Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Grow A Healthy Baby While You Eat What You Like

Grow A Healthy Baby while you eat what you like FB

  It’s a constant concern isn’t it? To worry about if your baby is growing properly…… If you are eating the right foods and omitting the wrong foods. Then there is the constant battle of the pregnancy weight gain.       You want to be able to indulge in food since well, you know,…

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Why You’re Craving Sweets & What To Do

  I crave sweets all the time…… I over eat and eat “bad” foods at the end of the day……. I’m afraid if I continue to eat this way I’m going to gain too much weight and not be able to lose it postpartum.   These are all things I get all the time. Especially…

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How To Get Your Body Back With These Easy Steps

      It’s hard to see your body after baby, right?   I know…   After 9 months of pregnancy and feeling huge and the crazy changes your body goes through during pregnancy with the hips, butt, boobs and belly…   You just can’t wait to get your body back.   But will it…

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How To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy

        I want to show you how to control weight gain during pregnancy when you can’t or don’t want to exercise.   Because I did it my second pregnancy, I only gained 20 lbs and barely moved!             My first pregnancy was a dream.   I felt…

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13 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Pregnancy


Here are some pregnancy healthy breakfast ideas you can have that are easy, yummy and good for you and baby.   After almost 8 years working closely with pregnant women in my Fit Mom To Be Workout Program, I have found that one of the hardest meals to get in is breakfast.   Here are…

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Answers To Pregnancy Diet Questions

Pregnancy Diet Questions Answered

Most doctors don’t teach you enough about how you should be eating during pregnancy so today, I want to give you all the answers to your pregnancy diet questions. I can tell you one thing for sure…..   If you can get yourself to eat healthy consistently throughout your entire pregnancy, you will not gain…

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10 Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Mamas

healthy snack ideas for pregnancy

Have you been getting violently hungry throughout your pregnancy? Does it put you in a bad mood? Do you get hunger pains?   Are there times you feel a little nauseous and sick? Fatigued? Tired?   If your answer for any or some of these is YES, then this is going to help you tons.…

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Superfoods Pregnancy Smoothie

    Your pregnancy diet is incredibly important.  If you are not focusing on it yet, I want to encourage you to do so.   Everything that you do during your pregnancy is affecting your baby.  So I want to give you some pointers as well as give you this delicious superfoods pregnancy smoothie that…

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