Clean Eating Grocery List

The fitness clean eating grocery list

If you are having a hard time losing weight, look at your nutrition/diet.  It’s probably not the exercise that is holding you back from losing weight.  


And half the battle of eating clean is being prepared and having all the right choices readily available.  So today I want to share with you a Clean Eating Grocery List.


This is a list that you can print out and use on a weekly basis.

It will help you to be stocked up with the right ingredients so that you can make the best choices possible.

If you stock up on all these things, it will make meal planning and healthy eating so much easier.


I know that meal planning can be time consuming and that you may not know how to combine the right foods together to make them fat burning.


But the truth is, that IT’S IMPORTANT.

As busy moms, if we don’t plan ahead of time what we are eating during the week… between sports, homework, after school activities and schlepping the kids here and there, it is very hard to eat right.


After 20 years personal training and working with thousands of women, I have see that the biggest problem people don’t eat healthy is because they don’t plan ahead and they end up either ordering in, eating out or making something quick thats not healthy.

So I want to make your life easier.

I’m going to give you my FREE 30-DAY HEALTHY MEAL PLAN CALENDAR.

  • It’s got 5 meals a day for 30 days.
  • Yummy and easy healthy snacks for in between meals.
  • Pre-made delicious breakfast ideas.
  • And quick 20-30 minute meals.
  • And I will give you all the tips to make meal planning and eating WAY EASIER.


Here’s another reason why its so hard to “diet”, “eat healthy” and “lose weight”.

Most of the time when someone is trying to eat healthy, they get on these diets or programs in which they eat the same thing all the time.

It’s all fine and dandy for week 1 and 2 and maybe even week 3, but then they get tired of eating the same boring tasteless food and then they fall off the wagon and start binge eating.


Thing is… we can’t deprive ourselves and eat bland and boring foods we don’t enjoy for too long before we throw in the towel.


Which is why I teach “The Variety Method” inside Fit Mom For Life.

A way to combine the right foods, foods that together make you burn fat but also a variety of different foods so that you don’t feel like you’re dieting and so that you can eat healthier longer without feeling deprived and bored.


When you are able to “eat healthy” more consistently… that’s when you’re gonna see the really good results.


Most don’t ever see the results or they lose the weight and then gain it back because of that frustrating feeling of being on a diet that leaves us wanting to eat everything but the kitchen sink.



I’m telling you, nothing feels better than losing weight, keeping it off and not even feeling like you were dieting.

I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight, keep it off and be able to tone up without having to do any crazy diets, without depriving themselves and while enjoying a delicious variety of foods.


Anyhow, this clean eating grocery list will help you tons.

And don’t forget you can get access to my 30-Day Healthy Meal Plan Calendar (and its FREE).  

It will help you tons and you will see that you can enjoy eating healthy and that its pretty darn easy to do so.

Click here to download the Meal Plan Calendar.

The fitness clean eating grocery list

Meal Planning Tips

  1. Find something or somewhere you can write your meal plans on a weekly basis.  (I use Fit Mom For Life myself on a weekly basis as I have done-for-you meal plans as well as tons of recipes I can make my own with).
  2. Find one day of the week that can be the same day every week to make your meal plan.
  3. Write down your shopping list in one place (same place every week) unless you are using Fit Mom For Life then the shopping lists are done for you.

3-Page Shopping List Promo        4.  Go to the grocery store once a week to load up on what you need for the whole week (pick a day you can go the same day every week).


It’s time to get organized my friend.

If you don’t, it will be incredibly difficult to get results.

You need to start adopting some habits that you can keep forever, that is how you will see some really good and lasting results.


The fitness clean eating grocery list

Meal Prep Tips

Once you have your meal plan and grocery list, you will want to prep a few things before the week starts.

  1.  Pre-make some snacks

            I always make 2 batches some sort of snacks.  

            I always choose from the Muffins/Cookies/Treats Section right here in my website.

           So for example, I will make a batch of Mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins and Cookies.

           I use those for in between meal snacks and sometimes even a quick breakfast.

     2.  Roast/Grill Vegetables for the week

           Its a pain to have to turn the oven on every day and bake or grill so I do all my vegetables in one day and store them in a tupperware. 

           They totally last a good 4 days.

     3.  Cook brown or jasmine rice or quinoa for more than a day.

           This is just time consuming and a pain to do every day so I just will cook 4 cups of rice or quinoa at a time and only have to make it every few days.

           This saves me a ton of time and if you just heat it up and maybe add a splash or water or stock it tastes perfect.

     4.  Chop any vegetables you may need for any meals during the week.

     5.  Marinate anything that may need to.

The fitness clean eating grocery list 5

Ok, now on to the clean eating grocery list.

You can use this and maybe just cross out what you don’t need or circle what you do need once you have figured out what you’re going to have for the week.

Clean Eating Grocery List Tips

  • Print out a few copies of the list so you can use it weekly.
  • Stock up on the non-perishable stuff.  And then you will really only have to get your protein and produce on a daily basis.
  • Grab a highlighter and look at your meal plan and recipes for the week and highlight what you need and off to the store you go.

The MMF Fitness Clean Eating Grocery List Blurred


Hope this helps!

clean eating shopping list

clean eating shopping list

clean eating shopping list

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