Cellulite – Facts & Tips

Cellulite- Facts & Tips

Cellulite - Facts & Tips



 Do you have cellulite?  I do!  Want to learn how to get rid of cellulite?


Cellulite - Facts & Tips 

This picture does me too much justice, seriously, its way worse in person LOL.


I know, its such a touchy subject for us women.  But the truth is that 90% of women admit to having cellulite.


Pretty crazy right?


And here you are thinking that you are the only one.  That everyone is looking at YOUR thighs and thinking oh my gosh can you believe that girl?  


But guess what?


The one saying or thinking that has her own issues and insecurities too.  Because guess what?


She too, has cellulite.


I am going to give you some tips on how you can diminish the appearance of cellulite as well as some tips with your workouts and diet that will help you with cellulite.  


But first I want to dispel some myths about cellulite as well as talk to you about my experience with cellulite and also about judging other women who have cellulite.  


I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Here’s a quick video on why we get cellulite, and what we can realistically do about it.



Most women have cellulite and the number one reason is because we are WOMEN and we have been blessed with the hormone ESTROGEN which is one of the hormones that allows us to get pregnant and carry a baby inside of us (what a blessing).



Cellulite - Facts & Tips



Facts about Cellulite


  • Cellulite is more prevalent in women because of the way our connective tissue lies as compared to men.  Our connective tissue is more weakened and therefore allows for the subcutaneous (under skin) fat to protrude out to the skin causing the dimpling.


  • Increase in Estrogen (hormone) in women is a huge culprit for cellulite.  But there is nothing we can do about that.  Women with higher estrogen levels will carry more cellulite in their lower body.  Women with higher levels of testosterone will have less cellulite.  This is the part you can blame GENETICS on.  But continue reading to see how you can decrease estrogen and increase testosterone to help fight cellulite.


  • You can lower your body fat which will in turn diminish the amount of subcutaneous fat that pushes out to the dermis (skin) to show the dimples (cellulite).


  • 90% of women have cellulite.


  • You can not really get rid of cellulite.  You can diminish the appearance but you can’t really get rid of it completely.


This last one…. diminish the appearance of cellulite is one that you can really move the needle with.  


I am already doing all the things.. exercise, eating right, supplements to balance my hormones, but I still felt like I needed a little help.


So I partnered with the doctor that helps us formulate all the supplements for MMF Labs to formulate something that was natural and would help with the appearance of cellulite.


So, while I always say theres no magic pill, the MMF Cellulite Cleanse is like a magic pill and it works.  Ive seen a huge difference myself.​

Because what it does is that it reduces inflammation in the connective tissue where cellulite actually resides, which gives the skin in problem areas a smoother appearance. It literally helps the appearance of cellulite on your body SO MUCH.

The natural herbs in the Cellulite Cleanse work together as a mild herbal diuretic to soften and break down cellulite and help stimulate and strengthen the waste elimination system, which also helps reduce inflammation in the sub-dermal tissue where cellulite lives (making your skin look so much better)

This is why I keep saying that what the Cellulite Cleanse is really good at, is improving the way cellulite actually looks on your body and you will be able to see a noticeable difference.


It really is pretty darn cool!

Now let me get real with you…


First of all, if you don’t have cellulite, well God bless you.  You are very lucky.  


But for the most of us, we have some or a lot of cellulite.  It’s just the way we were made.  Mostly because of hormonal and structural reasons so it amazes me to find so many women criticizing other women who have cellulite.


Have you ever seen a super fit or super “skinny” woman with cellulite?


Yes, right?


Well, she probably works really hard and eats healthy for the most part, but she may be predisposed to have cellulite because of her mother and grandmother and she also may be estrogen dominant (have increased levels of estrogen).


What amazes me is that “OTHER” women will look at women like that and immediately JUDGE.


Is that you?


If it is, I encourage you to continue reading.  And if you are the one with the cellulite, I also encourage you to continue reading.


I don’t know about you, and this may be a LIFE CHECK for you, but I see women all the time who have a beautiful figure (not perfect), but they look fit nonetheless, and THEY HAVE CELLULITE.


When I see these women, I just look at them overall, and I think to myself, wow, she must work hard, eat clean, she looks great.  Most of the time I commend and compliment those women.  


But guess what most women do?  And I know this because I see and speak to women like this all the time (most women actually).


They immediately draw their eyes and attention to the CELLULITE.


They judge.


They immediately start criticizing.  


OMG, did you see “Kim’s” legs, did you see the cellulite on her legs.

“Yeah, she looks good BUT she has cellulite”.

“She works out so much, why does she have cellulite”.

“Can you believe she’s wearing that and she has cellulite”.


It drives me off the freakin wall.


I can’t stand women like this.


And listen, if this is you, it’s ok, we all make mistakes.  I love you anyways, but please, please, please, reconsider your words, your thoughts, your actions and your judging.


Remember that you are a woman too.


We are on the same team.


And if you are a woman especially if you have had children, you know how hard it is.  You know everything we go through hormonally and with our bodies through pregnancy, childbirth and nursing.


Don’t be “THAT GIRL”.

You aren’t perfect.

Or are you?

Because if you are not perfect, then you really should not be judging.


Especially when it comes to something that maybe you didn’t know before but now you can know that is just the way we are made.  That even if you eat perfect and exercise 10 times a week, you may still have cellulite.


I have cellulite and you know what?





I still wear tight little short shorts and I ROCK THEM!


And I don’t say that in a cocky kind of way, I say that in a confident way.  I embrace my body as a woman, I work very hard day in and day out.  I exercise consistently and hard, I eat clean 80% of the time.  I take care of my body.  It is God’s temple.  So I respect it and I love it.  


And you should too.

And I am not going to let MY IMPERFECTIONS stop me from wearing something just because of what OTHERS will think or say.

