Have you set a goal of losing weight, getting toned, fit………… end up failing?

 You know what I’m talking about that moment when you say to your friend……… “I started eating right but it only lasted one month and then I fell off the wagon”. There are a million more excuses….you know exactly what they are.

Why does that happen????


Yesterday at church my pastor spoke about commitment!! As he was going through his preaching I thought about how this relates to people like you and me with our commitment to our fitness goals.  So I hope that you will take a few minutes to read through this.   Here is the short version….

1. The 1st step of commitment is DOING WHAT IS RIGHT.
2. To be committed you must be Godly.
3. Commitment demands FAITH IN GOD.
4. Commitment requires SACRIFICE.
5. True commitment is always REWARDED.
6. Those who are committed always LEAVE A LEGACY.

Here is how I relate it to commitment to fitness goals.


If you are going to commit to a fitness goal, you have to do what is right.  That  means you find a professional to teach you the most effective way to go about  reaching your goal.  Only then will you get on a program in which you do what is  right.  Most people just start going to the gym and “doing cardio” or “doing a few  machines”, and they never get on a specific program tailored to their  needs…….and then wonder why they don’t see results.  They try diet after diet,  but never really learning how to “EAT RIGHT” how to change your eating habits  by changing your lifestyle.

If this is you, I urge you to take a step now!  I can help, and I can do so through  a variety of options.  You can either start my “Online Training Program” in which  I give you a detailed exercise and nutrition program which changes every 4 weeks  in order to be effective.  You can also do my “Food Logging Program” in which  you will learn how to optimize fat burning through eating.  I personally review   your food logs and give you recommendations, changes, recipes, tips, and much  more.  This is a great step to help you do what is right by “eating right”.


Being a Christian of course I would tell you to be Godly, but in this case since I  do realize a lot of people aren’t Christian I would say……….YOU MUST BE  POSITIVE.  Most people start exercising or eating right with the wrong attitude.   They expect failure from the beginning.  If you want to see results you must have  a positive attitude.  Expect GREATNESS instead of FAILURE!!  Wake up every  morning saying…… “It’s gonna be a good day”, “I’m going to eat right all day”,  “I’m going to have a highly effective workout today that is going to take me one  step closer to my goals.”.  When you do this…..expect SUCCESS to follow.  I  can’t help this last note……and when all else fails… on God!!!!  Sorry, I just  had to!!!

3. Commitment demands FAITH IN GOD:

Commitment for you can mean faith in yourself to reach your goals and faith in  the professional who is creating the exercise and nutrition programs for you to  follow.  Without faith in yourself and in the person guiding you, you will be lost  and will most likely fail to see results.  I hope that you will have faith in me and  let me guide you to a lean & toned body!!!!  Stop being complacent and step it  up… deserve to be in the best body every!!!!  Remember you can start today  by committing to one month of “Online Personal Training” or the “Food Logging  Program”.  You can start right now by going to

4. Commitment requires SACRIFICE:

Nothing in life worth having comes easy!  You have to know that you are  going to have to make some sacrifices.  You are going to sacrifice some time for  your workouts and you are going to be sacrificing indulging in your favorite  chocolate or glass of wine every day.  I’m not saying you will never have your  favorite foods again.  You are just going to cut down on them.  If you get my  recipe book “Eat to be Fit”, you will learn that you don’t have to sacrifice taste in  order to eat healthy and lose weight. You can make delicious and healthy meals  that will help you burn fat and get in shape.  Get it now for only $19.95 at   I promise that the sacrifices you will make will be  well worth it.  When you look in the mirror, you will be so happy for all the  sacrifices you made because you will look and feel so good  about yourself.

5. True Commitment is always REWARDED:

When you truly commit to a program, YOU WILL reap the benefits.  In this  instance the benefits will be you lose fat, get toned, get in shape, feel good about  yourself, you have a ton of energy, and everyone is raving about how great you  feel.  Commitment starts in the mind!!!  Commit today, right now in your mind to  get in the best shape of your life.  Go to and take the  first step by starting an online training program.

7. Those who are committed always LEAVE A LEGACY.

When you commit to anything in life and you do it well you leave a legacy.  In  this instance you can leave a legacy of health and fitness to your kids.  You can  teach them about commitment by committing to a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Not  only will you benefit from this commitment but your kids will as well, and so will  all the people around you who are positively influenced by your commitment to  health and fitness.

I hope you take the step today and commit to your fitness goals.  There are a ton of ways I can help you.  To find out go to or e-mail me.  Good luck!

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