5 Tips For Toning The Thighs

 5 Tips For Toning The Thighs Everybody wants to have nice legs, but how do you get them?  Does it take long, extraneous workouts to get lean and toned thighs?  Is it necessary to get on every single leg machine at the gym?  The answer to the last two questions is NO!  And here are 5 TIPS to help you make the best out of your THIGH WORKOUTS so that you can start to really lean out those legs.  It is funny because most men do not like to work their lower body, and wo…

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Lose Weight & Burn Tons Of Calories With These 30-Minute Workouts

Lose Weight & Burn Tons Of Calories With These 30-Minute Workouts If you are the typical woman, you work, juggle kids, cook, clean, and the list goes on………………………………………. With these types and amounts of responsibilities it’s difficult to find time for yourself. If I don’t do it at 5am, I probably wouldn’t have the energy or time to do it later on.

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Burn More Fat With These Types Of Workouts

Burn More Fat With These Types Of Workouts   Are you frustrated that you have been exercising and trying to eat healthier but the scale isn’t budging? Have you been doing tons of cardio and group classes, spinning, running……  but your results really aren’t great?

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How To Change Your Workouts For Greater Fat Loss

How To Change Your Workouts For Greater Fat Loss Most people don’t lose weight and keep it off because they aren’t eating properly. Most people will “DIET” for a month or two, maybe even three, but then they binge or over eat for weeks and end up the same or even heavier.  This happens because people CALORIE DEPRIVE or eat the same foods so often that one day they can’t take it anymore and totally fall off the wagon.

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Exercises To Lift The Butt

Most women spend countless hours at the gym going from “machine” to “machine”, yet they never seem to get leaner, thinner, more defined legs and butt. Is this you? This is what most women are doing WRONG: They don’t have an effective fat loss and muscle toning workout program.

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Top 10 Calorie Burning Exercises To Include In Your Workouts

Everybody is always looking for the MAJIC exercise that is going to do the trick or the MAJIC PILL that will finally make you lose those last few pounds of fat. I remember before I became a trainer, I was about 15,16 years old and all I did was read the fitness magazines looking for the best exercises, the ones that would finally change my body. Though you can not spot reduce, there are exercises that are GREAT, where you get your greatest bang for your buck!

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