Pregnancy Exercises & Workouts

What To Eat After A Pregnancy Workout

what to eat after a pregnancy workout

What you eat after a workout is very important. Especially during pregnancy.   The main reason it’s important is for ENERGY purposes and REFUELING, but also so you DON’T BURN MUSCLE… which defeats the purpose of working out. When you workout, particularly RESISTANCE BASED WORKOUTS/WEIGHT TRAINING, you use carbs/sugar for fuel. So you basically deplete…

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The Best Pregnancy Cardio Workouts


  What are the best kind of pregnancy cardio workouts? Is it possible to lose some fat while pregnant? Is it too late to start working out…. I’m gaining weight too fast and too much.. what can I do?   First of all….. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE 🙂 Most of the ladies that do my…

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The Best Time To Workout During Pregnancy & How Much?

best time to workout during pregnancy

    What is the best time to workout during pregnancy? How much should you workout during pregnancy? What are the best kind of workouts for pregnancy?   To watch the video that responds these questions instead of reading, click below. These are all questions I get asked all the time. The good news is…

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5 Best Strength Training Exercises For Pregnancy

best strength training exercises for pregnant women

      Today, I want to share with you the some of the 5 best strength training exercises for pregnancy.  Strength training is the best kind of workout that pregnant women can do.  It helps strengthen the body which helps with pushing during labor.  It also helps decrease aches and pains due to growing belly…

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Pregnancy + Working Out = Huge Pay Off

Pregnancy+Working Out=

    I was 30 years old when I got pregnant. I have to admit that though we wanted to get pregnant so badly to give Danny’s (my husband) mother a reason to want to continue to fight cancer, I was a little bit nervous. Not at the fact that anything could go wrong (…

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Prenatal Cardio Home Workout

Prenatal Cardio Home Workout

    The best kind of workout that you can do while pregnant is resistance based workouts…… weight training or weight lifting, but combined with cardio is the best formula for staying on track to a healthy and fit pregnancy with just the right amount of weight gain.   There are many reasons why resistance…

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Second Trimester Workout

second trimester workout fb

    Today, I have a great, safe, quick and effective second trimester workout for you. Whether you have been exercising or not, this is a good one.   Often I get asked…………  “Can I start working out in the second trimester?”   The answer is, if you have medical clearance from your OB, YES!…

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