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How To Stock Your Pantry & Fridge The “Healthy Way”

 How To Stock Your Pantry & Fridge The “Healthy Way” I always tell you that being prepared is half the battle. It really is true and when I, for some reason am not prepared, that is when I fall off the wagon. There have been days when I don’t have my healthy snacks made and in my fridge and the 3:00pm time comes around and I want something sweet and comforting and since there is nothing “healthy” available, that is when I am in the pantry looking for anything to put in my mouth, and it …

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If You Keep Eating These Foods You Will Never Be Able To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

If you haven’t stopped eating the foods on the Inflammatory Foods (Must Cut Out Foods) List, let me tell you why that can cost you, and why you will still not be able to lose weight or have more energy or get more toned, no matter what you do. Digestion is one of the biggest and most important processes of your body. If your digestion is off, there is nothing, here me well…… NOTHING you can do that will help you lose weight because when your digestion is off, you can not burn fat effectively.

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How To Choose The Right Protein Bar

How To Choose The Right Protein Bar  If you are trying to eat clean, lose weight, get more toned, speed metabolism and be healthier…….  Then you are probably eating every few hours.  This means you are eating anywhere between 4-6 meals per day.

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Lose Weight When You Have Your Period Every Month

Lose Weight When You Have Your Period Every Month I don’t know about you, but I feel bloated, cranky and just YUK when I am on my period. I use to get really terrible cramps before I started having kids but now its not so bad.   I don’t know if its that they are less painful or that going through labor made me better able to tolerate pain.

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