Cheat Days Make You Fat


If you normally have a cheat meal or day….. this is for you.

If you don’t, then ready this anyways because I want to make sure you NEVER do.

I hate the whole cheat day thing.

And I know it goes against the grain as most personal trainers and fitness gurus live by them.

But I think:

  • They suck.
  • They make you crazy.
  • They make you binge.
  • They prevent you from losing weight.

The Cheat Day is very much an ALL OR NOTHING mentality and it’s very hard to make a lifestyle out of a that kind of mentality.

For most people, the cheat day becomes a BINGE FEAST which usually ends up being WAY more calories than if you just would have had a bite or 2 of whatever it was you wanted on whatever day.

What’s worse, is that because most people who follow the “cheat day”, try to eat super clean all week and deprive themselves and cut calories and carbs…

When the cheat day does come, they get out of control and eat way more than they should.

This turns into a vicious cycle and the cheat meal or cheat day turns into several meals or days.

If you rather watch or listen to me discuss this a little bit in more detail, so you really get this and can make the change, here is a short video I posted on YouTube on how the Cheat Day is killing our results.

This is way worse than if you just allowed yourself to have a bit or 2 of your kids cookie, or a bite of dessert or a few chips or pretzels or whatever it was you wanted.


That’s what I do instead of the cheat day.

I just give myself a little slack and permission to not have to eat perfect.


The minute I do, I want it. lol

So I just try to eat as healthy and clean as possible and when I really really really want something, I have a BITE or 2 and that’s it.

After I do, I no longer want it or think about it.


Those who do the cheat day thing, try to eat SO PERFECT all week that when they do want something say on a Tuesday, they don’t and then on the weekend they binge on it.

I never feel the need or desire to over eat or binge eat or eat something “bad” because I don’t feel deprived all week and I’ve learned self-control (and you can too).

This has helped me tremendously because in the past, I would eat so bad on the weekends because of my “cheat day” that I ended up consuming way more calories and I NEVER LOST WEIGHT.

On the weekend, instead of choosing a CHEAT MEAL OR DAY, I ease up.

I won’t have one ginormous cheat but I will ease up for say lunch by having a few bites of an appetizer, and a drink for dinner, and a bite or 2 of dessert on Saturday, etc…

You get the point…its not one gigantic mess of calories but spaced out throughout the weekend and in small servings.

It’s more enjoyable, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet and I end up eating less calories than when I INDULGED… well… OVER INDULGED all weekend or for my cheat meal/day.

It’s been life changing and now I eat so much healthier and because I don’t have all these restrictions, I crave less bad food and I eat healthier more consistently.

I encourage you to try this out.

Moderation takes practice.

It takes practice to have just a bite or two and not the whole thing.

But its possible and I know it because I used to be all or nothing.

I could sit down and literally take down an entire box of oreos.

Now, I can have one and be done. Actually I can even have a bite and be done.

That’s what I want for you, because I know that when. you can do this, you will have control and truly be able to live a healthy lifestyle.

You will be able to eat healthier more often and consistently and you will get better results.

This is the kind of stuff that I teach inside Fit Mom For Life, and it’s what makes FMFL different than most weight loss and workout programs.

I help you change your lifestyle so that you can actually see results from your workouts.

The kind of strategies and tips I teach you, no one else is teaching.

It’s the reason why all my clients get such great results.

Ok, I hope this serves you…

I hope it helps you see the cheat day in a different way and that it helps you.

I’d love to hear from you on if you do the cheat day and if you do how you do with it and if you are open to trying the EASE UP WAY!

Chat soon 🙂

Michelle Marie

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