How To Get More Energy During Your Pregnancy

I feel like I’m so busy and tired these days allll the time with my 9- & 13-year-olds. However, I do vividly remember the “PREGNANCY DAYS”. If you’ve been pregnant before, you know that nothing beats the pregnancy fatigue, especially the 1st trimester. The good news is that there are things you can do that…

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What To Do to Have a Fast Labor & Delivery

Actually… this is more of what you should NOT do if you want to have a faster and easier labor and delivery. I want to share a personal story because I think it will help you with your labor. Are you stressing about it yet? If you are, this will help. Listen closely because I don’t…

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How To Start Feeling Good in Your Pregnant Body

It’s hard, isn’t it? Seeing your body change so much and so fast? Especially if it’s your first pregnancy. You’re not exactly sure what can happen in the next few months or even after the baby is here. I often hear really hard phrases like: I feel huge. I hate the way I look. I…

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