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Afraid You Will Have To Sacrifice Your “Social Life” When Baby Arrives?

Afraid You Will Have To Sacrifice Your “Social Life” When Baby Arrives?  When you have a baby your whole life changes. I remember the anxiety during my first pregnancy………… The first pregnancy is always harder because there are so many unknowns and you basically rely on the stories and experiences of friends and family to dictate your own feelings and thoughts.

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Having Faith Through Pregnancy

Having Faith Through Pregnancy  Pregnancy is such an exciting time….. Well, for the most part it is because we just can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy. But then we get hit with all the side effects of pregnancy, which is why most women end up hating being pregnant.

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Prepare Your Husband For Your Labor

Prepare Your Husband For Your Labor  I’m sure you have gotten tons of advise from friends and family as to what to expect from labor. You may have even taken a course at the hospital in which you will have the baby and you have probably read a ton of articles, blogs, videos, etc. on how to prepare for labor.

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Epidural or No Epidural For Your Labor?

After going through TWO labors, I guess this answer boils down to one thing…………. Are you trying to PROVE A POINT? I tell you that because after having gone through 2 very different pregnancies and labors I realized that the first time I was totally kidding myself.

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