.

For example: I get my nails done on a recurring basis.  I get them done every Thursday at 12pm.

I pretty much run my whole life on a recurring basis.  I find it easier and more efficient to get things done this way, so it allows me to be more productive.



For example:  I know 100% that I spend less time doing my laundry because I do it only one day on Friday’s, versus those that do laundry every day.


It’s also easier to be consistent. 

As much as I like having nice painted nails, if I didn’t have a standing appointment every Thursday at 12pm, I would probably rarely get them done. 


Because I’m busy and there are a million other things I could do.



Plan your workouts on a recurring basis. 

It’s the best way to be consistent.

I do my workouts Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5am.

If I didn’t have that planned, I would probably not be as consistent.

Try it!


Diet On A Recurring Basis

It’s so much easier to eat healthy when you do things on a recurring basis.

I write out my meal plan for the week every Saturday.

Every Sunday I go to the grocery store and do some prep.

I start dinner around the same time every day.

Knowing I have a plan and knowing what I’m doing helps me stick to my nutrition plan way easier.


Listen, I know that you are tired, not sleeping, hormonal and emotional and the last thing you can think of is what to eat and when to exercise.

The thing is that you can’t keep leaving YOU for the end.

The truth is that when MOMMY is happy and confident, then the rest of the house will be happier.

So invest some time in YOU and don’t feel bad about it.



So today, I want you to open up your phone or journal or planner or calendar or whatever you use to schedule stuff.

  • Write in there a few meals for the week.
  • Schedule when you will do the groceries.
  • Plan when you will cook every day.
  • Plan what time (more or less) you will eat all your meals… plan it around baby’s schedule.
  • Plan when you will go for your walks daily (try  to do them at the same time… this will be good for the baby’s schedule as well.)
  • Plan when you will do your resistance based workouts. (you only need 3 a day).

I feel confident that if you make a daily plan of action like this, you can lose all your baby weight in 3 months or less which would be amazing!

That is what the ladies in my BBAPP program do, lose all their baby weight and get in the best shape of their life in 3 months or less.

The thing is that having a structured plan that helps you be more effective with your time and more productive and more organized in a time when you feel all over the place and exhausted with a newborn is really life changing.


I encourage you to make your plan and do things more on recurring basis and you will see you have more time and losing the weight won’t feel so overwhelming.

If you already feel overwhelmed and you would like for me to do the thinking and planning for you and just give you the structure that I use, that has helped me and thousands of moms get in the best shape of our lives, you may want to check out the BBAPP Program and join us.


Good luck 🙂

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