I am not perfect and I am not trying to be.

I embrace my cellulite and if you can’t look at me and have something nice to say……….

If CELLULITE is the first thing you see when I wear little shorts, then so be it.  

As scripture says “out of the abundance of your heart, your mouth speaks”.

Then you are THAT GIRL.


And I just want to encourage you to make some changes.

Let me tell you what I do and how I think and I hope it will motivate you to be a TEAM PLAYER for women.  To encourage each other, compliment each other, lift each other up, support each other.

I have clients that have lost a lot of weight…. 10, 20, 30 even 100 lbs.  As these women start to lose weight, they begin to gain confidence.  I encourage them to change their wardrobe, to be more confident, to show their hard work. To wear short shorts even if they are 30 lbs over weight and have cellulite.

Sometimes (most of the time), these women still have cellulite and fat.  And I make them wear shorts.  And they should be able to do so with confidence and without them being JUDGED BY YOU.

They have worked hard. 

You never know what someone has gone through, wehere they have been and here you are judging them.  

Even if you are not saying it out loud…….  Its still damaging.


Just don’t!

Find it in your heart to give a compliment.

I try to do so every opportunity I get.

I compliment women all the time and it feels so darn good to do so.

Listen, I know how hard it is, I know the work and dedication it takes, I know how hurtful and disappointing it can be to be self conscious.

Don’t be that girl.

Make an effort, even if you don’t really feel it.

If you look at a woman and immediately look at her CELLULITE and JUDGE……. Turn it around.

Find something to COMPLIMENT her with.

You will see how good it also feels to give compliments and to support other women and to empower them and to make them feel good.

Cuz you know what, one day when YOU aren’t feeling very confident, a fellow woman will pay you a compliment.

And if YOU are that woman that has the cellulite and you won’t wear a sundress or shorts because of it, let me encourage you to ignore the cellulite and wear them anyways.

You don’t have to be perfect.

You never will be.

But if you have been working hard, eating clean, exercising and you are seeing some results but you still have cellulite.  WEAR THOSE DANG SHORTS WITH PRIDE.

Don’t worry about what others think or say.  

Most of those women who judge do so out of their own INSECURITIES.

Show women that you can embrace and love and respect your body even with cellulite, even with imperfections.

I do!

I will continue to wear my short shorts and dresses and bathing suits with my cellulite and all, and if you don’t like it, well don’t look at me.

And I hope you do too!

Now, I want to share with you some tips for reducing the appearance of cellulite since we know by now that we can’t really fully get rid of it.


How To Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite


  • Reducing body fat will help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  So exercise will help tremendously.


  • Resistance Training for MUSCLE BUILDING:  building muscle will sometimes stretch the skin a little in a manner to hide the appearance of cellulite.  And no this doesn’t mean you get BIGGER, its just the way the skin will look.  Gaining muscle in the lower body, is probably the best thing you can do to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


  • There are certain ways to workout that will stimulate the amount of GROWTH HORMONE in the body.  Increases in growth hormone stimulate the production of testosterone.  Increases in testosterone will help combat the cellulite.  You can only do this through proper resistance training protocols.


  • If you need help with exercise programs that will help you gain lean muscle without “getting bigger” and you don’t know where to start, you may really benefit from FIT MOM FOR LIFE you have workout programs available there basically for the rest of your life.  Home workouts, gym workouts, 15-20  minute workouts, longer workouts.


  • Eating clean 80% of the time will also help you lose body fat which will reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat that protrudes the skin showing the dimples.  I know this can be hard to do consistently.  But try to find a plan that is more livable than depriving.  One where you can enjoy what you eat so you can be more consistent.  Consistency is what will give you better results.


  • If you don’t know where to start, In FIT MOM FOR LIFE you will have tons of meal plans, healthy recipes, that will help you.


  • Supplementation will also help.  Remember that the main culprit of cellulite is ESTROGEN so if we can channel the estrogen more effectively and help increase testosterone, we can help the amount of cellulite you will have.


As far as supplementation other than Vitamin D to help increase testosterone and combat the effects of Estrogen, the MMF Cellulite Cleanse helps big time.


The Cellulite Cleanse reduces the appearance of cellulite through healthy detoxification, and stimulation that strengthens the waste elimination system.

Basically it helps detoxify the tissue where CELLULITE LIVES.

We used a combination of pure and natural herbs that act as a diuretic which helps soften and break down cellulite. These herbs also play a huge role in reducing inflammation in the connective tissue where cellulite resides.

This proprietary blend really works on the actual appearance of cellulite on your body.

​Which means you will see a visible difference.

By the way, if you have more questions on the MMF Cellulite Cleanse, I made a video on YouTube going over all the ingredients, how to take it, who can take it and pretty much answering any question you would have.

Click here to watch the video.



Cellulite - Facts & Tips


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  1. Cuqui on September 24, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Great post, Michelle! This is a topic that has haunted me for a long time! I’ve battled/dealt with/ cried over cellulite. I am a fit 50 year old personal trainer myself. I eat healthy, I was a collegiate athlete and continue to be extremely active in both sports and weight training. Yet, I HAVE CELLULITE. I selectively wear clothes that hide my “flaws” because as a trainer, I struggle with “what will others think” syndrome!! The craziest part is I look right past cellulite in other women, but am obsessed with mine! Crazy. As I enter a new phase of life (menopause), it has gotten even worse! But I must say, I’ve gotten to a point where, I am embracing my whole self, flaws and all because I am grateful for the active life and HEALTHY body I have been blessed with ALL MY LIFE. I can bike, run, swim, dance, play, sing…even if I have cellulite! So EMBRACE YOURSELF, FLAWS AND ALL is my new mantra!
    Thanks for bringing up this important subject!

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