Body Dysmorphia & Pregnancy

It’s really a thing…

I recently asked a question on my IG page @mmfpregnancyfitness asking “what are you struggling with most this pregnancy”?

I could not believe how many women answered with things like:

  • Weight Gain
  • Body Image
  • Body Dysmorphia

It’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about helping women during pregnancy.

While its such a joyful and exciting time awaiting the baby, there are also a lot of body and hormonal changes that happen that are hard as heck.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to talk about these truths that most of us experience during pregnancy.

So first of all, I want you to let go of any shame you may have or is to come around caring what you look like.

There are so many “judgey” people out there making stupid comments like “that’s so vain”, “you should just care about a healthy baby”, “its selfish to be so consumed with how you look”.

I’m here to tell you that…



And I know that no matter how much you may be struggling with the body changes, that your main concern is having a healthy baby.... duh lol

So let it go, right now.

Who cares what others say or think. Don’t let it affect you.

Most women struggle with this, its just not talked about enough.

I love that you are concerned with your body because that is going to be your ammunition to eat healthier, move more, drink more water, take your vitamins.

And all those things are INCREDIBLY BENEFICIAL to your baby.

So, what you are doing is being proactive about having a healthy baby.

The cherry on top is that:

  • You will feel better about yourself.
  • You will look better.
  • You will be able to move around more comfortably.
  • You will have less aches and pains.
  • Your labor will be faster.
  • Your recovery will be faster.
  • You will lose your baby weight and feel like yourself faster.
  • Your chances of postpartum depression will reduce.

After working with over 250,000 women, I can tell you without a doubt that those women who are able to lose their baby weight and feel like themselves sooner, suffer less from postpartum depression.

And that is why I refuse to not talk about this reality that most of us experience while pregnant.

So, lets normalize it and instead of stressing over it, let’s be proactive.​

Like Jessica here who stayed strong and healthy for her baby.

It makes me insanely happy to hear pregnant women say they FELT GREAT THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY, because most women…. don’t :(​

Can you imagine being like Jessica and also feeling like you had so much energy postpartum…. that is not what most women feel like postpartum.

But it is what you feel like when you are proactive during pregnancy.​ You can also incorporate these 3 healthy habits that are important for pregnancy.

What would you feel like if instead of suffering from body image, like this mama….

You felt confident and proud because “Everyone” was telling you how good you looked all pregnancy, like Lisa here 🙂

And as you see here, she wasn’t perfect.

She still splurged.

What blows my mind is that most moms don’t realize that for very little work, they can get such great results.

Just 3 workouts a week for 30 minutes or so, and making healthier food choices, taking vitamins, you can feel and look SIGNIFICANTLY better.

Would it be worth it to you?

To put in a little effort and be like Kimberly here who gained 20 lbs and PUSHED FOR FIVE MINUTES.

I mean, that’s crazy, and while it used to blow my mind, it doesn’t anymore because I get messages like this on a daily basis from moms just like Kim and just like you.

Exercise, the right kind of exercise even has a huge effect on labor.​

How amazing would it be if this was YOUR story?

Crazy thing is it can be!

The best part of my job is getting messages like this.

Like Zoe, who is ecstatic even though she did have a longer labor but says she is recovering so well and is feeling strong at 5 DAYS POSTPARTUM and has only 10 lbs to lose.

And she’s starting my BBAPP postpartum program so she will lose that in 2 months.​

So, if you are like any of these women who were struggling with weight gain or body image or just not feeling great this pregnancy, may I encourage you and challenge you to start practicing some self-care.

Weight training and a better nutrition plan are going to make a world of difference.

And I have all of that for you and probably for less than you spend at Starbucks or Dunkin every week.

So, if you don’t want to struggle with body image, postpartum depression, labor anxiety, weight gain, body dysmorphia, I want to encourage you and personally invite you to join the Fit Mom To Be Program and to go even a step further and add the Pregnancy Diet Plan to your order.

I just know how much it can drastically better your pregnancy and your baby’s health and honestly… I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn’t continue to email you weekly and share these stories with you in an attempt to help you take the step.

Remember, most of us struggle with this.

You are not alone.

And you should NOT feel bad about caring about your body.

You are totally normal.

Just don’t keep worrying and stressing and not enjoying your pregnancy and be PROACTIVE.

I hope to see you inside the Fit Mom to Be Program along with all these ladies so that soon, I can be sharing your awesome story.

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If you are struggling in your pregnancy, I recommend you watch this video, it will help you.

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