Burn More Fat With These Types Of Workouts

Burn More Fat With These Types Of Workouts


Are you frustrated that you have been exercising and trying to eat healthier but the scale isn’t budging?

Have you been doing tons of cardio and group classes, spinning, running……  but your results really aren’t great?

I feel ya!

And I hear this all the time.  Usually when my clients first come to me they always say the same thing.  They have been eating less, exercising more and not seeing results.  

I get a lot of clients who are the typical “skinny fat” people.  Over exercising, calorie deprivation diets and no results.  They are most of the time skinny, flaccid and usually have a distended belly.  

Check out my client Caryn, she was your typical “skinny fat” girl.  Totally doing too much cardio and basically eating salads every day.  She had no muscle tone, her belly was distended and flaccid. And checkout what happened after adding more food and some WEIGHT TRAINING?

She is basically ready to be on the cover of Oxygen Magazine and she doesn’t deprive calories not count them, she does minimal cardio, but she hits the weights hard.


The best type of exercise that you can do for getting lean and losing weight is weight training.  It’s the best for getting your body lean and toned.  Without weight training, it is impossible to get a lean and toned body.

Ok!  Stop right here, because I know what you are thinking!  

You are not going to get BIG! 

I just had this conversation with a new client.  She said that she didn’t want to do too much weight training because she always gets big! 

My dear friend, if you have ever gotten BIG because of weight bearing exercise, it is because #1 you weren’t doing it right, and #2 you were not eating right. 

I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years and have helped hundreds of women change their body’s, and not one has “gotten big”.

Weight bearing exercise is the only type of exercise that can get you lean and tight.

Why? Simply because it is the only type of exercise that will make you gain muscle.

Why do you want muscle?  Muscle is metabolically active tissue, meaning it helps burn fat, it is the actual place where fat attaches in order to be burned.  The more muscle you have, the greater your ability to burn fat. 

When you gain muscle, you get tight and yes you start to shrink! 

You don’t swell up!  You will never look like a body builder, my friend!  It would take too long, too much time, too much dedication, and a good dose of steroids! 

So please, don’t worry! 

If you don’t understand, check this out.  Imagine a softball and a beach ball.  The softball is small and compact while the beach ball is much bigger!!  Believe it or not, they both weigh the same thing, approximately 5-6oz.  How can this be, one is small and the other is big.  Now imagine that the softball resembles muscle, which is dense and compact.  The beach ball resembles fat, though it weighs the same it is bigger because the mass is dispersed and it occupies more space.  Now which one would you rather have on your belly, the beach ball or the softball?

I really hope you said the softball because this means you are ready to have a tight and toned body.

Now that we cleared this up, I hope you are pumped up about taking your results to another level by adding weight training!


You can start off by doing a weight training program 3 times per week. Start by choosing one exercise per body part and performing each movement for 20 repetitions. Below is a sample exercise program to start you off.

Please understand that this is a SAMPLE WORKOUT! In order to continue to see results an exercise program needs to be changed every 4 weeks.

I wrote a great post giving you ideas on how to change your workouts so that your results don’t plateau.  Here it is:  How To Change Your Workouts For Better Results

Hopefully, you are super excited about eating healthy and losing fat, adding some weight training and seeing some major results.


I, myself, have actually seen some incredible changes since I cut back on cardio and started doing more intense weight workouts.

I also cut out THESE 5 FOODS.

It has totally transformed my body and after 2 kids (my daughter is 18 months to date).  I will never eat these foods again.  

I know what an impact taking these foods out of my diet has made on my body so I figured I would put them in a PDF and share them with you.  Because if you couple them with  good weight training workouts,your results will be incredible.

All my clients who get my MMF Monthly Workouts, take these foods out of their diet, and the results the first weeks are so crazy!  They lose 2-6 lbs per week.  So awesome!

So I hope you take advantage and download THIS PDF.  I put in it the 5 foods to never eat and 5 foods to include in  your diet on a  daily basis if you want to see results.  And I also actually gave you a 60 seconds video of my top 5 ABS exercises, because people are always asking me now how I got those ABS.  So the answer is pretty much there.  I took those 5 foods out of my diet and I do those ABS exercises on a weekly basis.  And of course I do weight training 3 times a week.  I actually also follow my MMF Monthly Workouts.  They rock! 

Ok, Here we go with the workout!

Perform each movement for 20 repetitions and 2 sets with 60 seconds rest in between each circuit.

A1.  Dumbbell Squat
A2.  Dumbbell Chest Presses

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat one more time.

B1.  Deadlifts
B2.  Dumbbell rows

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat one more time.

C1.  Dumbbell Shoulder press
C2.  Dips
C3.  Dumbbell bicep curls

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat one more time.

Good luck!!  I hope you are pumped up about starting a weight training program so that you can have a lean, tight, and toned body!

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Oh, and here are my TOP 10 FAT BURNING EXERCISES so you can add them to your next workouts.

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